Monday, May 01, 2006

Talking Of Racially Motivated Violence....

The race hustelers are in the middle of another highly lucrative performance of the victimhood symphony. Yep, another supposedly racist murder, this time down in Kent. Trouble is, the evidence seems kind of weak:
Police say Mr Alaneme, who was black, was racially abused before the attack.

"After speaking to witnesses, we believe there were words said prior to the incident that suggest racial motivation was a factor," said Supt Steve Corbishley.
Isn't that just super ? Liberals wax lyrical about judical independence, but when an agent of the state decides we don't need an actual trial after all to determine the matter of motivation, Liberals are cool with it. Maybe Supt Corbishley could just pronounce the suspects guilty and we could avoid the whole drawn out process. It's not as if it's an open and shut case. When it comes to the question of racial animus, there turns out to be a honkey in the woodpile:
A 29-year-old white man, who was also stabbed, is stable in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
See, they were just about to sell us on the idea of a gang of Nazi trash roaming round looking to kill anyone with dark skin when suddenly it turns out these guys are quite happy to kill white men as well. That's not a problem if, like me, you're a real Conservative and you think a killer's a killer, but since our Liberal friends apparently think there's a huge distinction between the social faux pas of mere murder and the evil of RACIST MURDER, I think we're justified in demanding they actually prove racial motivation.

The funny thing is that six months ago attacking people from more than one race was proof positive that you were not a racist. What can possibly be different in this case ?

(More on this from Tottenham Lad)

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