Sunday, May 07, 2006

Of Course, Suicide Would Be One Answer

Scott at the Daily Ablution is wondering about Liberal self-loathing, while the Devil's Kitchen wonders why they’re so miserable. Me, I think it’s quite simple: the problem in both cases is their elephantine sense of entitlement. They really do think it’s their right to rule the world.

Spending your life feeling that your destiny is being thwarted is a certain means to an unhappy life – or, as Liberals would no doubt call it, depression. Equally, it's a nice excuse. Liberals so commonly claim to be suffering from depression, addition, trauma, radiation sickness and the like because it’s another way of coping: I would rule the world, if only it wasn’t for this disease.

But there’s another way to deal with it. If you are destined for power, but you don’t achieve it then clearly that proves that there’s something deeply wrong with Britain as a whole. Clearly, our society is manifestly unjust. Hence, Liberals’ obsession with dear ol’ Big Business, conspiracies and miscarriages of justice. It’s all further proof that an honest guy has got no chance in our system. It’s not that they’re constitutionally unfit for command, ah no, it’s just that they won’t sell out.

The trouble is that Liberals seeking to prove the evils of the West keep running into a problem. No matter how much they hate us, everywhere else in the world is worse. More to the point, the places Liberals like best, are worst of all. Havana vs Newcastle. Pyongyang vs Miami, Zimbabwe vs just about anywhere. Liberals keep telling us how bad capitalism is, but everywhere their philosophy is tried turns, as night follows day, into a cess pit. No wonder they hate the Anglosphere – it’s a living rebuttal of everything they’ve ever believed.

Just as on the personal level, so nationally: Liberals try to explain away the success of the Anglosphere by trying to find a way, any way, to prove the West has somehow cheated. We might be more successful than the Fifth World thugocracies that make Liberals weak at the knees, but the only reason these places are hellholes is that they’re being exploited by the West. Yes, that’s it. Or there’s the environment. We might be better now, but there’ll be a huge price to pay in 2506. The funny thing is that we don’t need dodgy computer models run by card-carrying Conservatives to illustrate the negative effects of Leftism. But the search goes on for a way to prove that the West is Worst.

The thing is that the failure of these people to obtain all the power they want is a feature not a bug. Nixon supposedly said there were two types of people who went into politics, those who wanted to do big things, and those who wanted to be big people. Liberals are almost all of the second type. Consider, say, the public services. Liberals managers genuinely believe that they rule by divine right. Concepts such as loyalty to the troops or accountability to the public have no place in such a worldview.

Similarly, do we really need conspiracy theories to explain why Zimbabwean agriculture is such a train wreck ? Shoot the farmers, evict the workers and give the land to a party hack from Harare, yet somehow yields collapse. Who’d have thunk it ?. For fifty years Africans have suffered under various forms of insane collectivism, all cheered on by Liberals. No wonder they’re trying to deny responsibility.

Twenty years ago, Liberals at least had the USSR. Now it turns out that the Soviet Union was a hell hole just like that Nazi Reagan said. Meanwhile, China has become the very model of all pigs to the trough capitalism. No wonder Leftism has degenerated from an actual ideology into the whiny runt of modern Liberalism. Everything they ever believed has been proven wrong, so now all they’re left with is negative whining.

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