Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If Only He'd Told A Homophobic Joke...

OK, Nu Lab is 'Tough on crime' and their first priorities are 'Education, Education and Education', so at least this sort of thing can't happen:
An education authority says it is to take action after it emerged a teenage sex attacker is attending the same school as his 12-year-old victim.
Well, quite. And what is this action ?
A spokesman for Hampshire County Council, which runs the school, said a risk assessment was now being undertaken to ensure the girl was safe.
That 'll do it!

Let's move on, as Leftards would no doubt say, from the implication that, had the victim been at a different school, then it would have been just ducky to have a known sexual predator mixing freely with other pupils. Ditto, it is depressingly predictable that the State has maintained its usual omerta over the identity of this deviant. Apparently, parents have the right to be informed if a mobile phone mast is going up in their area, but not if their daughter is being forced to work with a known sex offender. The key point is that even with a case like this, Liberals can't get any further than the absurd rhetoric of bureaucracy. Is there no Liberal anywhere capable of taking an actual moral stand ? Can not one of them see that having a predator mixing with the general school population is just wrong ?

Let's just say the bar seems to be a little lower closer to home. At least there would be some logic if the L3 were just generally sloppy about health and safety, but it's quite the opposite. These people are obsessed with mythical threats like 'junk' food or institutional racism. Hey, the femiloons keep whining about super, extra-secret prejudical 'atmospheres' which somehow turn girls away from studying maths and physics. Does having a known predator sitting at the next desk produce an 'atmosphere' ? Yes, I believe it does, but the femiloons are too busy dealing with the shocking case of a City Witch whose boss called her fat to deal with actual, real violence.

So this is where we are today: the victim of a sexual assault is forced to spend every day seeing the scumbag who violated her living it large and all our 'caring services' can offer is vacuous bureauspeak about monitoring the situation. And these people claim to have moral authority ?

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