Wednesday, May 31, 2006

School Report

Devil's Kitchen is covering the latest from Polly Pot. Surprisingly enough, he's not impressed. Me, I don't mind the deranged one that much. She seems to suffer a kind of Liberal Tourette's syndrome, whereby she says what Liberals actually believe, rather than what they think the public wants to hear, thereby inadvertently revealing the real reason why Britain is so screwed up. Just about any randomly-selected chunk of thirty words is usually enough to find something moronic, yet deeply revealing about the insanity of modern Liberalism. Check out this insight into British education:

Creative Partnerships was set up in just 36 deprived areas to bring artists of all kinds to work in 1,100 of the poorest schools. Perhaps a group of disruptive 16-year-old boys is preventing everyone studying for their GCSEs. They take them out and teach them to dance for a term, bringing them back in to make a transformation in the whole year group.

Yep, that's why there're so many stabbings in British schools: not enough dancing.

The Lawless Courts

More evidence of the Left’s ‘We had to destroy democracy to save it’ approach to dealing with the ‘extreme right’. The courts have upheld the sacking of a bus driver who was elected to his local council on a BNP ticket. Why ? Well, he might be the victim of violence from soi-dissant anti-fascists, which might place his passengers at risk. Huh ?

Recall that this is the Left that was just outraged at the thought that people might resort to violence to prevent known pedophiles taking up residence on estates full of children. This was the Left that was united in condemnation of that horrible vigilante Tony Martin, ambushing perfectly innocent passers-by in his living room at 4 AM. The Left that greets each and every attempt to deal with terrorism with a monotonous yapping about the senile old hippy witch Sybil Liberties. Now, they’ve extended an informal veto to every moonbat thug out there: just put the boot in – or threaten to – and we’ll fire anyone you object to.

Now, for the benefit of pedantic Lefties out there, I’ll add that yes, I’m in favour of employers being able to sack people for joining the BNP. I’m also in favour of people being able to sack people for not joining the BNP. In fact, I’m in favour of people being sacked for just about anything. But that’s not the system we have. Quite the opposite, in fact. But now the courts have decided to shred not only our Byzantine employment legislation but also the whole principle of ‘equal under law’. Now, it’s ‘equal under law’ unless you’re really, really bad. Well, OK, Libs. If we’re going to rip up the law when we’re dealing with really nasty people, I guess we can draw our own conclusions from the Left’s desire to check every dot and comma when it comes to dealing with child molesters or terrorists.

Oh, and a vote of thanks to the BBC as well – the organization that won’t use the word ‘terrorist’ as it’s too judgmental. Here’s the second paragraph from their report:

Arthur Redfearn was dismissed in 2004 after winning a seat on Bradford Council, when Serco said they feared the possibility of reprisal attacks.

Note the subtle implication that he's asking for it. If a gang of thugs beating up a guy for standing for election counts as a 'reprisal', just what doesn't count ? Just asking.

It's Schafenfreude Day

DSD points out a certain degree of humbuggery in US smugness about 'Eurabia'. How can they proudly proclaim that ‘it couldn’t happen here’ when faced with outrages like the amnesty train wreck ? Personally, I’d cite something like this, but still the basic point remains.

Liberalism is a cancer that affects every branch of Western Civilisation. To declare some countries hopeless and others invulnerable is to play into the Left's hands. The EU's obsession with clamping down on free speech hardly arises from fear that people will be too vocal in calling for more dhimmitude. Meanwhile, lest we forget, had Elian Gonzalez drowned the Democrat vote would not have collapsed from 39% of Florida’s Cubans down to 23%, and Al Goreon would have won in 2000.

If it’s insane for US bloggers to crow over the collapse of Europe, it’s positively suicidal for Eurobloggers to wish for the collapse of the US. We’re in this together, no matter what the animals in the comments section at lgf might think. To quote a famous Septic, if we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang separately.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Let's Compromise And Agree I'm Right

In a too perfect for satire example of the moronic convergence between Islam and Liberalism, moderate Islamopath Inayat Bunglawala moderately proposes a new model for relations between Christians and Islamopaths based on the teachings of the Da Vinci Code.

No, seriously.

The theory is this: the DVC claims Christ was just some Jewish chancer, and so does Islam, therefore Christians should just face the facts and accept the Islamic position. That’s an Islamopath’s idea of a compromise. I guess Inayat Bunglawala must be one of that tiny minority of extremists.


In the comments DSD points to a truly bizarre sequel to all this:

Yep, That Seems About Right

So, Appeasement Then - How's That Working Out For You ?

Ah yes, Burqua Burger King's surrender to the Jihadis. Hey, we criticised them at the time, but now now we can see how it demonstrates that addressing the legitimate grievances of the exploding community can lead to peace and mutual respect. Oops.

Gosh, it's almost like appeasing vicious savages doesn't work.

Isn't Killing People Kind Of Extreme ?

At the beginning of the month, Nick Robinson was preening himself over the BBC's brave attack on the BNP. As I said at the time, the BBC is impartial except when it isn't. Doubtless, Nick would explain that the BNP are beyond the pale of civilised society anyway, so normal rules don't apply. It'd be interesting to see what Nick thinks about Phil Rees. No need to use tortuous formulations like 'creating an atmosphere' here, this guy just comes out and says that the victims of terror had it coming. More to the point, not only does the BBC give him the'oxygen of publicity', they also give him a salary. Yep, a full-on supporter of terrorism is being paid from the licence fee. So, how about that Nick ?

"But They Said I Was Too Left-Wing"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Don’t be shocked, but the Home Office has just announced plans for greater representation of victim’s families in the judicial process. I’m as much in favour now as I was the first six hundred times it was announced.

Needless to say, the usual suspects are enraged. My favorite was the guy arguing against it on Tuesday’s edition of the Jeremy Whine show. And what was his day job ? Why, he was a barrister who represents criminals at their parole hearings. Huh ? So families having a right to speak at these hearings means the end of British justice, but high-priced barristers speaking for the criminals is no problem at all. Are we to believe that the taxpayers pays these guys £180 per hour for a cool, dispassionate litany of the facts of the case ?

There are plenty of reasons why an ideal court system should eschew the emotive and the subjective, but that’s not the system we have. Au contraire, Liberals firmly believe that the defense should be able to stage a whole circus parade of psychologists, sociologists, social workers and representatives of every other branch of the Heinz 57 varieties of junk science. Liberals don’t object to these plans because they believe in dispassionate logic. No, the real reason Liberals object was given away two decades ago.

PRISONER #1: [rather eloquently] Transported for life to the colonies, and for
what? Scum I was to that beak, nothing but scum. 'Tis for my accent and my
situation that I am condemned. 'Tis for the want of better graces and the
influence they bring that I am to board this prison hulk.

And all those murders you done

Faced with absolute evil, the standard reaction of the Liberal is to insist that actually the issue is terribly complex. We need to understand the root causes, to analyse the big picture, to swallow whole any absurdity, Twinkie defenses and all - anything except condemn. Yet here the victim’s families are, selfishly reminding us that what we’re talking about isn’t some abstract philosophical matter, or some eccentric quirk of nature. It really is about all those murders. Ordinary people going about their daily lives have been slaughtered by savages, and the Left’s instinctive reaction is to worry about the killers. But don't call them soft on crime.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exactly Right

Mark Steyn calls it exactly right:

The lesson of current dissatisfactions is that conservatives need to start
thinking as the left does. The left keeps losing elections; it has issues that
are electorally disastrous (gay marriage, abortion absolutism, racial quotas)
but are advanced through the broader culture, from Hollywood to the grade
schools. After 12 years, conservatives should understand that winning every
second November is insufficient. We have to take the battle to the other arenas,
too – to the point where narcissist satraps like Lott and Specter are

Obviously, he's talking about America, but the lesson holds even more true for Britain. How we laughed back in the mid-80s, when we heard of loony London boroughs bringing in anti-racist maths and the like. Who's laughing now ? The Conservatives might have been in government, but it's these loonies who won the culture war. All of which brings me onto, yep, the Class A list.

The excuse for the Class A list is that it's a reasonable compromise to make as the price of power. This only holds true if, like 1980s Conservatives, you have a monomaniac obsession with Westminister. Looked at in a broader context, the Class A list is nothing more than a squalid surrender to the insanity of identity politics.

How exactly can Conservatives oppose quotas for police recruitment when they themselves have brought in quotas for party candidates ? Well, logically, they can't. The Class A list means the de facto acceptance of not only quotas, but also equally unattractive corollaries, such as the idea of group rights, the balkanisation of British society into mutually-antagonistic groups and the elevation of grievance-hustlers into power-brokers, no matter how tenuous their claims to leadership. Recall that one of the excuses for the elevation of Margo James, who is a lesbian, was that not only did she have an uncanny ability to go to bed with women, but she was also a millionaire former PR agent in the City. Or to put it another way, the guiding philosophy behind the Class A list is that 'female game teachers' in Preston can only really be represented by moneybags metropolitan ex-flacks, who are lesbians. This used to be the sort of thing Conservatives mocked.

The bottom line is that there is not a single area of modern culture where Cameron would take on Liberalism. In so far as he swallows whole the Liberal agenda, a Cameron victory at Westminister would be a massive defeat for Conservatism in the wider culture war.

Not Enough Ribbons ?

Nottingham has been named as Britain's naughtiest city. Who'd have thunk it with a guy like this running law enforcement ?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Paging Big Gay Al

Say what you like about the Tories Class A list, but at least bringing in a proper process for selecting candidates means they’ll avoid getting caught up in any stupid scandals. Oops. Never mind that our Class A star was having an affair with a senior member of the Parliamentary Party, they say it didn't influence the decision, and if you can’t trust politicans, who can you trust ? Besides, Liz Truss is a former Lib Dem who used to embarrass the leadership by pushing conference motions too far out even for the Treason Party, and you can’t let talent like that go to waste.

Needless to say, Blue Labour will no doubt try and claim that anyone pointing out the ethical implications of this situation is merely a crazed moralist who wants to turn the clock back and herd women back into the closet and chain gays to the kitchen sink. Or something. And never you mind wondering about the likely reaction to an analogues situation at a bank or other serious business. They only want to run the country, not do anything important.

After all, Tory modernisers keep yammering on about their desire to free the Party of anyone who suggests there’s a moral dimension to politics. According to these people, there are millions of Britons out there who would otherwise vote Conservative, but they’re put off by the hostility of some in the Party to teaching five year olds about oral sex. Throw a bucket of water over a Blue Labourite at 3 AM and he’ll jerk awake denouncing the ‘Tory Taliban’. Hey, modernisers, here’s a free clue: if you’re criticising people for overly hostile rhetoric, it’s probably not a good idea to compare them to an insane dictatorship where women were shot for painting their nails.

Nope, it’s a while since the Tories-In-Name-Only have felt under any pressure to actually make any sense. All we’re left with is a bunch of folks who recoil like Dracula facing a crucifix whenever social issues are mentioned. Hence, the Class A list, a specially-selected group of people without any embarrassing political baggage, or indeed any baggage at all. Oops again.

A campaign leaflet issued last year when she stood for Dewsbury, and in which she is seen wearing a Western business suit, focused on mainstream Tory issues including Europe — “Sayeeda Warsi believes in putting Britain first”. In a second leaflet, in which she wears a shalwar kameez, her concerns are homosexuality, which Labour is accused of promoting, and the “illegal” war in Iraq, which she says “may lead to further military action in places such as Syria, Lebanon and Iran”.

Speaking personally, I’m shocked – shocked! – that a ‘moderate Muslim’ could turn out to be an full-on Islamopath once away from Infidel scrutiny. It’s like Christmas in December! It does raise an interesting question though. Here’s one case where the ‘Tory Taliban’ tag would seem to be justified, so where are Alan Duncan and the rest of the hip’n’happening Nu Tories ? Surely their opposition to social conservatism wasn’t just an excuse to purge the party of grass roots Conservatives in favour of Metropolitan elitists ? Perish the thought!


By popular request, well, one request anyway, here's a quick reminder of Lizzie's moment of glory:
The front-runner for Tory candidate in the safe seat of Broxbourne is Elizabeth
Truss, a director at Cable & Wireless. She is the same Elizabeth Truss who
as a Liberal Democrat activist in a debate in 1994 on holding a referendum on
the monarchy, uttered the words: “I agree with Paddy Ashdown when he said that
everyone should have a chance to be somebody, but only one family has the chance
to provide the head of state. I cannot agree with that. We don’t believe people
should be born to rule.”

Monday, May 22, 2006

This Is Al Zheimer, Reporting For MSM News

If only Isaiah Young-Sam had had the foresight to be murdered by skinheads, he'd at least have qualified for the full, five-star Liberal victimhood program. Unfortunatly, he was killed by Islamopaths, and so the MSM claims to be baffled by the whole thing. Even so, the BBC's headline is a minor classic: 'Three guilty of riot night murder'. Got to watch those 'riot nights'.

Needless to say, the Context Squad are still back at base. Don't go looking for any background here. In fact, the MSM are delibrately trying to obscure the issue by referring to the killers as 'Asian'. Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I think we can rule out any involvement by Bruce Lee or Ghandi.

This is par for the course with the MSM and controversial topics. Consider the violent death of another young black man. Even if you don't follow the news, you can't help but notice that casaulty figures in London schools seem to be somewhat higher that you'd expect, but no - again the MSM reports this as a bolt from the blue, with every wider issue deftly kicked to the curb.

All this would be bad enough, but contrast this reporting with the MSM's treatment of the un-PC. Non-Kool Aid drinkers are regularly accused of 'creating an atmosphere' and the like. The innuendo is that, say, Conservatives might not be actively out there murdering black passers-by, but they're practically accessories to those who are doing it. Drugs, gang culture and race hustling poverty pimps have nothing to do with the mayhem in our inner-cities, no, the real problem is people coming out in favour of school vouchers.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Does A Guy Have To Do To Be An Extremist Round Here ?

Apparently, the illness of Rotty Pup’s front man has inspired some people to try and fill the gap in VRWC blogging capabilities. Take it away, T-Dog.

Not bad for a first post, but I think T-Dog is going to have to deal with one big problem before he qualifies for the rock star lifestyle of a Right blogger. How can I put this ? A search on for ‘Cherie’ + ‘Witch’ returns 11 600 hits.

It’s nice that Princess Tony finally acknowledges that the courts are out of control, but he’s possibly the least qualified person in the world to shout ‘whodunit’ ? Back when the Human Rights Act was passed, folks in the VRWC were shouting to the rooftops that it would allow moonbat judges to legislate from the bench – and we were being called ‘Nazis’ for doing so. Blair not only passed this act, he packed the bench with off-the-scale moonbats like Brenda Hale. Let’s see: L3 judges plus Humpty Dumpty legislation allowing judges to claim the law is whatever they say it is, yet somehow it turned into a train wreck. Who’d have thunk it ?

Cameron’s eco-posturing is absurd, but at least he isn’t married to the Chairman of Ford. From the Leftists perspective, things are working as advertised. The L3 have managed to outsource legislation from publicly-accountable politicians, to a self-perpetuating freak show of unaccountable moonbats. They get all the benefits of letting Afghan terrorists stay, without the downside of bad publicity.

We don’t need new laws to deal with this insanity; we just need the old ones back again, with judges acting to interpret the law, resolve disputes and clear up ambiguities, not to carve law out of whole cloth. Ditto, we need to reaffirm that judicial independence means independence from the other branches of government, not from the wider society. Believeing that the law should be restored to the basic principles it operated under for 400 years is what Liberals call 'radical' and 'extreme'.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not Dead After All

Just in case you haven't heard the good news, Rotty Pup is on the mend.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If Only Harold Shipman Had Lived Long Enough To Come Out Against The Iraq War....

Don’t be shocked but the Bunny has found evidence that Liberals are a bunch of hypocritical, cowardly weasels. Oh alright, he doesn’t quite put it that way, but he does put his finger on something that’s annoyed me for years, namely the way the statute of limitations for national naughtiness varies according to how Liberal a nation is.

Apparently, we’re not supposed to mention Germany’s earlier attempts at forging a European union, I mean, hey it was, like, sixty years ago. But how about the conquest of the American West ? Why do Liberals talk about the ‘genocide of native Americans’ while insisting no one talk about the actual, real, no kidding genocide of 16 million Europeans ? Wasn’t Wounded Knee a few years before Auschwitz ?

This works on the personal level as well as the national one. For proof of that, look no further than Pope Benedict XVI. It appears that you can lose your Leftard licence if you’re caught writing an article about the Pope which doesn’t mention his brief, involuntary service in the Hitler Youth. Apparently, that never goes out of date.

It happens closer to home too. Look at alleged working class hero Ricky Tomlinson. I guess as long as he keeps in with the Left, no one will mention his history with the National Front. Ditto, moonbat face card Tam Dalyell will stay a loveable elder statesman, no matter how much anti-Semitic garbage he comes out with. But the best case of all has to be dear ol’ Garri Holness. Liberals loved him, first as an ethnic victim of the racist police, man, then later as the pin-up boy for attempts to turn the outrage of July 7 into some kind of touchy-feely, national learning experience. When it was revealed that cuddly Garri was the leader of a group of gang rapists, Liberals were outraged. Specifically, they were outraged at the people who revealed the truth. Sure, being the ringleader behind an almost-certainly racially motivated gang rape was, so to speak, a bad thing, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

The bottom line is that if you’re a pervert, thug or racist, then you’d better be Liberal, otherwise…well, actually our side doesn’t take these people, so I guess it’s no wonder they’re all Leftards. Besides, lookwhat happens when a Liberal steps off the reservation. Bob Geldof was a hero when he was carrying water for the Leftards’ Taxes For Tyrants aid policy, but he blew it when he started talking about fathers rights. It took a Live 8 act of contrition for him to be restored to his position as a moral guardian. Meanwhile, Michael Portillo went from daygo weirdo to respected political commentator, just as soon as he put in for a bulk order of Kool Aid.

The MSM’s Good Dog/Bad Dog rhetoric is so transparent that you’d wonder just how people can take it seriously. Or at least you would if the Conservative Party wasn’t busy turfing out actual Conservatives in favour of the media-friendly Class A list. Or to put it another way, the Conservative Party is busily gutting itself to try and appeal to people for whom the only moral judgement of any worth is whether or not a particular person or entity is useful to Liberalism. It’s for this sort of logic that Cameron is hailed as a genius.

Monday, May 15, 2006


The only bogus asylum seeker Liberals ever wanted to deport.

The Tories’ A-List: Because Politics Wasn’t Already Enough Like High School

So now we’re getting the first hints of an answer to the burning question: who’s going to be in the Big Brother house who’s on the Tories’ Class A list. Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make. After all, both Big Brother contestants and the Class A list are both supposedly cross-sections of the British public that on closer inspection turn out to be nothing of the sort.

As far as the Tories go, I can only conclude that Cameron decided to give up on the vision of A Party That Looks Like Britain, in favour of A Party That Looks Like North London. Don’t get me wrong – I still think identity politics are antithetical to the whole idea of Conservatism, but the Manchurian Candidate obviously doesn’t, so we’re entitled to draw conclusions when he draws up a supposedly representative sample of the public that includes not a single, unapologetic Northerner.

Actually, being left off this list doesn’t sound so bad, after all. Look who’s on it: a chick lit author, an actor who plays a moron in real-life, a wastrel legatee and House of Dumb heroine Margo, who is a lesbian. I understand Jade Goody was also briefly considered by the Tories, but was ditched because she had too much of a ideological paper trail.

It hardly argues for a deep respect for parliamentary democracy that Cameron can even think of parachuting this collection of muppets into the legislature. Then again, you can say the same about the people who elected him. Maybe that was the point of the exercise: to find the only people in Britain that could make Cameron look like a credible politician.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Drink 4 England

As if we needed encouragement on a Friday night, here's one more reason for hitting the bar like a battering ram: the EU has come out against drinking.

[The report] says 23 million Europeans are alcoholics and that alcohol
causes 16% of child abuse and 2,000 murders every year. The report says that
extending the opening hours of bars and pubs leads to an increase in violence
and suggests a 10% rise in alcohol taxes for the EU15 could save 9,000 lives
annually, lead to a cure for cancer and make cars run on water.

Actually, I added a bit to that paragraph, but it's not out of keeping with the tone of the report. After all, it has been written by a group of self-confessed neo-prohibitionists. Of course, the EU coming out against hooch isn't that surprising - one of its spiritual fathers was a notorious teetotaller.
(A wave of the glass to Tim Worstall)

Who Can Argue With A Track Record Like That ?

Liberal academics have decided that they can no longer waste their lives sitting in their ivory towers, it's time to make sacrifices for the common good. They've decided to get jobs in the private sector.

Just kidding.

Nope, they've decided to take a brave stand and boycott Israeli insitutions. They claim to be hacked off by events in the territories. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Britain occupies part of Iraq - can they boycott Britain as well ? Just how much land do we need to take till we get a break from these whiny tarts ?

Israeli academics will be able to avoid the boycott providing they publically disassociate themselves from their homeland. The exact procedure for this has not yet been decided on, but it'll definitely involve them burning their nation's flag while eating a hamburger and admitting that Tesco's quality has really gone downhill recently. Originally, it was also planned that they'd have to apologise for the crucifixtion but Liberals admitted that they never liked the guy either.

Some may say that it is needlessly cruel to expect people to denounce their own country, but British academics say it never did them any harm. Also, they deny any anti-Semitic intent, and in fact they'll soon be debating a motion requiring potential students from Muslim countries to disavow terrorism - that debates scheduled for the 31st of June. No, not only are Islamically-inclined students free of any requirement to renounce blowing up the No 32, but the unis themselves refuse to take any responsibility for who and what they're teaching. Why, if the Mad Mullah of Tehran's first born wants to learn all about genetic manipulation of anthrax, well, what could possibly go wrong ?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Despatch From The War On Fascism

Laban points out this interview with a BNP candidate in the council elections. It's all worth reading, but what caught my eye was this: 'She also has just been warned by a neighbour to expect some kind of assault, but she still thought it was worth it.'

And let me be the first to say: what the hell ? When exactly did threatening grandmothers get to be part of mainstream politics ? Here we have a situtaion where someone has stood for election and been threatened with violence as a result, but you have to read the blog of a right-wing think tank to find out about it.

Hey, there's not a lot you can say about the BNP, but they do a fine job of exposing the true nature of modern Liberals. Could there be a better metaphor for modern Liberalism than a howling mob of knuckle-dragging thugs stalking a grandmother because 'she's a fascist' ? And is there a truer measure of the state of British Conservatism than that they turn a blind eye to all this, hoping that Liberal thugs will refrain from using 'anti-racism' as an excuse for indiscriminate violence against Conservatives ? After all, that strategy worked so well with hate speech laws.

Liberals originally claimed that these laws were designed so that citizens could go about their business without being threatened by racist thugs screaming abuse at them. Now, we have golliwogs being arrested, police officers placing adverts in papers to trawl for people who might have been offended by a Conservative speaker and even ultra-bland media blonde Alison Pearson threatened with arrest for anti-Welsh comments made on Question Time, even though she wasn't, in the strictest sense of the word, on the show, and she's from Swansea anyway. Now, Conservatives are giving tacit approval to election fixing and mob violence ? Hey, maybe we need all those immigrants after all. It looks like standing up for freedom is one of those 'jobs the British just won't do'.

Quote Of The Day

I have decided to become a post-modernist vegetarian. Yes I will still eat meat, but I will only eat it ironically.

-Mr Free Market

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mixed Messages

Not to give aid and comfort for the enemy, but I can't take it anymore: Liberals, for the love of Gaia, don't try wheeling out the violins for the Dafydd D'Jour while at the same time sniggering over the fact one of your oppoents is a queer.

Snafu notes some more humbuggery here.

Are You Sure, Professor ?

More on yesterday’s theme of great moments in Liberal thought:
A sex attacker who killed a mother-of-one while on licence from a life sentence was "too dangerous" to be released, a watchdog has said.

Robert Mugabe Phoned And Said You Were Sleazy

In the days following July 7 whole rainforests worth of newsprint were taken up with Liberals pontificating that if we took any action at all to prevent a repeat showing then ‘the terrorists would have won’. Mass slaughter was a problem, to be sure, but our freedoms were too precious to risk in any but the most serious scenarios, y’know, like people voting the wrong way.

Obviously, this all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes, there is no independent evidence of malpractice, but equally where’s the rebuttal ? Serious charges have been made about the conduct of an election and there’s a news blackout. It’s not exactly reassuring.

Liberals adopting the ‘we had to destroy democracy to save it’ approach is all too predictable, as is the fact they’d no doubt justify themselves by claiming the BNP are ‘fascists’ – self-awareness has never been a big hit with Liberals. Still, it is depressing to see the entire MSM taking a vow of silence. Hell, this should be a great example of how the BNP lies to try and stir up trouble, right ?

For that matter, what about some of the folks in the blogosphere ? Plenty of bloggers like to bang on about civil liberties, well, here’s the State raising two fingers to democracy. Enough with the weeping and wailing for moonbats banned from rampaging outside Downing Street – banned in the sense that they have to move 500 yards up the road – what about government officials declaring that an election result is whatever they say it is ? Where’s the outrage ?

This is the flip side of multi-culturalism. On the one hand, we have the violence and the mayhem but there’s a corollary to that – as the chaos spreads, it becomes harder and harder for the Liberal establishment to deny that magnitude of the disaster, which in turn means they have to resort to more and more blatant forms of thuggery to keep the manure heap in orbit, all the while warning us of the dangers of ‘fascism’.

Who Said Liberals Were Fick ?

The BBC surprises with a pro-American article, highlighting just how generous were the terms of US support in WWII. But never underestimate the ability of a Liberal to find something stupid to say:
Anne Moffat, the MP for East Lothian, asked the parliamentary question that revealed the end of the WWII loan after being pressed by an interested constituent. She is a little surprised that we are still paying the Americans off all these years later.

"It is certainly bad that no-one seems to have known about it. It seems to be a dark, well-kept secret."
That’s the Liberal’s definition of a dark, well-kept secret: anything you’d have to crack open a book to know.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If Only He'd Told A Homophobic Joke...

OK, Nu Lab is 'Tough on crime' and their first priorities are 'Education, Education and Education', so at least this sort of thing can't happen:
An education authority says it is to take action after it emerged a teenage sex attacker is attending the same school as his 12-year-old victim.
Well, quite. And what is this action ?
A spokesman for Hampshire County Council, which runs the school, said a risk assessment was now being undertaken to ensure the girl was safe.
That 'll do it!

Let's move on, as Leftards would no doubt say, from the implication that, had the victim been at a different school, then it would have been just ducky to have a known sexual predator mixing freely with other pupils. Ditto, it is depressingly predictable that the State has maintained its usual omerta over the identity of this deviant. Apparently, parents have the right to be informed if a mobile phone mast is going up in their area, but not if their daughter is being forced to work with a known sex offender. The key point is that even with a case like this, Liberals can't get any further than the absurd rhetoric of bureaucracy. Is there no Liberal anywhere capable of taking an actual moral stand ? Can not one of them see that having a predator mixing with the general school population is just wrong ?

Let's just say the bar seems to be a little lower closer to home. At least there would be some logic if the L3 were just generally sloppy about health and safety, but it's quite the opposite. These people are obsessed with mythical threats like 'junk' food or institutional racism. Hey, the femiloons keep whining about super, extra-secret prejudical 'atmospheres' which somehow turn girls away from studying maths and physics. Does having a known predator sitting at the next desk produce an 'atmosphere' ? Yes, I believe it does, but the femiloons are too busy dealing with the shocking case of a City Witch whose boss called her fat to deal with actual, real violence.

So this is where we are today: the victim of a sexual assault is forced to spend every day seeing the scumbag who violated her living it large and all our 'caring services' can offer is vacuous bureauspeak about monitoring the situation. And these people claim to have moral authority ?

Our Smart Opponents

You could keep a blog going just keeping track of MSM stories which miss the point like Stevie Wonder at a clay pigeon shoot: "Prison Population Soars, Even As Crime Falls", "Revenue Up Despite Tax Cuts", and now this.

Yep, somehow, enrolment is up in private schools, even while numbers fall in state schools. What can it all mean ?

I Said Morrison's Vodka Was Bad

Looks like the Rotty Pup is still hungover as a, well, dog. Still, it reminds me of a link they sent me back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, as recently excavated from the triassic trainwreck of my inbox. Now, this is funny.

Dismissing The Electorate And Choosing Another, 2006 Version

Just don't accuse them of hating Britain.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Of Course, Suicide Would Be One Answer

Scott at the Daily Ablution is wondering about Liberal self-loathing, while the Devil's Kitchen wonders why they’re so miserable. Me, I think it’s quite simple: the problem in both cases is their elephantine sense of entitlement. They really do think it’s their right to rule the world.

Spending your life feeling that your destiny is being thwarted is a certain means to an unhappy life – or, as Liberals would no doubt call it, depression. Equally, it's a nice excuse. Liberals so commonly claim to be suffering from depression, addition, trauma, radiation sickness and the like because it’s another way of coping: I would rule the world, if only it wasn’t for this disease.

But there’s another way to deal with it. If you are destined for power, but you don’t achieve it then clearly that proves that there’s something deeply wrong with Britain as a whole. Clearly, our society is manifestly unjust. Hence, Liberals’ obsession with dear ol’ Big Business, conspiracies and miscarriages of justice. It’s all further proof that an honest guy has got no chance in our system. It’s not that they’re constitutionally unfit for command, ah no, it’s just that they won’t sell out.

The trouble is that Liberals seeking to prove the evils of the West keep running into a problem. No matter how much they hate us, everywhere else in the world is worse. More to the point, the places Liberals like best, are worst of all. Havana vs Newcastle. Pyongyang vs Miami, Zimbabwe vs just about anywhere. Liberals keep telling us how bad capitalism is, but everywhere their philosophy is tried turns, as night follows day, into a cess pit. No wonder they hate the Anglosphere – it’s a living rebuttal of everything they’ve ever believed.

Just as on the personal level, so nationally: Liberals try to explain away the success of the Anglosphere by trying to find a way, any way, to prove the West has somehow cheated. We might be more successful than the Fifth World thugocracies that make Liberals weak at the knees, but the only reason these places are hellholes is that they’re being exploited by the West. Yes, that’s it. Or there’s the environment. We might be better now, but there’ll be a huge price to pay in 2506. The funny thing is that we don’t need dodgy computer models run by card-carrying Conservatives to illustrate the negative effects of Leftism. But the search goes on for a way to prove that the West is Worst.

The thing is that the failure of these people to obtain all the power they want is a feature not a bug. Nixon supposedly said there were two types of people who went into politics, those who wanted to do big things, and those who wanted to be big people. Liberals are almost all of the second type. Consider, say, the public services. Liberals managers genuinely believe that they rule by divine right. Concepts such as loyalty to the troops or accountability to the public have no place in such a worldview.

Similarly, do we really need conspiracy theories to explain why Zimbabwean agriculture is such a train wreck ? Shoot the farmers, evict the workers and give the land to a party hack from Harare, yet somehow yields collapse. Who’d have thunk it ?. For fifty years Africans have suffered under various forms of insane collectivism, all cheered on by Liberals. No wonder they’re trying to deny responsibility.

Twenty years ago, Liberals at least had the USSR. Now it turns out that the Soviet Union was a hell hole just like that Nazi Reagan said. Meanwhile, China has become the very model of all pigs to the trough capitalism. No wonder Leftism has degenerated from an actual ideology into the whiny runt of modern Liberalism. Everything they ever believed has been proven wrong, so now all they’re left with is negative whining.

The Philosopher, The Model & The Auntie

There’s an old story about a philosopher and a model who meet at a party. The philosopher asks the model if she’ll sleep with him for £1 million. She agrees, then he says ‘How about £10 ?’. ‘What do you think I am ?’ says the model, ‘A prostitute ?’. The philosopher says ‘We’ve already determined that, now we’re talking about price’.

What set me to thinking about all this was the BBC’s pious sermons on the glories of its own impartiality. I leave it to the actual philosophers whether such a thing is really possible, but in the light of last week’s events, it turns out that the BBC’s impartiality is just a matter of price after all. Consider Nick Robinson here.

Yes, yes, yes: we’re all supposed to hate the BNP. Supporting the BNP is one of those things like child molestation. Oops. It’s not just pedophiles either. Well-known Saudi reformer Osama Bin Laden’s tapes get plenty of that sweet, sweet oxygen of publicity too.

For that matter, it’s worth remembering who coined that phrase in the first place: the then Mrs Thatcher talking about media coverage of the IRA. Back then, Liberals were enraged at the idea of restrictions on the media’s reporting, but now the BBC wants to impose its own blackout. I guess things would have been different if the IRA had had a record of violence like the BNP’s. Ahem. Come to think of it, in the very same set of elections, Respect had a lot of success too. What can you criticize the BNP for that doesn’t apply to Respect ? How come the BBC reports on them are anodyne to the point of torpor ?

Not to say that I’m opposed to confrontational reporting. Take the Dimbleby interview with Griffin. Here’s was an interviewer who was obviously well-briefed and prepared to go for the throat in pointing out some of the absurdities of the BNP’s position. How come that never happens with mainstream politicians ? Of course, some may say that the BBC has a responsibility not to give publicity to racist lunatics, but I see no need to drag the Treason Party into this.

We need some kind of scorecard, so we can tell when the BBC is reporting straight and when it’s on a crusade. After all, how else can we tell, when the BBC goes for the throat against the BNP, while reporting straight the latest rantings from Iran’s president, Al-Quiada or Gerry Adams ? For that matter, if the excuse for suspending normal journalistic standards is that the BNP is on the extreme Right, just how flexible is this ? How Right does a Rightist have to be to be an extreme Rightist ? We’re back to the model again – if the BBC isn’t biased, except when the price is right, we’re entitled to ask just what that price is. Still, for now, at least we know how much credibility to give all that talk of impartiality: absolutely none.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mysterious Sudden Dismemberment Syndrome Strikes Again!

In a similar vein to the last post but one, consider the contrasting ways the MSM reports certain stories of murder and mayhem. Look at the BBC's coverage of the slaying of Christopher Alaneme. The BBC have no problem stating authoritively that this was a racist murder. More to the point, there are 'background' pieces, seeking to put the murder in context.

Now consider the reporting on the Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha case. Of course, the mere fact it is being reported is progress of a sort, but there's a certain difference in tone there. Straight reporting only need apply. She was savagely murdered and dismembered. End of story. No speculation as to motive there, no H K phrase, far less any M word. No context either.

What it's all about, as ever, is that one murder serves the Liberal agenda, the other is like a dagger to the heart of it. Articles such as this on the Alaneme killing make all but explicit the Liberal's desire to leverage this incident into some kind of collective indictment of native Britons in general. Gosh darn it, we're just not PC enough, we haven't drunk enough of the PC kool aid and swallowed whole the idea that all cultures are equal, except for Western culture which is the worst ever.

A case like Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha reminds us what multiculturalism really means: diving headlong down the cesspit of moral and cultural relativism until we can't even call a depraved Fifth World abomination what it is. What chance any BBC reporters interviewing members of the - ahem! - 'Kurdish' community about their attitudes to honour killing ?

Every time the MSM find a 'racist murder' that goes in the ledger as further proof that the native British are evil scum, but when the killers are Islamically-inclined, the MSM's reporting is an alzheimer's joke given unnnatural life. Every incident involving the RoP is a bolt from the blue. Liberals are the only people in the world who claim it's a coincidence that the ringleaders of Sep 11 and July 7 both had the same first name.

D-Day, June 6

All new material as well.

Sauce For The Goose

Picking out Liberalism's sleaziest tactic takes some doing, but one of the contenders must be the way anyone who questions their witch hunting is themselves accused of owning a pointy hat, so that - to take a completely hypothetical example - a judge who criticises the prosecution of a 10 year old for hate crimes is himself accused of sympathising with the BNP.

It's a despicable and nasty tactic, even by their standards, but since they mention it, it looks like I'm not the only one to have noticed a certain coincidence of worldview between Liberals and a well-known third world activist:

During this period he has sounded almost indistinguishable from various left-wing blogs. In April 2004 he ranted about “big media,” describing them as “agents of deception and exploitation.” He said the war in Iraq “is making billions of dollars for the big corporations, whether it be those who manufacture weapons or reconstruction firms like Halliburton and its offshoot sister companies.” (Halliburton is, of course, the bête noir of anti-war bloggers.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey, Lucky I've Just Bought A New Nano-Violin

Just in time for the Liberal pity party:
Critical school inspections represent a "public humiliation", the annual conference of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has heard.
See, that’s that whole ‘taking skip loads of public money’ thing. Yes, indeed – the insensitive swine do like to see a little evidence that you’re not just throwing it all in the sea.
The practice of sending letters to pupils describing the findings of the education watchdog Ofsted also came in for condemnation.
Yes, it does seem rather silly to send letters to kids who’ve never been taught to read.
These were "patronising, condescending and supercilious", the NAHT said.
Mr Kettle was not available for comment.
The letters gave children a "licence for bad behaviour", the conference in Harrogate heard.
As opposed to the splendid example set by a bunch of people who unleash their inner chimpanzee whenever it's suggested that they might actually do the job for which they're paid.
Delegates voted to oppose the "current punitive inspection regime that at its worst can be inspection by public humiliation".
Or you could, y’know, stop constantly screwing up.
There was "a need to create an inspection system that truly recognises and values the work of schools", it was argued.
We did, that’s why they’re whining like a singed cat.
Ofsted has changed the system to one of shorter-notice, quicker inspections, no more than three years apart.
Hey, quicker inspections. That’s got to go down well with the hippies, right ?
Delegates heard that heads nearing three years since their last visit were in a "state of persistent paranoia".
I believe this is one time when we are truly justified in using that phrase ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear’. Meanwhile, in the real world, we don’t get to screw around for three years at a time without consequences. How do we manage ?
David Kitching, from the Isle of Wight, said the new system created "instant judgements".
Hey, I thought they welcomed shorter inspections. Oops no, guess it’s better to radical than rational.
He added that Ofsted was a "bully" which was "there to promote short-term government objectives".
Later, he added that Ofsted were, like, total bad vibe merchants, maaan. It says a lot about where these people are that the thought of a government body that serves the elected government strikes them as somehow underhand. But isn’t it funny that Liberals are always proposing long-term plans that involve doing the exact opposite of what any rational person would do in the short-term ?
David Pannett, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said he was quitting the profession in protest at the new regime.
Oh no! How will the country survive if dirty Liberal hippies keep jacking in their jobs-for-life ?
It was possible to "ruin" schools in a couple of days, he added.
Hey, those guys should know.
Delegates were also urged to "deplore" the sending of letters detailing inspection findings to pupils.
Yep, when the kids have to ask their parents to read the letters to them, that gives the game away.
A motion said: "At best, these letters are patronising, condescending and supercilious.
And that’s their job.
"At worst, the letters may expose and humiliate some teachers, while misrepresenting good individual teaching with blanket criticisms of the school."
So the letters are bad because they single out individual teachers, but also because they don’t single out individual teachers. Uh OK.
It added that inspections were "undermining the human rights of all teachers in a school", which "flies in the face" of the government's respect agenda, aimed at improving young people's behaviour. Liz Paver, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said she was "horrified" at the letters and prepared to strike in protest against them.
It’s the fundamental human right to a job for life, irrespective of how badly you do it. Call it a hunch, but I’m thinking what really undermines young people’s behavior is seeing their teachers showing utter contempt for the public while still claiming they’re entitled to huge wodges of their cash.
An Ofsted spokeswoman said the letters allowed better "feedback".
She added: "The letter to pupils is a new service offered by Ofsted under the new inspection system which, for the first time, lets them directly know about the outcome of the inspection of their school.
Which is probably what hacks off the zombies. They’d much rather we went back to the Seventies, when insiders knew which schools were good and bad, while the folks actually paying for it all had to take pot luck.
"About three-quarters of head teachers agree that the post-inspection letter to pupils is helpful."
See, that’s the problem right there. We don’t care. We have a bunch of burnt-out New Age trash with their fangs firmly locked on the public teat, and we’re supposed to worry what they think of us ? Hello ?

With approximately 750 000 riders on this particular gravy train it’ll never happen, but I’d love it if some politician would just stand up and say 'up yours!'. After all, it's not as if they're even hiding it anymore. Back in the day, there used to be at least a millimetric layer of bogus educational justification for the shakedown d'jour, but now ? Nope, accountability is bad because... they say it is, so there!

It's not only that folks with real jobs are being soaked to provide a bunch of drug-sodden, going nowhere losers, idiots and deadbeats with jobs for life (plus a gold plated pension). No, it's the fact that they take all this then they sneer at us. In the moral cesspit of British education, people with actual jobs are either dupes of 'the system' or fascists, depending on just how much more successful they've been than the average teacher. Hell, look at them at the average parent's evening, a bunch of disheveled, dirty losers dressed like circus clowns. Could they make their contempt more obvious ?

This vile collection of worthless idiots spend their lives snarling hatred of everyone who hasn't thrown their life away smoking pot and waiting for the revolution, man. Yet, staggeringly, British educational standards have somehow collapsed. Not only have billions of pounds have been wasted, but so has the potential of millions of children, all because no politician has the courage to call these poisonous vermin what they are. 'Public humiliation' ? Right now, public execution wouldn't be over the top.

Talking Of Racially Motivated Violence....

The race hustelers are in the middle of another highly lucrative performance of the victimhood symphony. Yep, another supposedly racist murder, this time down in Kent. Trouble is, the evidence seems kind of weak:
Police say Mr Alaneme, who was black, was racially abused before the attack.

"After speaking to witnesses, we believe there were words said prior to the incident that suggest racial motivation was a factor," said Supt Steve Corbishley.
Isn't that just super ? Liberals wax lyrical about judical independence, but when an agent of the state decides we don't need an actual trial after all to determine the matter of motivation, Liberals are cool with it. Maybe Supt Corbishley could just pronounce the suspects guilty and we could avoid the whole drawn out process. It's not as if it's an open and shut case. When it comes to the question of racial animus, there turns out to be a honkey in the woodpile:
A 29-year-old white man, who was also stabbed, is stable in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
See, they were just about to sell us on the idea of a gang of Nazi trash roaming round looking to kill anyone with dark skin when suddenly it turns out these guys are quite happy to kill white men as well. That's not a problem if, like me, you're a real Conservative and you think a killer's a killer, but since our Liberal friends apparently think there's a huge distinction between the social faux pas of mere murder and the evil of RACIST MURDER, I think we're justified in demanding they actually prove racial motivation.

The funny thing is that six months ago attacking people from more than one race was proof positive that you were not a racist. What can possibly be different in this case ?

(More on this from Tottenham Lad)

The Ladder Of Victimhood Lives!

Zut Alors! Police have admitted they're seeking a black guy in connection with a series of racial attacks. It's the end of days! Oooh no - looks like the vics are members of a certain peace-loving religion, and as we all know Islamopath trumps Homeboy every time.