Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hey, Liberals, Who's In An Echo Chamber Now?

For those of you keeping score at home, crazy extremist Nigel Farage got through to the final of 'I'm A Celebrity' while the guy foisted on the Tory Party by the supposed wizards of electability is on course for a record defeat. 

The smart set claims Rishi Sunak isn't worried about the contrast between the two of them, but it's noticeable he himself made sure to have a photo-op carrying out his own version of a bushtucker trial, being pictured with a really huge snake. 

No, wait, my mistake that was actually Michael Gove. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Farage was already meant to be dead and buried thanks to voice of the people Nella Rose - or as the public generally refer to her 'who'? 
Not only does Nella, 26, who is of Congolese descent, tick diversity boxes, but crucially her social media content — her hair and make-up video blogs are particularly popular — meant she already has millions of fans who follow her every move.
She's the voice of a generation, you guys!

Well, OK, then. Let's assume this angry and divisive race-hustling bum's rise to Tik Tok fame is totally kosher, even though, well, you know, look what happened next:

It is no secret within ITV that Nella was viewed as a future face of the channel. She even signed up with agent Jonathan Shalit – known as a star-maker courtesy of managing Charlotte Church and Myleene Klass — in a bid to raise her profile.

Shalit also has strong relationships with ITV, having worked with Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway in the past.

One insider at the broadcaster revealed: 'Nella was on the list for a while....

The idea was that that show, with its millions of viewers, would make her a household name and she would be handed lots of work by ITV

Yep, she's not Rosa Parks, she's the Girls Aloud of politics, sticking it to The Man with the help of her handlers at Sticking It To The Man Ltd, a division of Smash The System PLC. 

Hey, we're all supposed to hate the 1970s comedians but at least those guys served a gruelling apprenticeship on the club circuit. Meanwhile, the MSM tries to push these grifting clowns down the public's throat, only for them to meltdown as soon as they have to deal with, actual, real people. 

There's a lesson in there for the Tories but I'm sure they'll pretend not to notice. 

They just need some targeted ads on Instagram, that'll change everything.