Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Does A Guy Have To Do To Be An Extremist Round Here ?

Apparently, the illness of Rotty Pup’s front man has inspired some people to try and fill the gap in VRWC blogging capabilities. Take it away, T-Dog.

Not bad for a first post, but I think T-Dog is going to have to deal with one big problem before he qualifies for the rock star lifestyle of a Right blogger. How can I put this ? A search on for ‘Cherie’ + ‘Witch’ returns 11 600 hits.

It’s nice that Princess Tony finally acknowledges that the courts are out of control, but he’s possibly the least qualified person in the world to shout ‘whodunit’ ? Back when the Human Rights Act was passed, folks in the VRWC were shouting to the rooftops that it would allow moonbat judges to legislate from the bench – and we were being called ‘Nazis’ for doing so. Blair not only passed this act, he packed the bench with off-the-scale moonbats like Brenda Hale. Let’s see: L3 judges plus Humpty Dumpty legislation allowing judges to claim the law is whatever they say it is, yet somehow it turned into a train wreck. Who’d have thunk it ?

Cameron’s eco-posturing is absurd, but at least he isn’t married to the Chairman of Ford. From the Leftists perspective, things are working as advertised. The L3 have managed to outsource legislation from publicly-accountable politicians, to a self-perpetuating freak show of unaccountable moonbats. They get all the benefits of letting Afghan terrorists stay, without the downside of bad publicity.

We don’t need new laws to deal with this insanity; we just need the old ones back again, with judges acting to interpret the law, resolve disputes and clear up ambiguities, not to carve law out of whole cloth. Ditto, we need to reaffirm that judicial independence means independence from the other branches of government, not from the wider society. Believeing that the law should be restored to the basic principles it operated under for 400 years is what Liberals call 'radical' and 'extreme'.

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