Monday, October 05, 2009

Party Protocol For Extreme Extremists

Hey, anyone know if sending out party invitations to extremists with links to violent lunatics is a bad thing....

...or a good thing?

See, this why all liberal blather about 'right-wing extremism' boils down to dark hints about 'code words', 'dog whistling' and 'institutional racism'. There's simply no one on the mainstream right doing anything equivalent to inviting an unrepentant terrorist to relive his glory years at the site of one of his greatest hits. Ditto, note that for all the alleged extremism of the conservative base/the Daily Mail/the Blogopshere, it always turns to be the Guardian/BBC Axis of Snivel that pals around with savages (say, I wonder if Martin will turn out to be 'warm, funny and blunt' too)?

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