Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If Only Harold Shipman Had Lived Long Enough To Come Out Against The Iraq War....

Don’t be shocked but the Bunny has found evidence that Liberals are a bunch of hypocritical, cowardly weasels. Oh alright, he doesn’t quite put it that way, but he does put his finger on something that’s annoyed me for years, namely the way the statute of limitations for national naughtiness varies according to how Liberal a nation is.

Apparently, we’re not supposed to mention Germany’s earlier attempts at forging a European union, I mean, hey it was, like, sixty years ago. But how about the conquest of the American West ? Why do Liberals talk about the ‘genocide of native Americans’ while insisting no one talk about the actual, real, no kidding genocide of 16 million Europeans ? Wasn’t Wounded Knee a few years before Auschwitz ?

This works on the personal level as well as the national one. For proof of that, look no further than Pope Benedict XVI. It appears that you can lose your Leftard licence if you’re caught writing an article about the Pope which doesn’t mention his brief, involuntary service in the Hitler Youth. Apparently, that never goes out of date.

It happens closer to home too. Look at alleged working class hero Ricky Tomlinson. I guess as long as he keeps in with the Left, no one will mention his history with the National Front. Ditto, moonbat face card Tam Dalyell will stay a loveable elder statesman, no matter how much anti-Semitic garbage he comes out with. But the best case of all has to be dear ol’ Garri Holness. Liberals loved him, first as an ethnic victim of the racist police, man, then later as the pin-up boy for attempts to turn the outrage of July 7 into some kind of touchy-feely, national learning experience. When it was revealed that cuddly Garri was the leader of a group of gang rapists, Liberals were outraged. Specifically, they were outraged at the people who revealed the truth. Sure, being the ringleader behind an almost-certainly racially motivated gang rape was, so to speak, a bad thing, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

The bottom line is that if you’re a pervert, thug or racist, then you’d better be Liberal, otherwise…well, actually our side doesn’t take these people, so I guess it’s no wonder they’re all Leftards. Besides, lookwhat happens when a Liberal steps off the reservation. Bob Geldof was a hero when he was carrying water for the Leftards’ Taxes For Tyrants aid policy, but he blew it when he started talking about fathers rights. It took a Live 8 act of contrition for him to be restored to his position as a moral guardian. Meanwhile, Michael Portillo went from daygo weirdo to respected political commentator, just as soon as he put in for a bulk order of Kool Aid.

The MSM’s Good Dog/Bad Dog rhetoric is so transparent that you’d wonder just how people can take it seriously. Or at least you would if the Conservative Party wasn’t busy turfing out actual Conservatives in favour of the media-friendly Class A list. Or to put it another way, the Conservative Party is busily gutting itself to try and appeal to people for whom the only moral judgement of any worth is whether or not a particular person or entity is useful to Liberalism. It’s for this sort of logic that Cameron is hailed as a genius.

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