Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reminder: Sayeeda Warsi Is No Kind Of Moderate

In so far as the key clash in tonight's Question Time is supposedly between nasty Nick Griffin and loveable moderate Sayeeds Warsi, it;s worth revisiting just how moderatly moderate Warsi really is:

Answer: not very.

Actually, NRO let's Warsi off the hook here, swallowing the line that India's Jihadist loons are just 'Kashmiri Rebels'. Really?

Hey, you could almost cobble together some kind of wacadodle economic justification for 'Khasmiri rebels' attacking hotels in Bombay, except that wouldn't explain why the terrorists concentrated on British and American tourists. And then there's this.

Say, I'm not seeing a lot of Jewish influence in Khasmir. Maybe it was something else that motivated these guys?

Hey, who'd have thunk it? It turns out that the 'moderate' is the only person on the BBC's panel tonight who supports the murder of both her fellow citizens and any random Jew that's passing, ethnic cleansing of Indians from Khasmir, and Islamic mayhem in general. What's Nick Griffin is only supposed to secretly believe, Warsi comes out and says openly.

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