Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Robert Mugabe Phoned And Said You Were Sleazy

In the days following July 7 whole rainforests worth of newsprint were taken up with Liberals pontificating that if we took any action at all to prevent a repeat showing then ‘the terrorists would have won’. Mass slaughter was a problem, to be sure, but our freedoms were too precious to risk in any but the most serious scenarios, y’know, like people voting the wrong way.

Obviously, this all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes, there is no independent evidence of malpractice, but equally where’s the rebuttal ? Serious charges have been made about the conduct of an election and there’s a news blackout. It’s not exactly reassuring.

Liberals adopting the ‘we had to destroy democracy to save it’ approach is all too predictable, as is the fact they’d no doubt justify themselves by claiming the BNP are ‘fascists’ – self-awareness has never been a big hit with Liberals. Still, it is depressing to see the entire MSM taking a vow of silence. Hell, this should be a great example of how the BNP lies to try and stir up trouble, right ?

For that matter, what about some of the folks in the blogosphere ? Plenty of bloggers like to bang on about civil liberties, well, here’s the State raising two fingers to democracy. Enough with the weeping and wailing for moonbats banned from rampaging outside Downing Street – banned in the sense that they have to move 500 yards up the road – what about government officials declaring that an election result is whatever they say it is ? Where’s the outrage ?

This is the flip side of multi-culturalism. On the one hand, we have the violence and the mayhem but there’s a corollary to that – as the chaos spreads, it becomes harder and harder for the Liberal establishment to deny that magnitude of the disaster, which in turn means they have to resort to more and more blatant forms of thuggery to keep the manure heap in orbit, all the while warning us of the dangers of ‘fascism’.

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