Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spock Has A Lot To Answer For

Forget what you see on TV, this guy is the perfect example of the modern British scientist: a whiny, entitled, geriatric brat with a Napoleon complex you could build an airfield on.

NNW administers a righteous kicking and leaves his argument looking like a right old worker's paradise. Still, that set me to thinking: wacademics keep assuring us they're the smartest people in the room, but every time they try and string an actual argument together, it ends up looking like a new graduate's job prospects.

Consider Prof Bonaparte's little rant: the pharmaceutical industry is near-collapse but it's sitting on huge piles of cash, university research teams are too small but money should be channelled into small biotech start-ups, pharmaceutical companies making money is bad but his company making money is good....

Whole dessert trolley's full of cake are had and eaten. To the point: it is blindingly obvious reading this article that this guy hasn't had anyone contradict him since the Major years. Never mind all that 'the dog ate my resources' jibber-jabber, that's the real problem right there. The university system is knee-deep in pampered, posturing weenies spending their days blabbering about what enormous lasagnes they are, free from being hit in the face by the wet fish of economic reality.

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