Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Despatch From The War On Fascism

Laban points out this interview with a BNP candidate in the council elections. It's all worth reading, but what caught my eye was this: 'She also has just been warned by a neighbour to expect some kind of assault, but she still thought it was worth it.'

And let me be the first to say: what the hell ? When exactly did threatening grandmothers get to be part of mainstream politics ? Here we have a situtaion where someone has stood for election and been threatened with violence as a result, but you have to read the blog of a right-wing think tank to find out about it.

Hey, there's not a lot you can say about the BNP, but they do a fine job of exposing the true nature of modern Liberals. Could there be a better metaphor for modern Liberalism than a howling mob of knuckle-dragging thugs stalking a grandmother because 'she's a fascist' ? And is there a truer measure of the state of British Conservatism than that they turn a blind eye to all this, hoping that Liberal thugs will refrain from using 'anti-racism' as an excuse for indiscriminate violence against Conservatives ? After all, that strategy worked so well with hate speech laws.

Liberals originally claimed that these laws were designed so that citizens could go about their business without being threatened by racist thugs screaming abuse at them. Now, we have golliwogs being arrested, police officers placing adverts in papers to trawl for people who might have been offended by a Conservative speaker and even ultra-bland media blonde Alison Pearson threatened with arrest for anti-Welsh comments made on Question Time, even though she wasn't, in the strictest sense of the word, on the show, and she's from Swansea anyway. Now, Conservatives are giving tacit approval to election fixing and mob violence ? Hey, maybe we need all those immigrants after all. It looks like standing up for freedom is one of those 'jobs the British just won't do'.

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