Sunday, October 04, 2020

I've Got 'Wish I Was In Stockholm Syndrome'

While Sweden is open for business, we're all still chained to the radiator in Matt Hancock's cellar. 

What's worse, some weasels even lobbied for the latest set of restrictions:

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has called for a 'circuit breaker' or stricter lockdown to stop the spread of the virus.

He told The Daily Telegraph last night: 'For me, it is only a matter of time because the virus isn't able to be controlled in the city with the restrictions we have now.  

'We need a circuit breaker or stricter lockdown to try to stop the virus spreading.


Yep, this guy:

I know what you're thinking but no, it was actually his brother who was strangled by Princess Leia. 

At least we've found one guy who might actually get some protection from corona through wearing a Boris Burka - just as long as he keeps it on all day. 

I'm guessing it makes sense though: virtue signalers are almost uniformly amoral scum, so why wouldn't a health nazi be a physical wreck? 

You know you're a leftist when... you're worried about your health so you want everyone else to change their lifestyle. 

Joe is fat so the rest of us have to stay indoors - but at least we'll be safer there, right?

No, my bad! Turns out the sunlight/Vitamin D thing has been debunked by research. And when I say 'research' I, of course, mean 'no research at all'.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, HMG is lobbing huge amount of cash at various megacorps to trial dubious new technologies, but they can't spare pennies in the pound to check out a perfectly safe, easily available, potential treatment.

Like I keep saying, it's not a 'conspiracy theory' if it's something they're actually doing.

Also, I'm starting to think we owe Captain Edward Smith a posthumous apology. At least he only hit the iceberg once. If Captain Hancock had been on the bridge, the Titanic would have been bouncing round like a pinball.  

Meanwhile, in das Reich, they're trying something else. Remember how a lot of the early cases were people who'd shared private jets, chalets in ski resorts or the like?  In other words, places with very little actual air flow? The Germans do, hence why they're trialing a whole new technology, called a 'window'. 

It's not as daft as it seems. Infection not only requires exposure to the virus, but exposure to enough of the virus over a short time (think of it as needing a high enough dose). In fact, I'm sure our government will soon go the same way, just as soon as they can work out a way to give BAe Systems a one billion pound contract to develop smart windows connected to the internet. 

Right now though - not being liberals - we're free to do this stuff for ourselves: don't eat like a pig, maintain a balanced diet, get out in the open air as much as possible, and keep a good airflow if you must stay inside. 

You know, sort of like your mother always told you to do. In fact, one might even say this kind of knowledge was the accumulated wisdom of generations of our ancestors on dealing with this sort of thing. 

Say, wasn't there an organisation that used to support this kind of thing? Some kind of group for conserving traditional values? 

Beats me: I'm stuck down here, chained to the radiator, with Matt Hancock screaming that I put the muzzle on my face or I get the hose again. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

I keep reminding people: 'freedom of the press' is short for 'freedom of the printing press'. It means anyone is free to publish whatever they want and they don't need some kind of 'printing licence'. 

In other words, despite what the MSM keeps implying, it's the exact opposite of the idea that there is some kind of elite group out there called the 'press' who have special rights not granted to other citizens. There's no legal basis for that belief, but the idea that they're some kind of journalistic jedis is at the heart of why so much modern reporting is awful. Too many of these guys identify more with the people they're supposed to be reporting on than they do with the public they hope will actually buy their lousy papers. 

On the plus side, at least there's some amusement to be found in the outraged reporting every time an MSM journalist is treated like one of the peasantry. 

To quote the mighty John McLane: welcome to the party, pal!

Hey, nothing personal - she is one of the least worst journos out there and it's great that the MSM has finally started to talk about this stuff, but Joe Citizen has had to put up with this kind of censorship for years and these guys were fine with that. 

Actually, they were more than fine. No end of ink was spilled on the vitally vital importance of 'clamping down on online extremism'. Now - amazingly - it turns out that 'extremism' turns out to mean 'anything the political establishment doesn't approve of'. Who could have seen that coming? 

Not our professional journaljismers, hence why most people are only now seeing stuff like this:
The Government have been pressurising social media companies to tackle 'false and misleading narratives' about Covid, and through its Rapid Response Unit claims to have 'resolved' 70 such incidents a week.
You know, I can't help thinking that .gov setting up a real life Ministry of Truth might be something worth reporting on even before it started to affect the elect? 

Just a hunch.

And it gets worse. Check out the reporting in the sidebar on the censorship of Lionel Shriver. Not only is she in no way a rhetorical bomb thrower or extremist, the point she was making was both true and useful: obesity increases the risk from the dreaded C-virus. Not only is that true, what if it wasn't? Is YouTube worried people will lose weight unnecessarily and be left with nothing more than a drastically reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes? 

As I was saying, it's not a conspiracy if it they're doing it openly. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Conspiracy Is Already Here

Uh oh.... looks like the MSM drones have decided to flog the whole 'conspiracy theory' dead horse again. 

Here's the thing though. Being a conspiracy nut seems to involve pointing out things that were - until thirty seconds ago - regarded as clear conflicts of interest. 

Meanwhile, the folks who are Following The Science are busy producing the world's worst superhero movie: beware the Slimeinator

To borrow a line from the Simpsons: your low-quality CGI says more than real evidence ever could.

That's the thing right there. The Scottish Government makes a propaganda piece but evades restrictions on political advertising on TV by calling it a public health message. Even though it's clearly meant to advocate for a specific policy and everyone knows it.

There's no secret conspiracy to undermine democracy, it's right out there in public. 

When the police kneel before some demonstrators and violently attack others, they're making it pretty clear that this whole 'equal under law' thing is long gone. 

Ditto, when a police officer beats up an old lady on camera with no consequences, then it's clear that whatever the law says about reasonable force, that only applies if you're not judged an enemy of the people. If you are, then paid agents of the state will work you over. 

This is banana republic stuff. 

Forget all the talk of DNA tagging and databases - it might or might not be true but all the key elements of a totalitarian state are already here. Rights for those the Government approves of, a sound beating for those it does not. That's literally what tyranny means. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Major Disaster Is Not Happy

I take it all back. Professional Conservatives really are more sophisticated and nuanced than the knuckle-draggers in the conservative base. Consider Exhibit A

Hey, I don't mind the colourful language or even the breaches of the code of conduct, but the real obscenity is that it's this that finally brings this guy out of his coma. 

Manchester bombing? Whateva! 

Fellow veterans being targeted with bogus war crimes charges? Zzzzzz 

People opposing Boris Burkas? Unleash the hounds!

You can't even say it's due to the seriousness of the situation itself. Even if we're only talking specifically about the WuFlu, where's the outrage at Public Health England's dog in the manger act, or Professor Pantsonfire Ferguson still having a job?

Nope, nothing to say about any of this apparently. It's just uppity citizens that grinds his gears.  

Maybe this guy's just confused? Maybe he thinks his role is to represent the state and hold the public to account, not the other way round? 

It seems to be a common problem these days. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Tories Gotta Tory

Shocking news everyone! It turns out that giving that scorpion a ride across the river worked out badly after all. 

Who could have predicted that a famously publicity hungry media luvvie would make like a low-rent Martin Luther as soon as the time was right? 

Oh, yeah, everyone - except the genius set at Conservative Central Office. These guys keep lecturing the supposed knuckle-draggers in the conservative base about the importance of electability, then they go out there and step on a rake. 

And that's not even the worst of it. The whole reason the public gave the Tories an eighty seat majority is disgust with this kind of thing. The Tories were voted in precisely because the public have had enough of Metro-liberals being parachuted into top jobs despite never being elected to a parish council. 

We wanted a change but instead we got Continuity Cameron!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Empire Has Always Been At War With Eastasia

Good news everyone! It's now legal to say that John Boyega's character in Disney Star Wars was a waste of space.

I wonder what's changed? 

Oh yeah: this

Stunning and brave, you guys! 

Needless to say, some of us pointed his character was worthless *at the time* - and do you know what we got called?

Free clue: it wasn't 'insightful movie critics'.

Lest we forget, Johnny Boy was happy to prop up the phony baloney 'black stormtrooper' nontroversy (it was really phony). He knew exactly why he was hired and he was happy to cash the cheques.

But that was then and this is now.

It takes a lot to make the Demon Mouse look like the good guys, but I think he's managed it! It's right there in his comments about writing black characters.


What does that even mean? Was Lando Calrissian a black character? How about Mace Windu? Or were they actually just good characters? Not letting this loser hijack these movies with his racial obsessions may have been the only smart thing Disney actually did.

Just like the old American line about the guy who was born on third base but claims he hit a triple, this guy was given a multi-million dollar participation trophy but now we're all supposed to pretend he was cruelly robed of his shot at an Oscar.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Guardian Writer Outraged By Sexual Non-Harassment

Even an experienced student of leftist pathology such as myself can occasionally be surprised by just how angry leftists get about people minding their own business.

Here's the latest candidate, Laura Bates, feminazi extraordinaire, enraged by the thought of men aggressively and with malice aforethought..... having no interactions with women at all. 

At this point I'm picturing John Cleese's Frenchman in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail':  Now go away or I shall ignore you a second time.

Besides, I am reliably informed that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle so, you know, swim along Princess!

At this point, you may be thinking 'hey, isn't she the kind of witch who complains about harassment any time a guy so much as looks in her general direction'? 

Yes, yes, she is. In fact, that very article includes a link to another writer whining about 'street harassment' (i.e. member of the lesser sex daring to speak to a princess without written permission in triplicate). Now here's a group of men who aren't harassing, talking to or even acknowledging women in any way... and that's bad too!

I guess what we have her is a lemon-sucking version of Goldilocks: she wants men that don't hit on women too much, or too little, but just the right amount. Either that or it's Schrodinger's Stud, a guy who simultaneously hits on and doesn't hit on women.

Which is actually close to the truth, of course. Schrodinger's Cat sits there patiently, existing in both states right up until his box is actually opened. That's what these hags want: men waiting until the exact moment they're required and then immediately performing whatever service is asked of them with no consideration whatsoever for their own needs or wants.

If you think sexism is a real thing, then that's a thing that's surely sexist.

That's what's really underlying all this. Hence we get paragraphs like this:

It started with rumours: women reporting that men in their offices had suddenly started declining meetings with them or were insisting on leaving the door open. A human resources consultant reported executives telling her that they would no longer get into an elevator alone with a woman. Suddenly, it began to snowball – story after story of men abruptly cancelling business lunches or avoiding women they had previously mentored.
And? Why exactly would men put themselves in harm's way? 

Hey, if talking to a woman in the street is a dreadful imposition, what is the demand that men should be all but forced to have lunch with women?

Just for the sake of this stupid argument, what's the quid pro quo here? Do women have any corresponding  responsibilities to men? At all?

In fact the evil cow can't even keep her story straight. Here's she is at one point complaining about the reaction to MeToo:
Critics claimed that the movement was a pitchfork mob: a “witch-hunt” designed to topple men from their jobs and lives, without so much as an attempt at due process.
Well, yeah! Notably she not only can't explain why that's not true, but only four paragraphs later she has this to say about a doctor worried about false accusations:
His apparent implication that such accusations are simply random, based on no wrongdoing whatsoever, went unchallenged in the piece.
So it's not a witch hunt, but even if you're innocent, you still must have done something to be accused in the first place, am I right girls? 

Reminder: we are in a world where you can get fired for making the Corporate Mean Girls 'uncomfortable'. 

Who - any man, let alone someone who's spent years building a medical career - would risk dealing with a bunch of evil lunatics like this? 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Did I Mention They Hate You?

Why, yes, yes I did. 

And just to ram the point home, here's Julie Burchill confirming that our watchdog media are even more incestuous, corrupt and insular than the political class. 

Apparently, it's super important to name and shame blue collar suspects even when they haven't, strictly speaking, done anything but naming the, actually convicted, pervert friends of La Cosa Media? Not so much. 

Reminder: even on LBC - which markets itself as the voice of the man on the Clapham Ominibus - you can still switch on when you wake up and make it through to lunchtime without hearing a single presenter who's not a public school educated second generation media luvvie. As for the likes of Times Radio and Radio 4....

We should totally give the media a bail out!

Of course, Julie B still can't identify the final piece in the puzzle.  I guess writing for a libertarian site means this whole topic is what artillerymen would call 'Danger Close'. When it comes to nonces, liberals and libertarians all agree that the real issue is the dreadfully unnuanced takes of the lower orders (and, also, they're super sophisticated for refusing to call absolute depravity what it is). 

Using air quotes round perfectly accurate words like evil or pedophile is treated as an actual argument by these hipster douchebags. Meanwhile, wanting predators caged is tacky and crude.... I guess it's  sort of like the super important difference between drinking pints and drinking drams of Old McMolester.

They're smart and you're stupid and that's all you need to know, peasant.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Hey, Did Someone Say 'Culture War'?

Crikey! Even the squishes are Guido Fawkes are talking about C****** W**. Yep, they've finally noticed that the average university campus is like that line from The Blues Brothers - they have both types of ideology: Blairite and Corbynista.

I'd give them a John McClane style 'welcome to the party, pal' but if you want to know the real reason why  Respectable Conservatives have suddenly decided to start referencing the huge gray thing in the room, take a look at what they posted later in the day.

Yes, indeed. Confidence in scientific advice is collapsing for some reason. We're just lucky that there are no big issues requiring scientific input in this country right now.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, normal people are starting to wonder if there's some kind of connection between the bias in Academia and the terrible quality of its output.

Consider our nation's (apparent) modeler in chief, Neil Ferguson. Looking at his track record, I'm not sure he could predict an uptick in the death rate for members of the avian community in December. More to the point though, his track record is not just bad, it's consistently bad. Basically, he's doing science, but not the sort you can use to predict things or where you need to update your theories if reality keeps letting you down.

You know, that type of science.

Needless to say, I think most of us had worked out the secret of his success even before we got introduced to his bit on the side, Helga von Wokenheit, Head of Globalism at the Global Institute for Globalism.

The point is not just that bias on campus leads to jobs for life for the suitably woke (though it does), or even that bright up and coming conservative academics need to either take a vow of silence or change careers (that's true too), it's that you can't have a healthy intellectual environment where everyone has to carefully walk the tightrope of approved ideology. It's hard to be innovative when out of the box can mean out of a job.

All this just leads to a bigger issue. The genius set at Tory HQ have refused to tackle issues like this on the grounds that they're too dangerous politically. Better just to kick the can down the road.

Hey, how's that working out for you guys?

As Trotsky would say - and he would know - you may not be interested in culture war, but culture war is interested in you. There are real world consequences to letting lunatics take over vital sectors of the country. Never mind whether or not taking on Professor Snootlington is really that high risk politically anyway, the choice is either to face the political risks of meaningful reform or face the political risks of dealing with the inevitable results of a dysfunctional and corrupted system.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Burka Nation

Nope, that's not a fair analogy: a burka is a face-covering inspired by superstitious nonsense whereas Boris-Burkas are worn so that viruses will get blocked by a single layer of cotton...

You know, just like how you can keep wasps out of your back garden by putting up a barbed wire fence.

Really, it's nothing at all like a religious cult in any way whatsoever. 

Besides, you can trust dot gov - look how well their other great ideas work.

Some say this is all down to the collapse in actual, real, religious faith. If this life is all that there is, then the fear of death leads our weaker brethren to worry too worry about maximising the years in their life not the life in their years.

Well, maybe, maybe not, but this is where I came in. We're supposed to sneer at our crazy pants ancestors and their religious hang-ups but I note even Henry VIII didn't insist on muzzling the whole population. Ditto, Queen Mary, Cromwell and James II.

True, Churchill did briefly consider requiring citizens to carry - not wear - their gas masks  everywhere but he dropped the idea as stupid and unworkable.

BTW, that was in time of war and involving specialised respirators proven to work against the putative threat. Meanwhile we're into week fifteen of a three week lockdown, so all things considered this case is more like demanding people in 1952 carry round an emergency ukulele at all times.

Well, either that or this.

Come to think of it, if we replaced all cars with unicycles that would probably save a few lives too. And you know the rule: If it saves one life....

And then there would be that other benefit too if we implemented Operation Unicycle. I can't help noticing that the Maskerbators will do anything to cut down on the risk from Wu Flu except the one thing actually proven to cut the risk.

Look at this tosser. 

Hey, Brains Trust, the only way the mask is going to keep you safe from the Kung Flu is if it stops you eating that garbage.

But no: you can tell what really motivates by what they do, not what they say. They'll virtue signal and they parade round in their regalia as members of the New Woke Order but actually swerving lunch or lifting some weights? That would take actual..... effort. I mean, it would also make them safer, but screw that.

Apparently, Covid 19 is a huge threat, but not one of those ones where you take any action to protect yourself from it.

That's my deal: I'll take these guys seriously if every time they preach the importance of making sacrifices to Hoodonia, the God of Masks, they drop and bang out twenty push ups.

Hey, I'm old enough to remember when we worried about totalitarian governments wanting to gag the press, not the entire country (but BTW, what are odds that there will be an exemption for media employees)?

Just to be sure though, the sight of the MSM pushing ludicrous regulations that they themselves will evade should in no way reduce your respect for the watchdog media.

That's the real point right there. As a wise man - me - once said: they hate you. The political establishment get off on  rubbing the public's nose in  it. They think it's hilarious to make previously free citizens shuffle into the store gagged like gimps and they'll think it's even funnier once they manage to victimise a few rebels.

Hey, at least it's better than their previous stunts, like protecting rape gangs or letting terrorists walk free, so there is that, but the basic impulse is all the same.

What can we do about it short term? Nothing much, except to ditch all this talk about 'bringing the country together'. There is no country any more and these people are not our fellow citizens in any meaningful sense because, again, they hate you and they want you to suffer. The least we can do is return the favour.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

They Hate You

Tucker Carlson's show on Fox is now generating the highest ratings in cable news history. I can see why: look at this bit where he takes on the left's flex towards identity politics

Yep, that's the really key thing about it all. The left hasn't just down-played actual inequality in favour of loopy conspiracy theories - talking about 'white privilege' instead of actual privilege. The left has now actively turned against the people it used to represent, using identity politics to provide a wafer-thin level of plausible deniability.

That's true in Britain too. There's a reason why of all the white football managers in all of the world, race-hustling bum Raheem Sterling chose to slime Stephen Gerrard. He knew what the MSM wanted and that's why they were happy to run with a smear that could have been debunked with a five second google search (BTW, isn't being able to spread provably false racial atrocity stories without suffering any consequences whatsoever also a form of privilege)?

It works the other way too, hence why Home Counties rich kid turned filthy rich tax exile Lewis Hamilton is now a leftist icon. He's sticking it to the man - specifically, the tax man, but as long as he comes out with the right amount of inflammatory drivel about the proles in the cheap seats liberals will hail his heroism.

That's true at a corporate level too. There's an almost perfect relationship between how woke a corporation is and how sleazy its corporate affairs are. Back to football again: the football authorities are super woke, meanwhile the folks building the stadiums for the next World Cup are treated as all but slaves (I bet Raheem is going to get right on that).

The modern left is all about using bogus claims of racial inequality to justify doing absolutely nothing about  actual economic and social  inequality.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

This Is Why Labour Can't Win Elections

If you had Theresa May in the 'Strange New Respect' sweepstake, collect your winnings: she's the latest Tory that the MSM has suddenly decided is a far-sighted visionary (now she's started attacking conservatives).

Personally, I'm pretty sure that pointing out that someone lacks the very special expertise of our foreign policy establishment may not be the killer point the usual suspects think it is. These are the people who turned Libya into a hell hole, tried to get us into Syria on the same side as ISIS and want to hand over our infrastructure to China. Basically, they're the Typhoid Mary of foreign policy. Not being in their little club sounds like a good thing to me.

Apparently, I'm not the only one, hence why BoJo got a huge majority - unlike certain people I could mention.

And all this is without considering the wider issues. Isn't the Labour Party's position pretty much the literal opposite of what their founders believed? Now the People's Party is claiming that, sure, you proles can go and vote for whoever you want, but the really important stuff needs to be left to our new aristocracy, like His Grace, Mark, Duke of Sedwill.

No one knows who these people are or how they got their jobs or even who they think they're accountable to. Apparently, paying a huge pile of cash plus a solid gold pension to civil servants, no matter how terrible they are at their job, is now a permanent feature of British life. Freedom of speech and equality under the law are disposable, but paying money to snoots is part of what makes us a civilised nation.

If the PM can't replace a useless civil servant, who can? Seriously, if we had any working journalists in this country they'd ask Starmer about this: just who can fire one of these guys? What would be a sacking offence?

Nope, Labour has supported all manner of PC witchunts against regular Joes, but the People's Party has  now thrown a ring of steel around the snoot class, yet somehow they keep losing elections. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Access Media: 'Hate Speech? Never Heard Of It!'

Personally, I think 'hate speech' is a ludicrous concept - and, yes, some speech can encourage crazy people to do crazy things, but the operative word here is crazy! Some people think God is speaking to them via the weather forecast, that's not an argument for censoring the Met Office.

Still, you know who disagrees with all that? Raheem Sterling for one. He's convinced that every time some fat slob in Row XX shouts racist abuse at him it's both a cause and an effect of a deeper evil in British society. 

Yes, indeed, Fatso T Nobrain might never have been elected Dog Catcher, but all he needs to do is scream abuse at a grossly overpaid prat on the pitch and suddenly he's King Of All The White Men.

As it happens though, we've just had three white people stabbed to death in Reading just hours after St Raheem's friends at Black Lives Matter held one of their rallies. Coincidence? 

Well, hey, like I say, I'm a free speech maximalist so I'll defend the right of even obnoxious tools to spread stupid, racist conspiracy theories, but how about a bit of sauce for that goose? Any chance anyone from the MSM will ask St Raheem how all this meshes with his constant sermonising about the dangers of hate speech? If some guy shouting abuse at an overpaid celeb can provoke racist violence, how about thugs pushing deranged racist conspiracies? How about the aforementioned celeb using his media profile to push the same theories? Does that have any effect?

At all?

Nope, the same media cucks who hailed St Raheem's heroism - heroism in the sense of denouncing fat losers - have suddenly decided that hate speech doesn't exist after all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

It's Not About Slavery....

Things I never thought I'd say: someone made a really good point on Twitter the other day.

It was about all the race-hustling celebs preaching about muh slavery. Right now, the closest thing we have in the world to industrial-scale, institutionalised slavery is what happens in Chinese labour camps...

You know... that country where huge numbers of western companies have outsourced their production to. 

You know... the companies that sign huge sponsorship and merchandising deals with prominent sportsmen and celebs, like Raheem Sterling, Lewis Hamilton and John Boyega... 

Never mind the 'legacy of slavery' - people are profiting from slavery, right now.

Hey, they're outrageously outraged against slavery? How about turning down the cash? Sterling is on £150K per week at Man City - I think he'll get by on his salary alone. Take a stand, Raheem!

And then there's all the alleged 'journalists' in the Access Media who never quite bring this up... maybe Chairman Xi has a camp we can outsource the MSM to?

Friday, June 05, 2020

Grandma Got Run Over By A Bandwagon

Good news, everyone! The MSM has finally acknowledged that you can oppose national house arrest without necessarily wanting to kill Grandma!

Hey, I wonder what's changed? 

Call me a conspiracy nut but I can't help thinking there's something going on when thousands of violent lunatics are free to hold their brain-damaged version of a Nuremberg rally, even while the police clamp down on the real enemy.

Those guys should have claimed they were getting a short scissors cut to protest capitalism. As it is, working for a living is criminalised while violent nutters are free to do whatever. A guy could almost think the law depends on whether or not what you're doing helps the left push its demented agenda. .

But at least the MSM has finally found the true hero of the hour and he's both stunning and brave

He's risking his career, you guys. If there's one thing Hollyweird can't abide it's a guy spewing left wing talking points! They just won't stand for it.

Plus he's making a fearless stand against racism.... well, some racism anyway.

It's one for the philosophers alright  - if a guy's fine with black racism, and Chinese racism, but not white racism, isn't he just plain.... racist?

That's actually the key issue and it's not a small thing. The PC PCs at the Met inadvertently summed it up perfectly.

Yep, some guy get killed thousands of miles away and that's proof of the Grand Universal Theory of White Racism, meanwhile jihadists going on the rampage to try and kill as many Infidels as possible?

Just a 'tragic event'. One of those things you guys. No wider issues whatsoever.

As ever, Ace puts his finger on it:
Now, everytime there's an Islamic attack on US citizens, we're warned about anti-Islamic rhetoric, because that might lead to "backlash." Curiously, we're never cautioned about anti-American rhetoric which leads to Islamic attacks on US citizens, which you'd think would be the primary concern after a Muslim conducts a terrorist attack on US citizens.
Is the media cautioning the "protesters" calling for "pigs" to be slaughtered about the effect their rhetoric might have?
It means something when the same police who go in mob handed against a seventy year old white guy ignore a gang of thugs on the rampage. Specifically, it means we're being asked to accept that there are multiple grades of citizenship.

It says a lot about how useless the Tory Party is that none of its MPs seem alert to this ideological evil.

Monday, June 01, 2020

*Multiple* Layers Of Factchecking

Say, remember that story the MSM was obsessed with last week?

Yep, that one.

Well, it turns out....
The Mail on Sunday can today reveal that a retired teacher who reported the No 10 adviser to police broke lockdown rules himself – while a supposed ‘witness’ who claimed Mr Cummings had made a second trip to the region admitted he made his statement up as a joke. 
Tim Matthews said that he doctored the details on an app used by runners to record routes and times to make it seem like he had seen Mr Cummings in Durham six days after he had returned to London. 
Meanwhile, former teacher Robin Lees, who called police about Mr Cummings taking a trip from his parents’ Durham home to Barnard Castle, last night admitted to making a long-distance trip himself.
Say, would that be the retired teacher who claimed he had verified Cumming's identity by running his plates through a database that in reality is only accessible to police officers? Or would it be some other one?

I guess it wasn't about the lockdown after all. Who'd have thunk it?

Not the MSM anyway. They keep preaching about the dangers of the online world, even while they give publicity to obvious frauds. They're either really stupid or really corrupt, either way I think we'll get along fine without them. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Since We're All Talking About Bad Trips....

If I understand the rules correctly, Laurence Fox can't talk about racial issues because he's not black, but everyone who's ever watched 'Rain Man' is qualified to claim that having an autistic child is no big deal, you guys!

Hey, I wouldn't normally mention it but since families are now in play - to the point of doorstepping people's elderly parents - when are the MSM ever going to ask any serious questions about this?
A few days later he beat up a doctor at Mile End Hospital, assaulted a female nurse at the Royal Free Hospital and hit out at another man. 
He went on in October to expose himself at Homerton Hospital. And on November 7, he racially abused a nurse, assaulted her and smashed her glasses. 
The next day he set upon another policeman. And on November 29 he assaulted two officers outside the Foreign Office, where he was employed until leaving that summer to do consultancy work.
Yes, indeed, the MSM all but implies that Cummings Junior is faking it, even while they act like an evil - possibly racist - pipe jumped Jimmy Boy one day, forced itself between his lips and drove him all the way over the rainbow.

Reminder - unless you're dependent on the MSM in which case you'll be hearing this for the first time - this guy was on the fastest of fast track schemes in the Remoaner's favorite government department. Nobody foisted him on them, they were the ones who choose him to join their alleged elite. He was their New European Man, a snoot Samurai, a proud member of Leibstandarte Mark Sedwill...

All of which is by way of saying that when Remoaners claim we're too stoopid to know what we're voting for, they mean leave it to guys like this.

Say, how did a guy who consumes more drugs than Great Ormond Street somehow end up getting selected for an elite role anyway? Surely a world-famous campaigner for equality like Diane Abbott must be keen to ensure lessons are learned, right?

And then there's the flip side of that. Fat Diane is all about the brothers and sisters in the Hood keepin' it real, yo!... meanwhile Junior slides effortlessly into a job with the snootiest of snoot departments. How's that for actin' white? 

If you want to know why the Labour Party is evil, consider the contrast between how they feel about a race-hustling fraud like Diane X and someone who encourages actual achievement like Kathy Birbalsingh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Remoaners: Not Getting It Since 2016

House of Dumb Rule One: Liberals always - always - overdo it.

Take the Dominic Cummings situation. The left and the MSM - but I repeat myself - claim he should be sacked because he may possibly has broken the law to ensure he safety of his mentally handicapped four year old son.

That's an attack line with 'win' all over it: dad was excessively concerned with junior's safety.

Does anyone outside the bubble find this remotely compelling? But no: the usual suspects are piling in and by doing so, they're pretty much reminding us why people voted conservative in the first place. Consider this: Sky News featured a lovely chat about all this between Adam Boulton and Alistair Campbell.


Can you think of two better representatives of what the public rejected in December than these two disgusting, arrogant pigs? The whole reason Boris Johnson got elected was because he won the votes of everyone who refused to accept the presence of scumbags like this in public life as a permanent feature of British politics. The MSM isn't worried about the specifics of Cumming's road trip, they're worried that he might threaten their ability to treat public life as a member's only club. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quote of the Day: Modern Politics Edition

Ace of Spades blog nails it.
And then there are the Church Ladies of our new state religion - the whole Karen meme is about these suddenly empowered secular Church Ladies who live for moments like this. Normally their only joy in life is scolding people for simple sins such as not using canvas grocery bags or perhaps driving a large SUV. Now these humorless vigilantes feel they are deputized to enforce the observance of the shutter-at-home sabbath. A sabbath that goes on day after day, week after week, without any end in sight. Karen could not be happier. It is a near certainty that lockdown-induced chastity being imposed on millions of people is a thought that warms the icy heart of these charmless people. (And yes, there are male Church Ladies. We most commonly refer to them as “journalists")
On which subject, Norfolk Police clearly know who the real enemy are: people in unapproved fancy dress.

Isn't that just special? Inspector Karen wants to 'provide words of advice about the implications of his actions'. 

I guess the whole Tori Kutz thing is over now, huh?

And that's not the worst of it. There's a case for this authoritarian lunacy, just like there are good arguments against it, but the whole thing with Karenism, the most defining feature of it, is that it's the political equivalent of looking the wrong way down the telescope. Inspector Karen and the rest of the Operation Versace team are ready to Go! Go! Go! just as soon as they get a fix on this Unlicensed Thespian, but how about the stuff the Government is meant to control? The absolutely basic, pretty much the definition of being a country, stuff, like controlling our borders?

Nope, forget that. They're perfectly happy for to do absolutely nothing then take cover behind crappy euphemisms like 'so connected to the rest of the world'. 

Yep, that's it. It's just like how George Best died because he was so connected to the brewing industry.

Annnnnnnnd that's how we ended up in a country where the Wuhan Clan can jet right in 24-7, but if you want to sit on the grass in the park you, sir, are worse than Typhoid Mary.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Sliding Sombrero

It's now Day 472 of the lockdown - well, it feels like that - and we still have to put up with people virtue signalling about their readiness to deprive cancer patients of treatment. Hey, morons: this.

If you want to keep people from potentially life-saving treatment to protect yourself against a purely theoretical 0.001% increased chance of death, yes, you are the bad guy.

Meanwhile, normal people are starting to disregard the lockdown. 

Yep, that's a mystery, alright - unless you're one of those weirdoes with an actual, y'know, memory.

For those of us who can remember stuff before last week, the lockdown was meant to slow down the spread of the virus to prevent the hospitals being swamped. Like pretty much any outbreak in history, the idea was that those affected would fall into one of three groups. Some people would get better on their own, some would die no matter what treatment they were given - which is terrible for the people concerned but also, by definition, inevitable - and some would survive with the right treatment. The lockdown, by slowing down the rate of infection, was meant to ensure no one in the third group died through lack of treatment.

Hence, all the talk of flattening the curve.

That's exactly what happened. The lockdown was a rare case of a successful government program but it's somehow become a not rare at all case of a government program that's taken on a life of its own. Nurses are making tik tok videos but we're still locked down. We can't go back to work until.....

Nope, no idea. We're just meant to accept perma-lockdown as one more thing that all upstanding citizens are meant to support simply by definition. Anyone who questions it wants to kill grandma.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

There's No There There

Over in the sidebar at Ace of Spades blog, there's a really good question:
Interesting: The same people who say we have to shut down the country based on nothing but guesses and "models" are the exact same people saying we must not prescribe hydroxychloroquine until we have full 10,000 participant double-blind trials and conclusive scientific proof.

It seems the alleged "Science-Lovers" and Twitter scolds are willing to roll the dice on some speculations, but are extremely aggressive that we don't gamble on other ones.

So strange that sometimes we take suggestive evidence as conclusive proof that we must do something dramatic and destructive -- shutting the country's economy down -- but in other case, suggestive evidence is not enough to encourage doctors to prescribe a well-tested drug with minimal side-effects.

Well, quite.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used prophylactically for decades to prevent malaria. If it caused people's heads to explode, someone would have noticed by now. In fact, it may well be the least-new new drug in history, but we're all supposed to believe that prescribing it in this specific case, and only this case, is somehow incredibly dangerous. Hey, maybe we ought to tell the pills they're been taken to fight malaria, and hope they won't know the difference.

As the great Ann Coulter points out, things were a little different with an earlier plague:
When it came to AIDS, the gay community’s successful campaign to compel the FDA to allow “compassionate” use of unapproved drugs was a civil rights milestone on the order of Selma.

In a 1990 editorial, for example, The New York Times praised the “educated and articulate” gay spokesmen for bringing about “changes in the traditional methods of testing drugs,” adding that the new procedures were “a compassionate response to AIDS sufferers.”
Meanwhile, the MSM is occupying its time with stupid have you stopped beating your wife questions and bogus atrocity stories about the lack of ventilators... no, wait. That was last week, it's PPE that's the scandal this week.

It's all outrage, all the time, but no one will ask why doctors across the world have suddenly succumbed to the exact same delusion about patients getting better when they're prescribed a specific type of drug therapy.

What do the MSM think is going on? Mass hysteria?

Nope, they don't think at all. Bias doesn't even cover it. For all their ostentatious globalism, the MSM are the most insular people on the planet, particularly in the UK. Even a pandemic is viewed in terms of how it affects things in a half dozen north London postcodes.

You can hardly get them to acknowledge that closing down the economy may have negative side effects. 

All of which is by way of saying I can well understand this. How much respect are we meant to have for a bunch of clowns who offer no actual insight whatsoever, just a continuous bunch of lame-o gotchas?

They're supposed to be the Smartest People In The Room but all they can offer is parochial talking points. If it's actual analysis you're after, you're better off with just a bloggers like Hector Drummond.

It goes a little deeper as well. As US Youtuber Stephen Crowder points out, with the shut down in place America's late night talk show hosts are now just particularly high-profile Youtubers...

High profile *bad* Youtubers.

It turns out that once you take away the football team size writers room and the slick production values you're left with the entertainment equivalent of a bunch of beached whales.

Yep, the smart set aren't smart, and the funny guys aren't funny, but at least their arrogance is intact!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

We're Not All In This Together

I was worried about getting the Wuhan Virus but a friend is sorting me out with something that will guarantee I can stay free of it, namely: press credentials.

At least I assume that's how it works, given the number of times I see some MSM drone on screen standing in a sunny park reporting on how important it is that everyone else stays indoors.

Again: it's 'freedom of the *printing press*', not extra special freedoms specifically for some group of people called the press but no one else.

Leaving that aside though, I'd wonder if the MSM would be so up for putting the whole country under house arrest if it applied to them - like it should - but I think there may be a chicken and egg thing going on here. The MSM have given up even pretending to speak truth to power, now they're all about speaking truth from power, explaining why the power is totally awesome and how we should give it even more power - and yet somehow they've evaded the regulations that are strangling the rest of the economy.

It's a Scooby Doo mystery alright!

The thing is that the MSM has been so craven in it's coverage of the lockdown, that it's arguably been completely counterproductive even if you think it's a good idea. The average person can work out that strong cases don't need wall to wall propaganda.

Then again, the real epidemic appears to be a nasty outbreak of people advocating for measures that won't affect them anyway. Look at all the academics demanding the lockdown be extended until the heat death of the universe.

Hey, why not? They're still getting paid without having to do any work. It's the Mother Lode for these guys. Meanwhile: this, this and much else besides.

Yep, innovation from a whole host of organisations but almost none from the supposed Smartest People In The Room. We have 100+ plus universities where people are paid to push back the frontiers of knowledge, meanwhile a brewery is producing hand sanitiser

You can tell which side of the great divide Academia is on by the way no one in the MSM will mention this. In fact, they won't even mention the stuff they really should mention.

Yep, this is 'Archduke Franz Ferdinand Found Alive, World War Fought By Mistake' territory. We're trashing the economy based on projections produced by a bunch of Mean Girls - the chief one of whom has yet to release the actual model he used to create his projections in the first place. You'd think that would be a bigger story but the MSM doesn't want to risk it's Park Privileges.

Still, at least academics aren't openly fantasising about mass murder, unlike some people. 

True, that's not official policy yet but they're working up to it.

I guess the good news is they're over whatever problems the 'Tori Cutz' caused, right? Apparently, there were always plenty of police officers available, but they'd just fallen down the back of the sofa.

It's not only the numbers though. When did you ever see this kind of aggressive policing applied to, say, burglars?

They're telling us who they are in the choices they make.

Grooming gangs? Whateves!

Some guy walking his dog in the middle of nowhere? Launch the drones!

No one voted for this. The party that comes closest to this worldview just got hammered in a general election. But no: the police are run by SJW lunatics who hate the average British citizen and seek to humiliate him or - to use their own phrase - to 'rub his nose in it' at every opportunity. Meanwhile, the lower ranks are dominated by twerps, sneaks and virtue-signalling drama queens. 

Basically, it's as if the country has been put under martial law by Tumblr.

All of which takes us back to where we started. We have draconian enforcement of the law when it comes to Rebel Dog Walkers, but how about police officers who harass innocent members of the public citing bogus laws? Anything going to happen to them? Anything at all? 

Nope. No consequences at all: PC Pantsonfire is in the club and you're not.

So there.

What all this has done is clarify where we are in Britain today. We're effectively two countries. One country is stuck at home watching its business implode, the other is in City Square telling you to stay home forever while they count their cash.

Like I keep saying, the whole reason BoJo was able to get a proper majority where Fat Dave and the Maybot failed was that people thought he might actually do something to fix this. Everything that's happened since the WuFlu arrived has just rammed home the need for change.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Further Thoughts On The Virus Of No Origin

Comparative Advantage Means It's Better To Import Viruses Than Make Our Own: Here's your reminder that we've had thirty years of pretentious midwits lecturing us on how globalisation makes us all better off in the long run. Now all the supposed economic benefits have been wiped out in a matter of weeks, with mass death as a bonus, how about these people self-isolate until we can be sure they're free of the 'blustering fraud' virus?

Fifty years should do it.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: So desperate that one of the most heavily-subsidised and protected industries in Britain might have to resort to... crikey...employing British people.  

Hey,  how come all the folks who give us pious sermons on the vital importance of muh free markets are outrageously outraged by the suggestion that if you can't afford to pay the going rate for the job, your business sucks and it should fold?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, if you're a British business that doesn't want to employ Britons, feel free to submit your claims for a subsidy to the folks in Bucharest.

So Can I Go To Weatherspoons If I Canoe There? We're all stuck in Lockdown Town, but you know who isn't?

These guys!

Now tell me that the Open Borders lobby isn't a cult! Everyone else has to hunker down, but the Gimmegrant Express must keep on rolling (we're just lucky the virus hasn't hit anyone from Iran....)

And Talking Of Religion: If you think the Prime Minster can vanquish a pestilence, you're not an atheist, you just worship government instead of God.

UNtrustworthy: Talking of absurd objects of liberal worship, it turns out that the WHO - henceforth to be known as 'The Organisation That The Left Wants To Appoint As De Facto Chief Censor Of Coronachan News' - may not be entirely trustworthy.

I know, right?

A UN organisation turning out to be a dysfunctional bunch of thug groupies. I'm just shocked - shocked!

Student Activists Hardest Hit: Hey, if a virus from China isn't a Chinese virus, doesn't that undermine the whole 'cultural appropriation' thing?  Who's to say sombreros are a Mexican thing after all?

'Prejudice' Is The Liberal Word For Common Sense: Say what you like about Chernobyl but at least the USSR didn't run a huge propaganda campaign claiming that if you took iodine tablets, you were a bigot.

Yep, the Government of the Country That Shall Not Be Named didn't just lie and conceal information, they actively tried to spread the doom, and liberals did all but hold the syringe for them. But at least the MSM have learned their lesson....

Journalists Are Not Key Workers: They keep implying they think they'll be exempt from any lockdown but, honestly, who needs this level of insight?

Hey, you'd think these people more than anyone else would understand that drugs are always cut with something before use. Then again, people stupid enough to snort coke mixed with bleach are stupid enough to believe anything.

Wait until someone tells them about paracetamol...

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hey, MSM: Wuhad One Job!

It may just be me, but I thought Piers Morgan's criticism of government policy on GMB this morning was totally over the top. 

As it happens, with a death toll of 55 up to yesterday, the virus had still killed less Britons than jihadists managed on a single day in 2005 but so far there's no sign of anyone handing out flowers or impromptu street posters yet.
“This job has changed significantly from planning for organic, people responses to tragedy, to being told: ‘We would like the people to do that, how do you get them there?’”
“A lot of the public’s responses are spontaneous, of course. But a lot are shaped. The [British] government doesn’t want spontaneity: it wants controlled spontaneity.”
The MSM were prepared to take part in a massive state propaganda campaign to manipulate the public reaction to terror attacks but now the same people claim it's super important that they give airtime to every unhinged conspiracy theorist and quack on the planet.

As the punchline of the old story goes, when it comes to the MSM and spinning the truth we've already established they're whores, now we're just arguing about the price.

Apparently, the price depends on whether or not a particular story helps the left, so I guess the MSM will start calming down about the virus as soon as it evolves enough to start filling in postal voting forms. Expect to start hearing about the vast majority of harmless viruses, coupled with glowing profiles of the ones used in gene therapy.

And then there's the other thing. Like I keep saying, 'freedom of the press' is short for 'freedom of the use of the printing press'. It means any citizen is free to set up a printing press and start publishing - or, to put it another way, it means the literal opposite to what the MSM claims it means.

There is no special group of people called 'the press' who have special freedoms over and above the ordinary citizen. That's important because the MSM has spent years supporting all manner of restrictions on the citizen's right to free speech. Remember these people thought it was perfectly sane for the police to prosecute a comedian for Felony Tasteless Comedy. 

The MSM has devoted zillons of words to the supposed threat of hate speech, and 90% of their output has referenced the same old cliche about 'shouting fire in a crowded theater'. Now we have the crowded theater of crowded theaters, they've suddenly turned into free speech maximalists.  Our democracy apparently depends on their supposed right to ask stupid gotcha questions, push absurd hypotheticals, and promote all manner of loons and malcontents.

This is who they are and whatever happens we should never forget that when we needed unity more than ever - the real sort, not the phoney baloney 'don't look back in anger' sort - these people were happy to act as saboteurs just so they could get one of their own in No 10. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Random Thoughts On TEOTWAWKI

  • Apparently the MSM has already gone into some kind of very specific lockdown where they question everything about the government's strategy of trying to spread out the number of cases... except how that's compatible with open borders. That bit makes perfect sense to them
  • Right now, an Italian can drive over to Calais, get on the Eurostar and come to the UK, and the only problem he will have is if he goes too fast on the motorway. So it looks like we'll have border security once the government works out how to issue tickets to viruses
  • Notice how everyone is looking to the greedy capitalist pig dogs in the biotech industry to fix this, and no one expects anything at all from our bloated academic sector
  • On the other hand, libertarianism isn't looking too good either right about now. These people have spent years sneering at the peasants who won't accept free trade uber alles as  the way of the future, now - in a development no one could possibly have foreseen - it turns out that having your own industrial base is quite a good thing after all. 
  • Hey, is it just me or have the BDS crowd suddenly gone quiet too? They wouldn't stoop as low as to accept an Israeli vaccine right? 
  • Surely even some members of the left must be having a Mitchell and Webb moment right about now?  Yes, it's true: if you're celebrating the prospect of mass slaughter because you think it will help your party into government, you are the bad guys.
  • Things would  probably go a lot better if only someone could come up with a better phrase than 'herd immunity'
  • For all the people sneering that the right suddenly wants to listen to experts that's for one very simple reason: we're talking about people with an actual track record of verifiable accuracy, rather than leftist experts, who are almost always members of the chattering class dealing in vague generalisations, pseudo-science and tautological appeals to authority
  • If the left could discover vaccines they way they can find racism, the epidemic would be over.  Right now, they're claiming it's racist to call the virus from Wuhan 'Wuhan virus' or remind anyone it's from China. The MSM has picked this up and run with it, meaning that the same people who keep claiming to be shocked - shocked - that fewer and fewer people trust them are also explaining why reporting actual facts is bad
  • In so far as the left, and the MSM, are taking talking points from the Chinese government, can we at least have a break from the left's whole 'Hitler had a dog, Boris has a dog, therefore Boris is Hitler' line of reasoning...  No, probably not: for reasons.                                                                                               

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Elephant Entering The Room

The Honorable Representative from the Great State of Texas asks an important question:
Raises the question: if a global pandemic is a concern, why would we want policies that encourage more people crossing illegally & released unaccounted for into the country?
Well, quite. Of course, round here, BoJo's just said 'hold my champers'.

Forget sneaking in, they won't even stop anyone jetting in from Venice. It's a plague and a pandemic, but let's not go crazy here and start questioning muh open borders.

The left has spent a hundred years sneering at World War I generals and their cold-blooded decisions to keep throwing away lives with hopeless, head on attacks. Now, suddenly, open borders are in the firing line and these people are all but giving out white feathers to anyone who questions the sanity of Italian citizens being locked down and unable to go anywhere.... except Heathrow.

Hey, I consider The Omega Man to be an underrated conservative classic, but I don't want to live in it!

All of which explains BoJo's reluctance to do.... well, anything really. Unlike the mainstream of the left, he's at least smart enough to realise the obvious problem with putting all manner of limits on people inside the UK, but none at all on people arriving here. He's just not smart enough to realise that he's torpedoed the exact reason why he got a majority in the first place.

The whole reason why Boris Johnson got a whacking majority where Fat Dave and Theresa Won't failed is precisely because he came across as someone who regarded Britain as something more than just some failing division of a global multinational. Fat Dave in particular always looked like he'd be quite happy to jump ship and go be PM of somewhere else if they offered him the right deal. Boris was supposed to be better than that, but it turns out that when push came to shove, his true loyalty was to Globacorp after all.

Monday, March 09, 2020

The Economist Discovers Economics

Very Smart Person magazine The Economist wonders if there may be some kind of mysterious connection between supply and demand.
Like Ace points out, in so far as these people are always warning about imminent disasters that never actually arrive, they're basically indistinguishable from a loony cult. In fact, the resemblance goes a lot deeper than that. Listen to these guys and it turns out that people who reject the Sacred Texts of Open Borders in favour of relying on their lying eyes aren't just stupid, they're positively evil. Evily evil bigots conspiring to rob humanity of the new golden age that will come about when everyone accepts globalisation into their lives....

... And that's how some of the worst people in the world managed to convince themselves they were the good guys. It goes all the way from supposed socialists who object to paying a living wage to their kid's nanny all the way to free marketers who want the taxpayer to top up the wages of Megacorp's imported labour. Supporting open borders is the perfect combination of class signifier and naked self-interest.

That's what I keep saying. Just like with Brexit and all the rest, this is not just a clash between specific political doctrines, it's about who the country is actually run for: the snoot class or actual normal people.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

LARPing With Liberals

Say, here's a question I've been wondering about: if liberals are so smart how come they keep getting taken in by obvious frauds like this?

It's a Scooby-Doo mystery all right!

I guess they didn't notice the cardboard helmets and that all the 'miners' had names like Julian and Roderick.

The important point though is that rich kids dressing up as working men is in no way like wearing socioeconomic blackface. No, siree, Jack.

As ever, the bias is annoying, but also strangely reassuring. Think about it this way: the left has spent forty years claiming that liberalism is the default, with conservatives as the loony outliers. Yet every time the BBC interviews some 'member of the public' who criticises the government, it turns out that he's actually a leftist nutcase.

Labour is the People's Party, providing you mean specifically the people who think there are ninety six genders but no valid reasons to criticise Diane Abbot. Other than that?  


Hence, the reliance on the Trustifarian Theater Company and a state broadcaster guaranteed not to ask any hard questions.... apparently 'scrutiny' isn't that important after all.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Doncha' Hate It When That Happens?


DELE ALLI claims the Kick It Out campaign is not doing enough to tackle racism in football.
The Tottenham playmaker called for “more action” from authorities to rid the sport of racist behaviour from fans.
An FA statement confirmed: 'Dele Alli has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3 in relation to a social media post. 'It is alleged that the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder's post breaches FA Rule E3(1) as it was insulting and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute. 'It is further alleged that the post constitutes an "Aggravated Breach", which is defined in FA Rule E3(2), as it included a reference, whether express or implied, to race and/or colour and/or ethnic origin and/or nationality.'
Hey, I feel a song coming on!

Lest we forget, his fellow race hustler, St Raheem of Sterling has previously been exposed as a violent thug, while dear ol' Kick It Out themselves are busy explaining that this whole 'rape' thing is just a cunning excuse for whitey to give a brutha a hard time.

Seriously, I have no idea how this keeps happening? How come people who spend their time pushing insane conspiracy theories about white people keep turning out not to be pillars of the community?

 I mean, I'd give this guy the benefit of the doubt, except you know if some white guy had done this, he'd be demanding air strikes, so you know, sauce for the goose....

Just don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM to start writing hysterical articles about What It All Means for the state of the nation. This guy is too useful a tool for them against the common enemy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

This May Not Be The Winning Issue The Left Thinks It Is

Looks like the left have found their latest batch of baby seals!

Will no one think of the poor senior civil servants? 

It's practically a modern day gulag:
Sir Philip is also reportedly writing to all senior members of the civil service in the department to highlight the dangers of work place stress. 

It is also claimed he told team members that they should not be expected to do 'unrealistic' work outside of contracted working hours.
Modern Britain, you guys! People on six figure salaries complaining about having to work late.

This, THIS, is the issue that will win back the North for Labour: making sure Sir Julian D'Arcy-Snootlington doesn't miss any dinner parties.

Reminder: the people the left is getting all misty-eyed about are the same ones behind the Windrush fiasco, aka the Greatest Scandal Evah!

But that was then, and this is now, and for no apparent reason whatsoever the left has decided to target the Home Secretary.

It's a mystery alright.

Britain's biggest party is not the Conservatives nor Labour, it's the Snoot Party. They don't actually stand for election but they think they should be in power anyway. Hence why we now have the lovely 'Sir Phil' who is apparently guaranteed a job for life even though he's the equivalent of an arsonist fireman.

The left isn't against elections, it just doesn't think they should have any consequences.  You can elect whoever you want, but it's Sir Phil, Sir Keir and the rest who run the country...

Say, why does that sound familiar?

No wonder these guys were so desperate to stay in. The EU has always been their idea of perfection: a eunuch parliament and an unaccountable snoot class actually running things.

They lost that round, but that's just encouraged them to fight harder to create Brussels-On-Thames.

Personally, I'm not convinced 'all the stuff you hated about the EU, but in English' is necessarily a winning slogan for Labour. 

As with most things in politics, all that the right needs to do to win is to force the left to state their worldview openly.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Like I keep saying, the big difference in politics is that the left wants the right silenced, while the right positively encourages the left to speak at great length about they believe.

Take today's alleged controversy:  apparently, it's super outrageous that the Government is deporting foreign criminals. 


What definition of 'controversial' are we using here? Is there anyone outside of the fever swamps of the left who doesn't think this is exactly what HMG should be doing?

Being able to control who gets to live there is pretty much a basic requirement for being able to call yourself an independent country.

More to the point though, if liberals think even convicted rapists shouldn't be deported, in what sense do they not support open borders? Who exactly would they deport - aside from conservatives ?

Equally, if deporting scumbags strikes the left - and the cuckservatives - as an outrageously extreme policy, how come they keep pretending to support border security every time there's an election on? Wouldn't they be happy to proclaim their love of open borders from the roof tops right up until polling day?

But no: the left is so confident in open borders as a winning issue politically that they keep demanding any potential critics are silenced and shouted down. They're the voice of the people, providing no actual people are allowed to speak.

Hey, maybe that's the answer: we tell them we're not deporting criminals, we're just operating a nationwide 'no platform' policy.....

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A Man Hired To Do A Job

An important point from the Great Steyn:
If these fine fellows were genuinely interested to know how Trump got elected, the quickest way to the answer would be for them to look in the mirror: Trump is a symptom of you. No Russians or Macedonians are required: it's because of you - the permanent governing class. If the only alternative to Hillary is Jeb, it's hardly a surprise that there's a stampede to the "Neither of the Above" box. And, if the only fellow waiting over there is Donald J Trump, so be it: that's on you.
All true, and true for Britain as well. Yes, there are a lot of folks who like BoJo personally, but what gave him his landslide was the public's exasperation with the snoot class. That matters right now because - having been proven wrong about just about everything as far as electoral strategy goes - the Tory Party's Smart Set have decided to start pushing the line that, sure, supporting Brexit and a reform agenda was a great way to get the chumps to come out and vote for you, but as far as actually going ahead and trying to change anything?

It's just too risky, you guys!

Best to go along to get along, rather than risk stirring up the swamp.

The trouble with that idea is that Boris Johnson was elected specifically because the public believed we might finally have a PM who aims to represent the people and control the government and not the other way round. To the point: whatever the political risks of pushing through meaningful reform, they're dwarfed by the risk of surrendering to the swamp creatures.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The MSM Is The Typhoid Mary Of Politics

Congratulations to Jess Philips, who's become the latest member of the Ex-Future Prime Ministers of Britain Club. She joins such luminaries as Rory Stewart, Chuckup Ummah and Ken Clarke.

Just like the old line about the operation being a complete success but the patient dying, they all managed to win the support of Fleet Street, but lost the whole rest of the Monopoly board.
It’s the kind of thing that’s rather easier to say when you know you’re not going to win the contest – she had failed so far to secure any nominations from affiliated organisations including trade unions or from constituency Labour parties, which suggested that the membership was not particularly enthusiastic about her, despite apparently recognising her more than rival Lisa Nandy.
Say, it's almost like her media coverage was completely out of proportion to her actual support.

And then there's this bit:
The absence of [support from the shop worker's union], plus information the campaign had gathered privately about the membership’s response to Phillips, meant it wasn’t right to carry on.
Heh. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at that briefing? I'm guessing she went full Downfall.

But at least her campaign bowed out with dignity and didn't resort to cheap attempts to try and spin her as a victim.

Just kidding!
In a candid video message to supporters the 38-year-old, who has been subjected to horrific abuse from Corbynistas online over the past year or more, admitted that she could not bring the various wings of the party together.

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Brie Larson Of British Politics

Yes, my friends, it is a blow that our girl Dianne Abbot isn't standing for the Labour leadership, but we're not liberals, we can take the rough with smooth and look on the bright side. Just think about the hole the MSM has now found itself in. MSM poster girl Jess Philips is standing for the leadership and suddenly the MSM is faced with either doubling down on its refusal to actually cover this psycho properly, or alternatively admitting that they've spent years covering for a sleazy snoot in socioeconomic blackface....

Yep, that's Fact Number One that the media never reports: working class heroine Jess Philips is in reality the daughter of a former second in command of the entire NHS. She didn't climb her way up from the streets, she just got the concierge to order the Express Elevator for her.

Her whole CV is like that, but instead of holding her to account, the MSM has actively run interference for her.

Hey, you can't even get anyone in the MSM to ask how that lawsuit is going...

BTW, watch the original footage and decide for yourself if this someone who takes issue like male suicide seriously.  

Heartbroken, she is, clearly! 

Fortunately, now the spotlight is on her, even the MSM's ability to cover for Princess Fraudypants is breaking down. Take a look at this.

Yep, somehow our savvy watchdog media failed to find anything suspicious in the tortured form of words used on her website or question her constant references to her made up degree. They were probably too busy stalking Youtubers.

All of this does raise a few questions though: firstly, what's the academic equivalent of stolen valour?

Stolen study?



Also, how the hell do you fail a degree in public sector management? It's not even a real subject!

There's certainly no evidence of any actual management in the real world public sector. Come to think of it, in so far as she bailed out with the job half done then lied about it to anyone who asked, I'd say she was perfectly qualified for a job in the public sector.

But the real question is this: now she's been exposed as a fraud (again), just how are her friends on the MSM going to spin her as the victim this time?

Thursday, January 16, 2020

World War Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest

The more time goes on, the more obvious it is that when members of the Foreign Affairs division of the snoot class talk about the dangers of Donald Trump's foreign policy, they chiefly mean the dangers to their own generous sinecures.

Just two weeks ago we were assured the world was on the brink of war after the US - for totally no reason whatsoever - killed a high-ranking member of the Iranian government (who just happened to find himself in a country where the US embassy had just been attacked and a US citizen killed).

Now? Not so much. 

Just as with North Korea and the China trade talks, the dim bulb lout Trump has somehow managed to handle the situation far better than the certified members of the Guild of Foreign Policy have managed in decades. Who knew the New York property developer would have a better grasp of brinkmanship than the snoots who spend their days writing 5,000 word articles for The Economist titled 'Where Now For Ghana '?

None of this matters though. The snoots have decided that Trump is a dangerous moron and they need to say it at every opportunity - which is one more thing they've got wrong. They think calling Trump an idiot on TV is a devastating rhetorical point even as it becomes ever more clear that most of the foreign policy establishment couldn't predict an outbreak of heavy drinking on New Year's Eve. The whole reason why people voted Trump is summed up in a snooty governing class explaining why even people who has been consistently wrong about everything are nevertheless way smarter than loser schlubs like the President of the United States.

Like I said at the time, the real revelation in Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch's leaked reports wasn't that he was another Never Trumper from central casting, it was that he was so tediously predictable about it all. He's our representative to our most important ally and so, allegedly, our best and brightest, and he sounds like he's doing Open Mike night at the local comedy club. Hey, that Donald Trump's so stoopid, am I right?

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Stay Back! He's Got A Biro And He's Not Afraid To Use It

Good news shipmates! Chief Inspector Ahab in Durham has finally nailed the Great White Terrorist.

Yes, indeed. People can now sleep safe in their beds knowing the police are hard at work stopping people writing things.

Yep, really:
A teenage neo-Nazi terrorist who identified possible targets in his home city has today been locked up for six years and eight months.
The 17-year-old boy drafted his own manifesto which listed 'Areas to Attack' in Durham such as schools, pubs and council buildings. He also wrote of planning to conduct an arson spree with Molotov cocktails on local synagogues.
Various handwritten documents were seized from his bedroom in March by police who also found a collection of far-right literature, Manchester Crown Court heard.
Analysis of his computer devices and mobile phone uncovered numerous internet searches on firearms, explosives and knives....
The youth was also unanimously found guilty of disseminating a terrorist publication, possessing an article for a purpose connected with terrorism and three counts of possessing a document or record containing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.
So, basically, he wrote some stuff and read some stuff. This must be some special government definition of 'planning'... although, come to think of it, this apparent confusion of vaguely fantasising about something with actually planning it might explain a lot about the modern police service.

Cressida Dick probably put 'Reduce Knife Crime' on her vision board then just forgot about it.

Plus, if young people fantasising about killing their enemies is now a jailable offence, well, I'm guessing this could get embarrassing for the Guardian.

Really embarrassing.

Say, I wonder what the difference is between these two cases?

Equality FTW!

It doesn't get any better:
In the month before his arrest in March, he repeatedly searched for and visited websites related to 'lone wolf' attacks by the likes of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik and Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
Huh? The Columbine killers were hardly political. And then there's this:
He had also purchased the manifestos of Breivik and another terrorist, Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber.
Say, if Brevik was far-right, how come the Unabomber isn't 'far left'?
In journal entries the youth wrote of his admiration for Adolf Hitler - 'a brave man to say the least', Moors murderer Ian Brady - 'how wonderful it is to be an amoral individual' and murderous cult leader Charles Manson.
So that's one guy who's Literally Hitler, a pervert and a grifter who got too caught up in his own scam.
In August 2018 he wrote a things-to-do list, which included the instruction 'shed empathy' and referenced a shooting at a video gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, where two people were killed.
The Fuhrer was well known for his hatred of video gamers!
The youth also wrote of his dislike of school, spoke disparagingly of Durham having a Jewish MP and described the North East as a 's***hole', stating 'the people are loathable, the sights forgettable and the police laughable'.
Sounds like the average Corbynista to me!

This is clearly a case of a seriously screwed up kid, deep into some dark stuff, but an actual terrorist?


Who's the victim exactly? And how does any of this not apply to Owen Jones... or about eight bazilion other teenage boys? If this guy's a 'Nazi terrorist', does that mean every goth in the country is a vampire?

And that's not the worst of it.  Check this out:
It is understood that the boy had initially been referred to Prevent, the government's anti-extremism mechanism, but failed to engage fully. 
Yep, he's such a super dangerous terrorist that they... left him on the streets.

He was OK to carry on terroristically writing things in a terrorising way, right up until he failed to show due respect for the unelected, unaccountable commissars running a supposed anti-extremism program based on an ideology responsible for 100 million deaths. That's why he got jailed.

If only he had agreed that there are five lights, he would still be out there now, free to write Mein Kampf II: No More Mr Nice Guy.