Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quote Du Jour (Now With Extra Lunacy)

Old, but still true:
The auto-destruction of the Conservative Party began before Dave even won the leadership, when Theresa May announced the “modernising” agenda to the party conference. Addressing a hall full of people who had taken time off work or used up holiday entitlements, the kitten-heeled harridan strutted the stage as she told them that if they harboured all the instincts and principles traditionally regarded as Tory: “There is no room for you in our (sic) party.”
Her assumption that the Conservative Party belonged not to her audience and supporters in the wider community but to the platform party of ministers and their sycophants first exposed the fatal sense of entitlement that has brought the party to the verge of dissolution.
Yep, the Tory face cards all claim to abhor Big Government but they really do think the man in the street is a knuckle-dragging moron who needs to be watched like a hawk. Strangely however, it always turns out to be members of Cast Iron Dave's Nu Elite who get caught coming out with deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.