Friday, June 05, 2020

Grandma Got Run Over By A Bandwagon

Good news, everyone! The MSM has finally acknowledged that you can oppose national house arrest without necessarily wanting to kill Grandma!

Hey, I wonder what's changed? 

Call me a conspiracy nut but I can't help thinking there's something going on when thousands of violent lunatics are free to hold their brain-damaged version of a Nuremberg rally, even while the police clamp down on the real enemy.

Those guys should have claimed they were getting a short scissors cut to protest capitalism. As it is, working for a living is criminalised while violent nutters are free to do whatever. A guy could almost think the law depends on whether or not what you're doing helps the left push its demented agenda. .

But at least the MSM has finally found the true hero of the hour and he's both stunning and brave

He's risking his career, you guys. If there's one thing Hollyweird can't abide it's a guy spewing left wing talking points! They just won't stand for it.

Plus he's making a fearless stand against racism.... well, some racism anyway.

It's one for the philosophers alright  - if a guy's fine with black racism, and Chinese racism, but not white racism, isn't he just plain.... racist?

That's actually the key issue and it's not a small thing. The PC PCs at the Met inadvertently summed it up perfectly.

Yep, some guy get killed thousands of miles away and that's proof of the Grand Universal Theory of White Racism, meanwhile jihadists going on the rampage to try and kill as many Infidels as possible?

Just a 'tragic event'. One of those things you guys. No wider issues whatsoever.

As ever, Ace puts his finger on it:
Now, everytime there's an Islamic attack on US citizens, we're warned about anti-Islamic rhetoric, because that might lead to "backlash." Curiously, we're never cautioned about anti-American rhetoric which leads to Islamic attacks on US citizens, which you'd think would be the primary concern after a Muslim conducts a terrorist attack on US citizens.
Is the media cautioning the "protesters" calling for "pigs" to be slaughtered about the effect their rhetoric might have?
It means something when the same police who go in mob handed against a seventy year old white guy ignore a gang of thugs on the rampage. Specifically, it means we're being asked to accept that there are multiple grades of citizenship.

It says a lot about how useless the Tory Party is that none of its MPs seem alert to this ideological evil.

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Sam Duncan said...

David Dorn. Patrick Underwood. Italia Kelly. Never heard of them? Of course you haven't, because they're black people killed by the rioters. Evidently their lives don't Matter™.