Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Bias Here!

Is the BBC biased? Consider tonight's edition of 'The One Show'. The running order was as follows: first up, the evilest Daily Mail article evah!, with commentary from guest Holly Johnson.

Yep, that Holly Johnson, the screamingly camp washed-up 80s popster. Hey, you know you've drank too much kool aid when the guy you've got on to rebut charges that the gay lifestyle is unhealthy is HIV+.

Then we had banker's bonuses, and a sub-Michael Moore interlude of Adam Shaw hassling people with actual jobs to try and indict them on camera, but no one to point out that only the best, and most-profit generating bankers will ever earn anything like what Jonathan Ross gets for telling nob gags.

The next item was one of those that makes you think 'are they just really patronising, or are they really this thick'? It was an item on archaeological evidence showing that Roman Britain had some people from Africa in it. Who ever doubted it? Nevertheless, this was used as a hook to ram home the important learning point that, gosh darn it, multiculturalism is the normal state of nature - which only works if you can't tell the difference between multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. The Romans don't strike me as the kind of people who spent a lot of time worrying that they were too ethnocentric. Then there's that whole 'thrown to the lions' thing...

Next up: evil insurers refusing to pay the claims of people just because they didn't lock their front doors properly. As opposed to a health service that refuses to treat people because they're too old/fat/smokers/drinkers...... Which is just common sense, obviously.

Finally, we had a report about a canine rehab facility - see, that's the kind of hard-hitting reporting you need the licence fee for. Possibly sensing a certain difficulty in shoe-horning in a left-wing message, the news bimbo presenter spent the whole report with a CND T-shirt on. Huh?

So that was that: five reports of which four were outright leftist in approach, and with nary a dissenting voice allowed. What a national treasure that organisation is!

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