Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Respectable Conservatives': Still Wrong

Direct Hit.

But there's more to it than that. Who ever trusted the left's good faith anyway?

Well, most of the conservative face cards actually. The conservative base were always sceptical that importing Somali milita men and giving them free houses was the road to prosperity. It was the supposedly brilliant Nu Tory elite that got sold a dummy.

Not only that, but the allegedly unenlightened attitudes of the base were cited as proof positive that they were a bunch of Neanderthals who should sit down, shut up and accept the leadership of the Smartest People In The Room.

In so far as the Call Me Dave and pals whole claim to genius is based on their ability to get played for fools by the left, just what definition of 'smart' are we using here?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Libs: We Do Support The Troops, Too!

I guess BNP week really is over. Back then, libs were claiming to be enraged - enraged! - at the BNP hijacking the good name of our troops. But now...

Like I keep saying, the left will get into bed with anyone but they won't respect you in the morning.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reminder: Sayeeda Warsi Is No Kind Of Moderate

In so far as the key clash in tonight's Question Time is supposedly between nasty Nick Griffin and loveable moderate Sayeeds Warsi, it;s worth revisiting just how moderatly moderate Warsi really is:

Answer: not very.

Actually, NRO let's Warsi off the hook here, swallowing the line that India's Jihadist loons are just 'Kashmiri Rebels'. Really?

Hey, you could almost cobble together some kind of wacadodle economic justification for 'Khasmiri rebels' attacking hotels in Bombay, except that wouldn't explain why the terrorists concentrated on British and American tourists. And then there's this.

Say, I'm not seeing a lot of Jewish influence in Khasmir. Maybe it was something else that motivated these guys?

Hey, who'd have thunk it? It turns out that the 'moderate' is the only person on the BBC's panel tonight who supports the murder of both her fellow citizens and any random Jew that's passing, ethnic cleansing of Indians from Khasmir, and Islamic mayhem in general. What's Nick Griffin is only supposed to secretly believe, Warsi comes out and says openly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yep, it's those wacky 'Asians' again!

Radicalised to what, Mr MSM? Clearly, hard-line Buddhists, hey?

Also exposed: yes, the education system does victimise white youths while turning a blind eye to ethnic violence, just like those right-wing loons always said it did.

Feminist Threat Assesment Good As Ever

Well, no wonder PC Plod can't afford to deal with trivia like this - not when
they need the money to slime a guy on the off chance.

No Bias Here!

Is the BBC biased? Consider tonight's edition of 'The One Show'. The running order was as follows: first up, the evilest Daily Mail article evah!, with commentary from guest Holly Johnson.

Yep, that Holly Johnson, the screamingly camp washed-up 80s popster. Hey, you know you've drank too much kool aid when the guy you've got on to rebut charges that the gay lifestyle is unhealthy is HIV+.

Then we had banker's bonuses, and a sub-Michael Moore interlude of Adam Shaw hassling people with actual jobs to try and indict them on camera, but no one to point out that only the best, and most-profit generating bankers will ever earn anything like what Jonathan Ross gets for telling nob gags.

The next item was one of those that makes you think 'are they just really patronising, or are they really this thick'? It was an item on archaeological evidence showing that Roman Britain had some people from Africa in it. Who ever doubted it? Nevertheless, this was used as a hook to ram home the important learning point that, gosh darn it, multiculturalism is the normal state of nature - which only works if you can't tell the difference between multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. The Romans don't strike me as the kind of people who spent a lot of time worrying that they were too ethnocentric. Then there's that whole 'thrown to the lions' thing...

Next up: evil insurers refusing to pay the claims of people just because they didn't lock their front doors properly. As opposed to a health service that refuses to treat people because they're too old/fat/smokers/drinkers...... Which is just common sense, obviously.

Finally, we had a report about a canine rehab facility - see, that's the kind of hard-hitting reporting you need the licence fee for. Possibly sensing a certain difficulty in shoe-horning in a left-wing message, the news bimbo presenter spent the whole report with a CND T-shirt on. Huh?

So that was that: five reports of which four were outright leftist in approach, and with nary a dissenting voice allowed. What a national treasure that organisation is!

I'm Just Glad Sir Freddie Isn't Here To See This...

Time for the band to start up on the gay pride anthem, and its stirring opening lines:
I gotta be me
I gotta be free
You'll get busted
If you disagree
Yes, indeed. The usual suspects are shocked - shocked! - that anyone could exploit someone's death to make a wider point. Well, you know, except for....

As befits cutting edge rebels sticking it to The Man, they've decided to whine like singed cats and set the PCC on the author concerned.

It's enough to make you nostalgic for the stoic machismo of Freddy Mercury.

Still, if bringing lifestyle into it is so controversial, how come these folks never complained about the eighty bazillion adverts which not so subtly suggested any guy over 30 who liked the odd hamburger was just asking for a heart attack (and never mind those right-wing loons who suggested genes were the biggest component in heart disease). And as for those fags cigarettes...

Hey, there's no 'hate the sin, love the sinner' where the health nazis are concerned. They aren't shy about depicting smokers, drinkers and the like as bad parents, slobs and the general untermensch. It's only when the gay lifestyle comes into the crosshairs that the finger-waggers get struck dumb.

If Stephen Gately was a young, up and coming accountant whose usual evening meal was a McD's takeout chowed down while working late in the office, he too would have been asking for it, but wondering, for example, whether it's such a good idea to regularly use enough speed to have sleeping beauty running marathons? Outrageous!

But that's the point: it's precisely because the supposed offence is so puny that the usual suspects are so determined to make it this century's holocaust. The whole objective of these howler monkey flash mobs is to make dissent from PC orthodoxy too hot to handle. Apparently, the gay agenda is such a well-worked out set of policy prescriptions, no one's allowed to talk about it.

Hey, maybe the lass in question could claim she was just offering a 'critical perspective on gay culture'? But no, the rules of the game are simple: guys dressing as priests and inserting crucifixes in each other's backsides is daring political commentary, but asking just what 'innovate, don't assimilate' actually means is The Hayte, and they'll scream and scream until they make themselves sick.

Spock Has A Lot To Answer For

Forget what you see on TV, this guy is the perfect example of the modern British scientist: a whiny, entitled, geriatric brat with a Napoleon complex you could build an airfield on.

NNW administers a righteous kicking and leaves his argument looking like a right old worker's paradise. Still, that set me to thinking: wacademics keep assuring us they're the smartest people in the room, but every time they try and string an actual argument together, it ends up looking like a new graduate's job prospects.

Consider Prof Bonaparte's little rant: the pharmaceutical industry is near-collapse but it's sitting on huge piles of cash, university research teams are too small but money should be channelled into small biotech start-ups, pharmaceutical companies making money is bad but his company making money is good....

Whole dessert trolley's full of cake are had and eaten. To the point: it is blindingly obvious reading this article that this guy hasn't had anyone contradict him since the Major years. Never mind all that 'the dog ate my resources' jibber-jabber, that's the real problem right there. The university system is knee-deep in pampered, posturing weenies spending their days blabbering about what enormous lasagnes they are, free from being hit in the face by the wet fish of economic reality.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 'Bankers' Are Innocent

I've seen this all over the place, but you really can't remind people of this too often - guess the the odd man out here:
Lord Stevenson (ex-Halifax Bank of Scotland)
Andy Hornby (ex-HBOS)
Sir Fred Goodwin (ex-Royal Bank of Scotland)
Sir Terry Wogan, Radio 2 DJ
Sir Tom McKillop (ex-RBS)
Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer
The answer is - of course - Terry Wogan: he's the only one with any qualifications in banking. Blame the bankers? Bankers would have been an improvement on this lot.

Question D'Jour

If the hard, hard, hard-line Atheists (as opposed to mere 'atheists') are the smartest people in the room, how come they can't work out just why Tesco adverts use a chirpy slogan like 'every little helps' rather than simply screaming 'why do you retarded morons insist on shopping at obviously inferior supermarkets'?


The big issue, I think, is that Tesco are trying to get people to buy into their product, hence a friendly, upbeat message, while too many Atheists seem to be mainly concerned with proving how everyone who isn't them is stoopid.

Completely Random Post

For some reason I feel compelled to point out that, yes, it is possible to be an overtly gay leftist and still be intellectually honest and funny as hell - all of which means the guys at Hillbuzz have the last word on the Obamamessiah's Nobble Prize.

Guardian of True Conservatism: People Who Accurately Quote Me Are Just Like Hitler!

Don't be shocked but a Cameroonatic has been caught trying to subvert one of Call Me Dave's bright, shiny new open primaries. Naturally enough, Iain Dale - for it is he - has responded by declaring that his critics are NAAAAAZIS.

Hmmmm... let's review the tape: Dale told Journal XXX this:
'I hope any Journal XXX readers who live in Bracknell will come to the open primary on October 17 to select their new candidate.
In so far as Journal XXX is actually the 'Pink News', I'm thinking the gay angle is not something the Mail had to shoehorn in. More to the point, here's the rest of the quote:
'I hope any Pink News readers who live in Bracknell will come to the open primary on October 17 to select their new candidate.

You don't even have to be a Conservative to attend.'
A-huh! So, since he's pretending to be a conservative and the 'gay' issue is totally something the Mail dragged up out of nowhere, what other reason would explain why non-conservatives would want to vote for him? His fabulous Sinatra impression and experience in kangaroo farming?

Hey, is this the perfect microcosm of Cameroonacy or what? The Dear Leader makes a big thing about setting up open primaries so, gosh darn it, ordinary folk can get involved in selecting candidates, but only as long as you define 'ordinary folk' as block-voting, single-issue fanatics - and if you don't, you, sir, are worse than Hitler!

Of course, it's not a real Dale post without drumming up trade for local sickbag manufacturers:
If by standing up to the Daily Mail, and drawing attention to this issue, it hijacks me in Bracknell, then that will be a bitter blow to have to take, but if I sat back and just accepted this sort of thing, what sort of person would that make me?
Yes, because being a whiny, professional victim is such a brave stand to take in Call Me Dave's new pity party. And how, you may ask, is he standing up? By whining to the Press Complaints Commission, a body originally set up to defend ordinary members of the public against factually-inaccurate reporting and urging his moron supporters to harass the journalist concerned. Classy!

And that's not the best of it. Guess the title of the next post after this call for harassment of reporters with the wrong views? 'Will This Be A Sad Day for Democracy'. Truly, you can't make it up.

It gets better. He claims the Mail's article is hateful because they referred to him as 'overtly' gay rather than 'openly' gay. Must be one of these 'code words'. Hey, I'm with the Great Steyn on this:
“Code word” is a code word for “I’m inventing what you really meant to say because the actual quote doesn’t quite do the job for me.”
Still, that's not the best of it. Captain Hatefinder follows it up with this:
Just imagine if I was Jewish and the same words had been used.
Overtly jewish Tory blogger Iain Dale... Isn't it charming how Jews rally like-minded chaps to their cause?
Yes, he really said that. Hey, if using the word 'overtly' instead of 'openly' is proof of bigotry, then that must mean that trying to draw moral equivalence between receiving (entirely valid) criticism of your attempts to pack meetings and the centuries of persecution suffered by the Jews surely counts as Holocaust denial, right?

Except... unlike the previously unknown overtly/openly distinction, the trivialisation of the Holocaust really is a common theme amongst ant-Semites.

Hey, at least he's being criticised for something he actually said. That's not a courtesy he extends to his opponents.

This kind of ranting about repressive social conservatives plotting to pollute the purity of his essence has bamboozled some of the more libertarian conservatives into supporting him, but if Dale has issues with social conservatives, it's fair to say its not the authoritarianism that's the problem: the guy who maintains a 24/7 watch for socio-cons plotting to hash his mellow has nothing to say about this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or even this.

Dale has a truly Brownesque ability to disappear when the heat is on. Consider that the police harassment of the Roberts family was too outrageous even for the courts, but the 'overtly conservative' Iain Dale had no issues with it. Ditto, if the whole 'should social services turn a blind eye to child molestation' thing strikes you as a tricky moral dilemma, you may not be a conservative.

Which is, of course, the issue. Conservatism is pretty 'big tent' but really: spies in the classroom, unlawful police harassment of critics with the wrong views, public servants forced to take part in rallies. Just what form of 'conservatism' are we talking about here?

It's not just the lousy individual policies, it's the underpinning world view. The dividing line in British politics right now is between those who think Britain has problems, and those who think Britain is the problem. For all the cutesy, politics-as-showbiz drivel Dale comes out with, the underlying theme of his writing is that Britain is a dark dystopia full to the brim with murderous savages. The idea that by any meaningful global or historical standards Britain is a fine nation, with a way of life worth fighting for... Nada.

It's a miserable, misanthropic world view that sees nothing redeeming in the whole country, except for the small chance that we might all come to our senses and elect Dale and pals to raze our country to the ground and remake it as a PC wonderland. This is a man comfortable with overweening state power and Frankensteinian social engineering. Take away some quibbling about tax rates and just what flavour of utopia they should build and there's nothing Dale believes that Polly Toynbee wouldn't agree with. It a worldview that is the antithesis of conservatism.

No wonder he's fallen back on recruiting block-voting drones from the Blue Oyster Bar. No conservatives should vote for him - otherwise the terrorists will have won!

Friday, October 09, 2009

US Rocket Hits Moon....

...BBC reports 52 Afghan wedding guests killed.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm So Old....

I remember when politicians waited until after the election to go back on campaign promises.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why Do They Get So Angry When I Say That?

Hey, you know those 'indefinite sentences' which are in no way a slippery attempt to disguise soft judicial sentencing? The AG just appealed and got one raised to ten years (I guess they must mean 'life' in dog years)?

Still, it does give us a base line to work from: 'indefinite' < 10 years.

Also debunked: the myth about paedophiles reoffending:
The offender committed this offence in a place which he had used previously for a virtually identical crime," he said.

"His previous record demonstrated not merely a total failure to respond to previous sentences, but that he was a merciless offender whose serious sexual crimes were escalating in seriousness.
Clearly, m'lud has been watching too much daytime TV.

But, yes, in so far as we have an unrepentant sexual predator whose criminality is escalating, just like those tabloid reading morons said it would, what's going to happen in the next ten years to make him safe to be on the streets?

Monday, October 05, 2009

True Dat

This is from the US but it maps across perfectly to the 'envy of the whirled' vs the Legal Aid Money Tree.

Femiloons InAction: Compare & Contrast

Don't be shocked, but a prominent femiloon has been caught making stuff up.

Expect her to be denounced any minute now...

Also not being denounced: actual violence.

Can you guess why not?
A distraught mother has told how her daughter's violent ex-boyfriend was freed to murder her despite the family's desperate pleas for her to be given protection.

Care worker Nicola Sutton, 22, had been living in fear of Barry Stone who only served six months of an 18-month prison term for attacking her.

Convinced he would find her and kill her, she begged probation workers to bar him from her town, but was told that would breach his 'human rights', an inquest was told.
This is all further evidence for my theory that liberalism is now an entirely post-modern philosophy. Raging about fictional crimes makes perfect sense becuase, hey, she's revealing a deeper truth. Meanwhile, murders that don't fit the narrative are ignored lest they send the wrong message.

DJ's Amazing Facts

Libs like raising taxes, but not actually paying them.

The Nu Tories are a bunch of arrogant pigs who effortlessly combine the worst aspects of every social class.

Even an imploding economy can't stop the government spending money like a Premiership footy player with a day to live.

Steyn D'Jour

Did you hear the one about the guide dog and the gay hotelier?

This being Steyn, even when it sounds like a joke, there's a serious point:
[T]yranny is always whimsical. Which is exactly how the social engineers of the “human rights” nomenklatura like it. Because it legitimizes the state as the only valid mediator of social relations. And so in the cause of invented rights of near parodic absurdity, a profoundly wicked “human rights” apparatus is happy to destroy utterly the lives and livelihoods of blameless individuals.

Party Protocol For Extreme Extremists

Hey, anyone know if sending out party invitations to extremists with links to violent lunatics is a bad thing....

...or a good thing?

See, this why all liberal blather about 'right-wing extremism' boils down to dark hints about 'code words', 'dog whistling' and 'institutional racism'. There's simply no one on the mainstream right doing anything equivalent to inviting an unrepentant terrorist to relive his glory years at the site of one of his greatest hits. Ditto, note that for all the alleged extremism of the conservative base/the Daily Mail/the Blogopshere, it always turns to be the Guardian/BBC Axis of Snivel that pals around with savages (say, I wonder if Martin will turn out to be 'warm, funny and blunt' too)?