Monday, October 05, 2009

Femiloons InAction: Compare & Contrast

Don't be shocked, but a prominent femiloon has been caught making stuff up.

Expect her to be denounced any minute now...

Also not being denounced: actual violence.

Can you guess why not?
A distraught mother has told how her daughter's violent ex-boyfriend was freed to murder her despite the family's desperate pleas for her to be given protection.

Care worker Nicola Sutton, 22, had been living in fear of Barry Stone who only served six months of an 18-month prison term for attacking her.

Convinced he would find her and kill her, she begged probation workers to bar him from her town, but was told that would breach his 'human rights', an inquest was told.
This is all further evidence for my theory that liberalism is now an entirely post-modern philosophy. Raging about fictional crimes makes perfect sense becuase, hey, she's revealing a deeper truth. Meanwhile, murders that don't fit the narrative are ignored lest they send the wrong message.

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