Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Lawless Courts

More evidence of the Left’s ‘We had to destroy democracy to save it’ approach to dealing with the ‘extreme right’. The courts have upheld the sacking of a bus driver who was elected to his local council on a BNP ticket. Why ? Well, he might be the victim of violence from soi-dissant anti-fascists, which might place his passengers at risk. Huh ?

Recall that this is the Left that was just outraged at the thought that people might resort to violence to prevent known pedophiles taking up residence on estates full of children. This was the Left that was united in condemnation of that horrible vigilante Tony Martin, ambushing perfectly innocent passers-by in his living room at 4 AM. The Left that greets each and every attempt to deal with terrorism with a monotonous yapping about the senile old hippy witch Sybil Liberties. Now, they’ve extended an informal veto to every moonbat thug out there: just put the boot in – or threaten to – and we’ll fire anyone you object to.

Now, for the benefit of pedantic Lefties out there, I’ll add that yes, I’m in favour of employers being able to sack people for joining the BNP. I’m also in favour of people being able to sack people for not joining the BNP. In fact, I’m in favour of people being sacked for just about anything. But that’s not the system we have. Quite the opposite, in fact. But now the courts have decided to shred not only our Byzantine employment legislation but also the whole principle of ‘equal under law’. Now, it’s ‘equal under law’ unless you’re really, really bad. Well, OK, Libs. If we’re going to rip up the law when we’re dealing with really nasty people, I guess we can draw our own conclusions from the Left’s desire to check every dot and comma when it comes to dealing with child molesters or terrorists.

Oh, and a vote of thanks to the BBC as well – the organization that won’t use the word ‘terrorist’ as it’s too judgmental. Here’s the second paragraph from their report:

Arthur Redfearn was dismissed in 2004 after winning a seat on Bradford Council, when Serco said they feared the possibility of reprisal attacks.

Note the subtle implication that he's asking for it. If a gang of thugs beating up a guy for standing for election counts as a 'reprisal', just what doesn't count ? Just asking.

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