Thursday, February 25, 2021

Britain: Where The Scientific Theories Never Work Out, But The Conspiracy Theories Always Do

Good news everyone! Someone's finally been forced out at Imperial College.

No, not for anything to do with the rubbish forecasts, don't be ridiculous! Phony predictions of the Apocalypse are one thing, but being rude to the pampered princes? Wholly unacceptable!

Isn't that just the perfect microcosm of where public life in Britain has gone wrong? 

Hitting the iceberg is fine, but you get thrown overboard for hashing anyone's mellow in the Wardroom. 

Lest we forget, this was the week we found out that the predictions were true -  visitors to Bournemouth last year were just like the US troops at the start of Saving Private the sense that both sets of people ended up on beaches. As far as similar death tolls go? Not so much. 

This gets to the heart of it: The Science predicted a massacre, mass slaughter failed to arrive, hence scientists have had no alternative but to.... keep using the same models that failed utterly. 

Like I keep saying, if your theories don't change no matter what the results say, in what sense are you doing science?   

(A vote of thanks too for the Lockdown4Eva fanatics. These results prove - again - that good airflow can massively reduce the risk from Covid but the same people who wax lyrical about muh saving lives refuse point blank to support any proposal whatsoever that doesn't start with 'L' and rhyme with Clocktown).

Meanwhile, one more 'conspiracy theory' turns out to be bang on:

Sir Patrick said the Government will keep a set of Covid measures after the country comes out olockdown and these could include wearing masks in public.

Government scientists have also suggested people may have to follow the 'baseline' measures indefinitely, even after the vaccination roll-out is complete. In a document discussing life after Covid, SAGE said keeping some social distancing measures were 'almost certain to save many lives and minimise the threat to hospital capacity'.

Yep, The Beast has tasted human flesh and now it is insatiable. 

Who could have predicted that allowing the Government to use an emergency to take our rights away would result in a country with no end of emergencies and a shortage of rights? 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Oil/Water, Left/Right, Liberals/Self-Awareness

The left is super sulky about GB News, accusing it of stoking bigotry and prejudice. True, GB News hasn't actually made any programs yet, but leftists just know what those people are like. 

Nope, the left much prefers the BBC, which works hard to build social cohesion and racial unity... by covering racial atrocity stories from over a quarter of a century ago. 

As you do. 

(Say, does anyone know who was PM when this groundbreaking initiative to tackle racism happened anyway? The Guardian normally mentions this sort of thing). 

Still, you have to admire the flexibility of the Guardian: it recounts lurid stories of racial harassment from back in the day then seamlessly pivots to pointing out that the lack of this harassment now just means white people are still totes raciss but in a different way. 

Think of it as the Full Metal Jacket rule:
Anyone who runs is a VC. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined VC! 
And yet the Guardian claims to be shocked - shocked - that white police officers make sure to get all their ducks in a row before dealing with black subordinates. Really?

Why might that be Guardian?

More to the point though, what is the Guardian really complaining about? Black officers are bought up on disciplinary charges then cleared. And? Doesn't that mean 'the system works'? Isn't that what the left always tells us when people on the right are targeted by deranged PC witchhunts? They might have had their reputation ruined, have run up six figures legal bills and spent the better part of two years with their lives on hold but, hey - they were cleared in minutes just as soon as the jury got involved, so stop whining you wimps!

Make a note of the date the Guardian published this piece. It's the closest we'll ever get to them admitting that the right was right and yes, indeed, the process is the punishment....

Friday, February 12, 2021

Maybe The Problem Is We Just Haven't Thrown *Enough* Virgins Down The Well....

In today's' 'Not A Cult' news, it turns out the Church of Covid has a whole new tactic to appease Wu-tan:

Dr Fauci — the US Government's top infectious diseases expert — said that it was 'common sense' that double-masking would be more effective. 

He added it was 'likely' to offer better protection against the mutant strain, which studies show partially evades immunity from vaccines and past infections

Hey, I can see how a mutation might affect the ability to evade the immune system, but I'm not sure how it makes it more likely to slip through a face nappy. Does the mutation makes it smaller? More slippery? Lets it do yoga?  

More to the point though, until six seconds ago, anyone who suggested a Boris Burka may not be totally awesome at filtering out viruses was a crazed knuckle-dragger who hated The Science. 

Suddenly, all bets are off. It turns out that one face nappy won't do it, but two? That'll do just what they spent months saying one alone would do. 

They were lying before but now? Now their plan will totally work!

Hence this guy:

And Dr Benjamin Killingley, a scientist advising the UK Government in the pandemic, also said wearing two masks was 'common sense'.

But Dr Killingley, a member of the SAGE advisory group, also admitted the claim isn't 'grounded in lots of study'.

Actually, 'common sense' said wearing a face nappy wouldn't work, and it was right. Meanwhile, Dr Ben and his pals in the Certified Scientificator Community  who told us it would totally work now want to - literally - double down.

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be the knuckle-dragging bigots pulling stuff out of our backside! If one of our guys had started explaining that he didn't need to cite studies and stuff, 'cause it was just common sense, init, the MSM would cover it like the Martians landing. 

Where does this guy work anyway? The University of the Dog & Duck? 

This is not a small thing. A scientist who admits his theories aren't grounded in actual studies is like a judge claiming you don't need any of that 'trial' stuff just to say some guy is totes guilty. 

Then again, who needs to do actual research when everyone knows what the answer will be anyway?

The answer is moar masks. It was always going to be moar masks. 

To state the (should be) obvious: if there is no possible result that can persuade you to ditch your theories, you're not actually doing science, you're doing religion just without all that God stuff.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Party Like It's 1915!

Say, anyone remember how we were told masks totally worked?

It turns out it was all an Eurasian trick!

Those masks didn't, in fact, work but these new ones totally will!

Isn't that just special? 

Up until ten minutes ago if you questioned the efficacy of masks you, sir, were worse than Hitler! Now it turns out that us evil right wing loons were....right. 


Also correct: the theory that whatever happens, the answer is always moar masks!

That's how you know it's based on real science and totally not a cult: when the answer stays the same no matter what the results. 

Still, this does raise an interesting question. The last time there was large scale use of cloth masks was in April 1915 and that was only because our troops had nothing better to protect themselves with against German gas. As soon as possible the troops were issued with actual masks. But now the government is insisting that masks are vitally vital but still not important enough for the government to issue actual protective masks. 

Apparently, masks are super important right up until the government is required to do something, then all bets are off. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

They're Not Elite, They're Just Privileged

Good round up here of the left's track record on the vaccine program. Executive Summary: they weren't just wrong, they were the wrongest people ever. 

Personally, I'm as shocked as anyone to find that our liberal elite turn out to a bunch of bone headed drones endlessly parroting moronic talking points. 

Still, even that's giving liberals too much credit. Lest we forget, the left's brains trust wasn't just 100% wrong about the UK's vaccine program, they actively tried to sabotage it:
In a particularly unhinged moment, for example, the Runnymede Trust race relations lobby group went to the High Court seeking to have [program head Kate Bingham's] appointment declared unlawful on the grounds that giving 'jobs for their mates' breached the Equality Act.
But, of course! The Deadliest Virus Evah might require national house arrest and Boris Burkas all round but God forbid anyone suggest that the race hustlers might want to park up the clown car for the duration. 

Plus how come no one wants to call them conspiracy nuts? That's literally what they are! They spread a conspiracy theory that the Government was handing over control of a vital program to some random crony when in reality she was clearly qualified. That's more obviously deranged than 90% of what the MSM calls conspiracy theories. How come no one wants to deplatform this group of leftists snoots...

OK, I guess I answered my own question! 

Being able to share unhinged racist conspiracy theories without consequences is the real privilege!