Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why Do They Get So Angry When I Say That?

Hey, you know those 'indefinite sentences' which are in no way a slippery attempt to disguise soft judicial sentencing? The AG just appealed and got one raised to ten years (I guess they must mean 'life' in dog years)?

Still, it does give us a base line to work from: 'indefinite' < 10 years.

Also debunked: the myth about paedophiles reoffending:
The offender committed this offence in a place which he had used previously for a virtually identical crime," he said.

"His previous record demonstrated not merely a total failure to respond to previous sentences, but that he was a merciless offender whose serious sexual crimes were escalating in seriousness.
Clearly, m'lud has been watching too much daytime TV.

But, yes, in so far as we have an unrepentant sexual predator whose criminality is escalating, just like those tabloid reading morons said it would, what's going to happen in the next ten years to make him safe to be on the streets?

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