Tuesday, December 21, 2021

They Went Full Karen - Never Go Full Karen

I'm a firm believer that our country's biggest problem is that we have a governing class that thinks it's way smarter than everyone else, but couldn't empty water out of a kettle if you put the instructions on the bottom. 

Consider Boris Johnson. 

Here's a guy who owes his job to two things. There was the Referendum, when a scratch army of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers beat the smart set, and then there was the 2019 election when regular Joe's across the North told a bunch of carpetbagging Labour MPs to shove it.  So, naturally, once he took office he filled his staff with snooty Metro twerps like Allegra Stratton, the Guardianista ex-Beeboid. 

Hey, how was he to know that people who've spent years explaining why their votes should count more than yours, would also believe a lockdown only applies to poor people?

People haven't been as unjustifiably shocked by bad behaviour since it turned out Claudia Webbe was nutso, just like us raycissts always said she was. 

Now he's dealing with an ever bigger puzzle. How come the people who think you should have to have written permission before you can see grandma won't vote for the party of small government? 

Hey, it's almost like  the Govern Me Harder Daddy! set already have their own parties to vote for.

Meanwhile, if you're one of those weirdos who wants to run your own life, you can shove it. The Genius Squad at Tory Central Office have decided that pandering to crazed hysterics is the way to go. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

I Have No Idea How This Keeps Happening

At this point, being featured as Victim Of The Week in a MSM documentary should be admissible in court as proof of guilt: 

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter who told a Channel 4 documentary he wanted to prove people who thought he would end up in prison wrong has been jailed for throttling his ex-girlfriend.

Demornia Cantrill, 24, featured in a true-life 2015 film about his upbringing in care and how he was desperate to be a success.

Hey, it could have been a gritty warts and all take on this guy.... but would you really bet on that?

If Nigel Farage's show had ever given a violent thug this kind of soft focus boosterism, liberals would now be demanding air strikes on GB News HQ. 

Instead it's Channel 4 and so now we're supposed to just 'move on', 'draw a line under it' and definitely - definitely - do not ask what it is about media liberals that they keep getting caught palling around with violent thugs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Don't Mention The...

Never change UnHerd! It's the website that promises to 'to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking' yet always ends up serving up conventional wisdom, just with a wacky haircut. 

Yep, I'll give him some credit for talking about the housing market and actually mentioning the demand side of the equation but he never mentions the one thing pushing up demand more than anything else. 

Y'know, THAT thing, O*** B******.

Aside from anything else, it renders the whole article pointless. If it's electoral viability you're after, you should probably be concerned about the left's determination to import a whole new electorate.But no - the cuckservatives will do everything to preserve muh electability except the one thing they need to do.

Winning elections is kind of important but not if it means risking their dinner party invitations, you guys!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Our Political Establishment: Putting The Bull In Kabul

Our political class are shocked - shocked - to discover that Joe Biden might not be all there. 

Seriously. That's a revelation to our genius set. 

On the plus side, no more mean tweets, so there is that. 

Still, never mind President Al Z Heimer, what about our political class? Britain has been involved in Afghanistan right from the start but now our foreign policy establishment has been blindsided by the revelation that the Afghan Army was a clown show. 


Plenty of ordinary soldiers who actually dealt with these guys worked that out years ago. Meanwhile, lots of guys with gold braid on their shoulders were claiming everything was just super awesome, no problems whatsoever

Hey, some of us have been warning almost as long as the war's been going about how politicised the Army has become. Either they were spinning the party line, or they're just plain incompetent. Neither answer is particularly reassuring. 

Now, after twenty years of total failure trying to sell Afghans on the benefits of western civilisation, the same genius set has decided that the only answer is to let huge numbers of them immigrate to the UK. Spending hundreds of billions on the place couldn't drag them out of the stone age, but a few hours on a plane will be enough to convert them to moderate social democrats, chatting over the garden wall with the nice gay couple at No 28. 

Even supposing these people genuinely don't dig the Taliban - and they're not just wanting to move to the land of the magic money tree - that doesn't mean they support secular democracy (to put it mildly). Estimates are that around 85% of them believe homosexuality, adultery or converting to another religion should be capital crimes. Virtually all believe sharia should take precedence over secular laws.

This is a perfect example of the problem inherent in dealing with crazy fanatics. 

But enough about the open borders lobby. 

We need a vote of thanks too for the MSM, fearlessly speaking truth from power, as ever. We have to bring these people over as they risked their lives working for the British Army. All 20,000 of them. Did every solider get his own personal interpreter or what? Don't expect the MSM to ask. 

And that's before the magic of 'family reunion' (aka chain migration) takes effect. 200,000 would be more like it for the final figure. 

Ditto, we're apparently not meant to ask what criteria will be used to screen these guys. Given that our political class won't even let us deport convicted killers to the holiday island of Jamaica, I can't see this being a high bar to pass.  

Then again, one more thing the MSM won't ask is just what exactly - in the sense of actual specifics - race hustlers like Sadiq Khan disagree with the Taliban about. 

The same feckless decadence which inspired our political class to support a dementia patient as president for no better reason than class hatred of Trump (and his base) is now leading them to call for allowing an army of people who hate Britain and everything it stands for to be given an access all areas pass to the UK. How do they expect that to work? Answer: they don't care. They live in a world of privilege where preening and posturing is everything and being concerned for the actual consequences of government policies just marks you out as some loser peasant who lacks their refined sensibilities. 

This is why we've spent twenty years, nearly five hundred lives and billions of pounds, and the end result is that the Taliban will end up being more successful in imposing their values on the UK than the other way round.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Seriously, I Have No Idea Why People Don't Trust The MSM....

So it's time to hang up the tin foil hat!

(It doesn't always work though, check out this.... then the rest of the story)

Curiously enough, the MSM can't find a single person who's been affected badly by taking the kind-of-vaccine. Not a single one. 

It's a Wunder Waffe alright, the only medical treatment in history without a single side-effect!

Yeah, that'll be the reason we don't hear anything about side effects (also, strokes and heart attacks tend not to leave the victims enough time to issue politically useful last words). 

As it happens, I have been spiked but reading garbage like this makes me think I may have taken a wrong turn. I'd like to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting that decided on this strategy:
Smug Prat 1: People are reluctant to take the vaccine, they think the Government is manipulating the media to hype the risks of the virus while hiding the risks of the vaccine

Smug Prat 2: How about we plant a bunch of blatantly sexed up stories about vaccine sceptics whose dying words are about how they totally should have listened to Big Brother?

Smug Prat 1: That's brilliant! Obvious media manipulation is exactly what we need to restore public trust
With brainiacs like this on the case, I can't wait to see how they deal with obesity. It'll be free cheeseburgers for everyone!

Meanwhile, I can't help thinking about the time my Great Uncle Harry was run over by a steamroller and with his dying breath he turned to me and said:
The forces of safety are afoot in the land. I, for one, believe it is a conspiracy— a conspiracy of Safety Nazis shouting "Sieg Health" and seeking to trammel freedom, liberty, and large noisy parties. The Safety Nazis advocate gun control, vigorous exercise, and health foods. The result can only be a disarmed, exhausted, and half-starved population ready to acquiesce to dictatorship of some kind.
Remember: anyone questioning this story is denigrating the authenticity of my loss!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Turns Out It's Not 1997 Again After All......

They were so close they could almost taste it but no.... instead it all ended in heartbreak for them.

It turns out the left haven't found their new Tony Blair after all. 

It wasn't meant to be this way. Gareth Southgate's Soccerstasi were supposed to be the vanguard of Nu Britannia, sticking it to all the squaresville losers who pointed out that filthy rich sports stars are not actually victims after all. 

Who knew that when he said 'you will lose' he was actually talking to his own team? 

The good news is that if you've ever wanted to own several million England flags, barely used, then the Labour Party can sort you out, plus if you buy ten they'll throw in an almost new copy of 'The Dummies Guide to Patriotism' as well. 

The parallels with the rise of Tony Blair aren't just the left's sudden Strange New Respect for national unity and pulling together (until approximately twelve hours ago anyway) but that Gareth Southgate uses the same basic fraud as our Former Messiah. Just like Phoney Tony, he's confident enough denouncing his opponents but his rhetoric is firmly rooted in the abstract when it comes to explaining what he actually does believe, and for pretty much the same reason. 

Spoiler Alert, the left's hysterical shrieking about raycism every time someone questions their embrace of BLM is not, in fact, because they think Critical Race Theory is a perfectly respectable, non-insane ideology and a certain vote winner. 

I know, shocking right?

It's certainly seems to have been missed by half the country's Professional Conservatives. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

'Far Right' Is Just Liberal For 'Bad'

The 'Far Right' are everywhere you guys!

A teenage Satanist who murdered two sisters in a frenzied knife attack as part of a 'diabolical' deal with a demon to win the lottery was referred to Prevent for far-right extremism - but discharged months later as no risk. 

The technical phrase for that is not 'right wing', it's 'crazy'!

But maybe there's some other evidence that this guy is a fan of the Fuhrer: 

Danyal Hussein, 19, brutally killed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in the early hours of June 6 last year..... 

MailOnline can also now disclose Hussein, who has Iraqi Kurdish heritage, had been referred to a de-radicalisation programme at the age of 15 by his school who feared he was 'vulnerable to grooming'.


That's it?

Yep, that's the line they're taking: he was an Iraqi Kurd white supremacist.  

That's the only possible explanation for anyone from the Middle East being involved in violence: white people made him do it. But don't you go accusing these people of being anti-white lunatics....

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Cuckservatives: 'We Identify As Electable'

Like I said over at J's place, looks like another success for Operation Wokegeld.

Yep, another identitarian-conservative who turns out to be certainly the former but not so much the latter. 

Honestly, it's enough to make you nostalgic for the old days when you bribed a guy and he stayed bribed. 

Meanwhile, how about tolerating the fact some people don't want their five year old daughter exposed to someone's 'lady penis'? Any 'openness' to that world view? 

But isn't this just the perfect example of the bogusness of the cuckservatives position? We were told that the Tory Party needed to embrace these people to stay electorally viable. Now - in a stunning development no one could possibly have predicted - it turns out they're unhinged lunatics, it must be time to ditch them, right? 

Right, cucks? 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Another £1,000 Note Left Lying On The Ground

Labour may have signed up for Lockdown4Eva but at least Sir Kneelalot has found someone who does deserve freedom: this guy. 

Pitchfork, 61, raped and murdered 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in the 1980s - and is now due to be released on parole.   

Sir Keir told LBC Pitchfork had 'served a long sentence and he served the sentence imposed on him by the court, and under our system that means there comes a point at which he has to be released'. 

First things first: you'd think a former prosecutor would know that life terms have a minimum tariff, not a maximum one. 

Equally, isn't this the guy who wants to ban 'conversion therapies'?

Yep, apparently, sexual orientation is fixed (when it's one liberals approve of) but also fluid (when it's one they don't). 

So, you know, you can tell it's all totally based on hard science. 

Tony Blair had the 'People's Princess', now his successor has the 'People's Paedo'. 

Truly, when it comes to judging the public mood, he has the sure touch of Captain Hook. 

The cliché is to call this sort of thing virtue signalling, but is it really? It's more like a banker setting fire to a £50 note in front of a homeless guy. They're happy to talk about the importance of releasing degenerate predators, but they know full well their kids will never end up living next door to Mikey Murderpants. 

Meanwhile, suggest to actual voters that we need to carefully balance the rights of innocent children with those of homicidal perverts and see what happens. This is not really a tough issue for anyone outside the Woketopia of north London. 

And again I return to a familiar point: the sheer bogusness of the Cringe Cons. The David Cameron wing of the Tory Party keeps claiming that they're totes conservative, you guys, but they just think the Tories need to tone it down to reach out to centrists. Hence, the jettisoning of conservative principles all through Fat Dave's reign of error. 

Yeah, OK.

Well, here's where all the votes are on the right - at least if you define 'not releasing dangerous savages' as right wing - and these guys are AWOL. 

They should be airdropping copies of Starmer's statement into every marginal constituency in the land, but no: they're all about electabilty right up until it means losing dinner party invitations. 

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

'Shut Up' They Explained

I'm not saying that all the cash flowing into the Formerly Beautiful Game has given these guys megalomania, but the FA has just gone after Her Majesty's Government. 

Apparently, the FA is butt hurt that their customers aren't prepared to sit there like lemons while a bunch of multi-millionaire douchebags assail them for their white privilege, and so they want HMG to.... do something. 

It's the modern left everybody!  They've gone full 'Producers'. 

This is all further proof of the Great Realignment. Now it's the left that doesn't think the common rabble should be allowed to answer back to their betters. 

There's another obvious point here though: the FA claims the Government is taking the populist position, but also that the people booing are a tiny minority of nuts. 


How does that even work?

I'm guessing - much like a certain referendum I could mention - we're talking a lunatic fringe majority. 

Either that, or the FA means a 'tiny minority' of the people in North London. 

Hey, with a by-election coming up, I'm not sure reminding people that the left wanted to toss out the votes of 52% of the country is really the killer line they think it.  At this point, there's a good case for the FA to have to register its attack on the Government as a campaign contribution to the Tories. 

Here's the thing though. Too many people on the right are getting drawn into talking about the specifics of what BLM support and the wider history of Marxism. It's more simple than that. 

We've been told for years that 'if someone thinks something is racist, then it is'.

Hey, it's a stupid rule, but it's the left's rule. It's what they've proclaimed right up until two minutes ago. Now we're talking about anti-white racism, suddenly they claim it's only racist if the Central Committee on Racism sign off on it. 

Apparently, it's meant to be significant that the people who want to make a racist gesture at a football match have denied that the gesture in question is racist. 

Yep, they've really gone with the old 'I'm not racist but...'.

Say, I wonder if  'some of their best friends are white'?

That's the point the right needs to be hammering home. The left has reversed pretty much everything they said for the last twenty years, just to attack the white working class, and yet no one's calling them out on this

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

I'm shocked - shocked!

Well, not that shocked. 

Who have thunk that allowing girls too young to vote to destroy their class mates' lives with no requirements for evidence or consequences for lying could turn out badly? 

Actually, the boys really impress me here. They've spent nearly a decade mired in the feminist gulag of the modern education system - yes, even, and perhaps especially, in these snooty schools but they've still got the right answer anyway, even as people like this cow doubtless try and convince Young Master Frog that there's no need for him to keep his distance from Ms Scorpion. 


Uh oh! Looks like the original story has got the memory hole treatment! 

I guess we'll never know if it's true or not that pupils at a top co-ed boarding school are self-segregating so the boys only eat with the boys and vice versa. Still, it would hardly be an isolated incident if it were true. The Mike Pence rule is real. 

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Live By The Victimhood...

Like many people, I've been on the edge of my seat watching the latest revelations about Noel Clarke.  

Honestly, I can't wait to see how a black guy accused of sexually harassing women turns out to be the fault of white men. It's the most compelling thing he's ever produced! 

Although, now I think about it, I did like that one where a hot white girl instantly jumps into bed with his character.

No, wait... that's everything he's ever done. 

I mean, I'm not saying it's a red flag or anything, but the fact this guy can't write a birthday card without including a sex scene between his character and a white chick does suggest a certain worldview. Even Woody Allen was more subtle and - how can I put this politely - this guy's no Woody Allen. 

Also, Woody Allen characters can go more than two minutes without referencing the Holocaust or encountering anti-Semites from central casting. Meanwhile, this guy's become a multi-millionaire celebrity through whining about how a brother can't get a break in the United KKKingdom. 

Oh yeah, and he was due to be given a lifetime achievement award - at age 45. 

Of course. 

Hey, you know who really can't get a break in the UK? Anyone who wants to practice actual journalism! Hence why we can't get a single interviewer in the whole country who will ask this guy what *would* count as getting a break? What would he have done if he wasn't held back by racism? Become a billionaire and been appointed King? 

Someone needs to ask him that. Until then, I'll just enjoy the show. 

Hey, normally I'm sceptical about the whole Me-Too stuff, but in so far as he's been accused of actual, specific acts in specific places with actual victims, these claims are approximately 1 bazillion times better sourced than his constant claims of super-secret raciss conspiracies designed to prevent the Greatest Filmmaker Evah from ascending to his rightful place in history, so you know, sauce for the goose....

Friday, April 30, 2021

You Can Get Into Bed With The Left...

The most shocking thing about the scandal around BoJo's flat renovation is that, despite his constant pandering to them, none of the left have supported him. Who'd have thunk it?


Literally Everyone. By now surely everyone on the planet outside of the Tory Party has worked out you can get into bed with the left but they won't respect you in the morning. 

Consider the Electoral Commission. Here's an organisation that the conservative base hates for its obvious bias against the right. The Tories have been kind of, sort of, talking about reforming these guys forever while refusing to actually do anything meaningful. So naturally the Commission has announced an enquiry into the PM's curtains. Insanely insecure postal voting? Nope, nothing to see here but illegal soft furnishings? They're on it. 

The PM should announce his revamp was paid for by fifty 'Asian' guys in Bradford, all living in the same terraced house. 

At this point,  even Charlie Brown's probably thinking these guys are kind of gullible. Lucy might have kept pulling the football away from him, but at least she didn't expect him to pay for the ball then hire her as a Football Holding Officer on £120,000 a year. Meanwhile, every Tory leader since 1990 seems to spend their time trying to win over the votes of people who would never vote Tory in a thousand years, even to the point of alienating people who might actually vote for them. Hence, the constant Lockdowns of Damocles and 'vaccine passports' aka Life Licences. 

The good news for the Tories is that the opposition is even worse. On his very few public appearances, Sir Keir Shergar has been outrageously outraged about how some of the contracts were awarded early last year. The Government taking a blow torch to the constitution, continually lying to the public and implementing de facto rule by decree? Not so much. 

In related news, Harold Shipman used to create bogus terminally-ill patients so he had an excuse for continuous access to lethal doses of morphine, but no one ever talks about Harold Shipman the famous fraudster. 

The left had a golden opportunity to shed its reputation for authoritarianism but it's been so thoroughly hollowed out by Metro-liberalism that they're literally incapable of imagining that it's possible to support a social safety net and regulating out of control megacorps, while still being a patriotic Briton who thinks that it's no business of Sir Keir, Boris Johnson or anyone else how often he goes the pub. 

Thursday, April 08, 2021

They're Not 'Handcuffs', They're 'Freedom Bracelets'

Seriously, us sane people are already hanging on like Charlton Heston in The Omega Man without having our own side using nonsense phrases like 'vaccine passports'.

No, they're not 'vaccine passports', they're 'life licences'. Literally everything you want to do will be subject to government approval. 

Forget talking about Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell or whoever your preferred villain from British history is, none of these guys insisted you needed their OK to drop into the local tavern or buy some turnips. 

Once this system is in place it's all over. And no, the government is not spending tens of billions on a system that they will scrap after a year. Surely everyone now realises that the constant stream of new strains - Brazillian! South African! Atlantian! - are just prepping the ground for them to wheel out new threats every time anyone suggests removing restrictions?

Of course, they say it's all about muh saving lives except spending tens of billions on almost any other area of healthcare would save actual lives, not merely theoretical lives saved from the Fijian, Chilean or Nigerian strains. Overhauling our shambolic cancer and maternity sectors alone would save 10x the lives these life licences would save, and they'd be real lives, not theoretical deaths from the some hypothetical future strains. 

It needs to be emphasised how intrusive this system will be. The government having a complete record of where everyone has been is the least dangerous part of it. 

What's our biggest health problem aside from the Worst Virus Evah?

Yep, obesity, so what's to stop life licences being programmed to only allow people to visit restaurants or pubs twice a week? 

Nothing. At all. 

Equally, even if you're a puritan and you think only an alcoholic would need to go the pub more than twice a week, it can work the other way. Fail to go to the gym at least twice in the last seven days? The system can take your £50 fixed penalty out of your account automatically at the start of Day 8. 

This isn't a conspiracy theory, this is a capability baked into the system. Once it's up and running all this naturally follows. All it takes is for people to accept that the public is accountable to the government not the other way round. 

In fact, it can even be meshed with supermarket check out systems. No more loading up on pizza. It'll be max two with every visit, and then only if you don't use your calorie allowance on cakes or ice cream. 

And then there's the bizarre (non) coincidence that this is all happening as the eco-mentalists are demanding people give up eating meat. Could these same systems be used to enforce that? Well, yep, again once the system is in place all it will need is a small tweak to add this capability. 

This is not a small thing, this is a huge thing. We're being asked to accept a complete inversion of how our system of government works. Once you accept that your rights are now privileges to be granted or withdrawn at the whim of the government then to all intents and purposes freedom is over. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Miami Massacre Postponed - Covid Cult Hardest Hit

The Church of Covid struck lucky when Sweden became the early poster boy for heresy. It's just exotic enough that the cult was able to bamboozle people into accepting that it was basically an icy wasteland where people lived miles apart from each other - possibly in igloos - hence no need for Lockdown4Eva. 

I don't think they'll get away with that once people hear about Florida. If the Covid Cult was right, then Florida's heresy should have led to mass slaughter. 

Spoiler Alert: that didn't happen. 

Enough British people have been to Florida that they won't accept that it's just that the virus can't spread in a deserted wasteland like the South Beach area of Miami. Here was the ultimate test of the prophesies of the Church of Covid and it turns out that the wages of sin are.... wages, actually. Folks are able to keep their jobs, keep their businesses open and all with no higher a death toll than in the demented theocracies of California or New York. 

Hence why the soi dissant science lovers are starting to sound like Kansas creationists explaining where all the fossils came from. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Electability: This Is What It Actually Means

Like I keep saying, the biggest myth in British politics is that conservatism is a tough sell. 

We keep getting told that the Tories have to throw any actual conservatism overboard to get elected. Actually, the truth is pretty much the opposite: the only reason sleazy cucks like Neil O'Brien ever get elected is that voters have the vain hope that they might actually support something conservative. 

For proof of all the above, consider the Labour Party's position on the Police And Crime Bill. Or, rather, consider their multiple positions on this bill. For a supposedly extreme piece of legislation, they sure do seem to be struggling to say what it is they don't like about it. 

Apparently, the bill is super awful! Terrible! The worst.... but they dare not say exactly how and why.

That's the deeper point. The cucks keep giving us these patronising lectures about how, y'know, you guys, they'd totally like to support some actual conservative policies but they worried about muh electability. 

Well, here's an actual conservative policy and the left dare not oppose it openly. Sounds like a vote winner to me! So, how about it cucks? 

The conservative base has spent years being told it had to suck up cringe conservatism as the price of winning elections, now it turns out that actual conservationism is a vote winner, these guys will totally be getting on board with it, right? 


No, I don't recommend holding your breath either!

Monday, March 08, 2021

That Time Grandma Taught The Kids How To Do Reporterising....

Can't say I've ever been a big fan of Bel Mooney. She's always seemed to specialise in vacuous Boomer platitudes... which makes it super surprising it was her who broke the MSM's omerta over Covid.

For when I registered Dad's death by telephone (as you have to these days), the registrar told me there had been very many other cases like ours where 'the deceased' had not tested positive for Covid, yet it was recorded as the cause of death.

They agreed that, yes, it must distort the national figures — 'and yet the strangest thing is that every winter we record countless deaths from flu, and this winter there have been none. Not one!'

Well, quite! 

And just like that the rats suddenly started to take an interest in the position and readiness of the lifeboats...

Apparently, the excuse for why the Covid Cult's measures can - apparently - defeat the flu but not the thing they're actually aimed at is because Covid is more contagious than influenza.... except they've spent months telling us that the only reason why Lockdown4Eva hasn't worked is heretics refusing to wear a Boris Burka or indulging in Satanic rituals - like meeting up with friends or sitting on park benches. 

Surely there must be some wildly-promiscuous slut out there who jumps from bench to bench,  doesn't wear protection and so has died from the flu?

No, not one! 

Literally not one. 

At this point even Third World election results are more reliable than these figures. At least the Supreme Leader of Krapholia has enough sense to only claim to have won 80% of the vote when it's time to vote on making him President For Life. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Britain: Where The Scientific Theories Never Work Out, But The Conspiracy Theories Always Do

Good news everyone! Someone's finally been forced out at Imperial College.

No, not for anything to do with the rubbish forecasts, don't be ridiculous! Phony predictions of the Apocalypse are one thing, but being rude to the pampered princes? Wholly unacceptable!

Isn't that just the perfect microcosm of where public life in Britain has gone wrong? 

Hitting the iceberg is fine, but you get thrown overboard for hashing anyone's mellow in the Wardroom. 

Lest we forget, this was the week we found out that the predictions were true -  visitors to Bournemouth last year were just like the US troops at the start of Saving Private Ryan....in the sense that both sets of people ended up on beaches. As far as similar death tolls go? Not so much. 

This gets to the heart of it: The Science predicted a massacre, mass slaughter failed to arrive, hence scientists have had no alternative but to.... keep using the same models that failed utterly. 

Like I keep saying, if your theories don't change no matter what the results say, in what sense are you doing science?   

(A vote of thanks too for the Lockdown4Eva fanatics. These results prove - again - that good airflow can massively reduce the risk from Covid but the same people who wax lyrical about muh saving lives refuse point blank to support any proposal whatsoever that doesn't start with 'L' and rhyme with Clocktown).

Meanwhile, one more 'conspiracy theory' turns out to be bang on:

Sir Patrick said the Government will keep a set of Covid measures after the country comes out olockdown and these could include wearing masks in public.

Government scientists have also suggested people may have to follow the 'baseline' measures indefinitely, even after the vaccination roll-out is complete. In a document discussing life after Covid, SAGE said keeping some social distancing measures were 'almost certain to save many lives and minimise the threat to hospital capacity'.

Yep, The Beast has tasted human flesh and now it is insatiable. 

Who could have predicted that allowing the Government to use an emergency to take our rights away would result in a country with no end of emergencies and a shortage of rights? 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Oil/Water, Left/Right, Liberals/Self-Awareness

The left is super sulky about GB News, accusing it of stoking bigotry and prejudice. True, GB News hasn't actually made any programs yet, but leftists just know what those people are like. 

Nope, the left much prefers the BBC, which works hard to build social cohesion and racial unity... by covering racial atrocity stories from over a quarter of a century ago. 

As you do. 

(Say, does anyone know who was PM when this groundbreaking initiative to tackle racism happened anyway? The Guardian normally mentions this sort of thing). 

Still, you have to admire the flexibility of the Guardian: it recounts lurid stories of racial harassment from back in the day then seamlessly pivots to pointing out that the lack of this harassment now just means white people are still totes raciss but in a different way. 

Think of it as the Full Metal Jacket rule:
Anyone who runs is a VC. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined VC! 
And yet the Guardian claims to be shocked - shocked - that white police officers make sure to get all their ducks in a row before dealing with black subordinates. Really?

Why might that be Guardian?

More to the point though, what is the Guardian really complaining about? Black officers are bought up on disciplinary charges then cleared. And? Doesn't that mean 'the system works'? Isn't that what the left always tells us when people on the right are targeted by deranged PC witchhunts? They might have had their reputation ruined, have run up six figures legal bills and spent the better part of two years with their lives on hold but, hey - they were cleared in minutes just as soon as the jury got involved, so stop whining you wimps!

Make a note of the date the Guardian published this piece. It's the closest we'll ever get to them admitting that the right was right and yes, indeed, the process is the punishment....

Friday, February 12, 2021

Maybe The Problem Is We Just Haven't Thrown *Enough* Virgins Down The Well....

In today's' 'Not A Cult' news, it turns out the Church of Covid has a whole new tactic to appease Wu-tan:

Dr Fauci — the US Government's top infectious diseases expert — said that it was 'common sense' that double-masking would be more effective. 

He added it was 'likely' to offer better protection against the mutant strain, which studies show partially evades immunity from vaccines and past infections

Hey, I can see how a mutation might affect the ability to evade the immune system, but I'm not sure how it makes it more likely to slip through a face nappy. Does the mutation makes it smaller? More slippery? Lets it do yoga?  

More to the point though, until six seconds ago, anyone who suggested a Boris Burka may not be totally awesome at filtering out viruses was a crazed knuckle-dragger who hated The Science. 

Suddenly, all bets are off. It turns out that one face nappy won't do it, but two? That'll do just what they spent months saying one alone would do. 

They were lying before but now? Now their plan will totally work!

Hence this guy:

And Dr Benjamin Killingley, a scientist advising the UK Government in the pandemic, also said wearing two masks was 'common sense'.

But Dr Killingley, a member of the SAGE advisory group, also admitted the claim isn't 'grounded in lots of study'.

Actually, 'common sense' said wearing a face nappy wouldn't work, and it was right. Meanwhile, Dr Ben and his pals in the Certified Scientificator Community  who told us it would totally work now want to - literally - double down.

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be the knuckle-dragging bigots pulling stuff out of our backside! If one of our guys had started explaining that he didn't need to cite studies and stuff, 'cause it was just common sense, init, the MSM would cover it like the Martians landing. 

Where does this guy work anyway? The University of the Dog & Duck? 

This is not a small thing. A scientist who admits his theories aren't grounded in actual studies is like a judge claiming you don't need any of that 'trial' stuff just to say some guy is totes guilty. 

Then again, who needs to do actual research when everyone knows what the answer will be anyway?

The answer is moar masks. It was always going to be moar masks. 

To state the (should be) obvious: if there is no possible result that can persuade you to ditch your theories, you're not actually doing science, you're doing religion just without all that God stuff.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Party Like It's 1915!

Say, anyone remember how we were told masks totally worked?

It turns out it was all an Eurasian trick!

Those masks didn't, in fact, work but these new ones totally will!

Isn't that just special? 

Up until ten minutes ago if you questioned the efficacy of masks you, sir, were worse than Hitler! Now it turns out that us evil right wing loons were....right. 


Also correct: the theory that whatever happens, the answer is always moar masks!

That's how you know it's based on real science and totally not a cult: when the answer stays the same no matter what the results. 

Still, this does raise an interesting question. The last time there was large scale use of cloth masks was in April 1915 and that was only because our troops had nothing better to protect themselves with against German gas. As soon as possible the troops were issued with actual masks. But now the government is insisting that masks are vitally vital but still not important enough for the government to issue actual protective masks. 

Apparently, masks are super important right up until the government is required to do something, then all bets are off. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

They're Not Elite, They're Just Privileged

Good round up here of the left's track record on the vaccine program. Executive Summary: they weren't just wrong, they were the wrongest people ever. 

Personally, I'm as shocked as anyone to find that our liberal elite turn out to a bunch of bone headed drones endlessly parroting moronic talking points. 

Still, even that's giving liberals too much credit. Lest we forget, the left's brains trust wasn't just 100% wrong about the UK's vaccine program, they actively tried to sabotage it:
In a particularly unhinged moment, for example, the Runnymede Trust race relations lobby group went to the High Court seeking to have [program head Kate Bingham's] appointment declared unlawful on the grounds that giving 'jobs for their mates' breached the Equality Act.
But, of course! The Deadliest Virus Evah might require national house arrest and Boris Burkas all round but God forbid anyone suggest that the race hustlers might want to park up the clown car for the duration. 

Plus how come no one wants to call them conspiracy nuts? That's literally what they are! They spread a conspiracy theory that the Government was handing over control of a vital program to some random crony when in reality she was clearly qualified. That's more obviously deranged than 90% of what the MSM calls conspiracy theories. How come no one wants to deplatform this group of leftists snoots...

OK, I guess I answered my own question! 

Being able to share unhinged racist conspiracy theories without consequences is the real privilege!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Church Of Covid Sets Up An Inquisition

Honestly, if there anything more tragic than wimpy snoots trying to sound all butch? 


It doesn't get better:
Sometimes, Stuart Ritchie feels like he’s being pursued by an army of smiley faces. The lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London, is not delusional: instead, and somewhat to his surprise, he is on the frontline of a coronavirus information war.
That's it, that's liberal heroism: a wacademic with a lectureship in buzzword studies spending his time cyberstalking critics of the government.

Totes normal, you guys!

Sign of a healthy democracy!

Has there been a better example of the fraudypants nature of the modern left than the Guardian trying to convince us that a publicly-funded purveyor of approved truthiness is some kind of rebel? 

Nothing says 'speaking truth to power' like shouting down anyone who disagrees with the Prime Minister!

But, as Bachman Turner Overdrive told us, bbbbbbbaby, you ain't seen nothing yet!

We don't just have phony rebels, we have the phony right too!
I think you can see that the government is indirectly influenced by [lockdown sceptics],” said Sam Bowman, director of competition policy at the International Center for Law and Economics and another of those behind the site...

With most of the group on the right – two thirds, Bowman estimates - there is a sense of reputation management, too. “We were both, independently, really aggravated,” said Bowman. “Maybe it’s the narcissism of small differences – seeing people who are also theoretically on the right making such dangerous claims, it’s exasperating.”
Yep, 'reputation management', that's it. That's why the grifters in 'right wing' think tanks have all embraced Lockdown4Eva. Nothing to do with protecting the interest of their corporate donors by driving smaller competitors out of business. 

Of course, if you want the best of both worlds, namely bleeding the taxpayer dry and grovelling to big corporations, nothing beats the average Tory MP: Hence we have this load of old pony from - guess who - Neil O'Brien aka the member for Amazon Prime:
“This idea it’s none of an MP’s business – trying to get to the facts of a deadly pandemic is absolutely an MP’s business,” O’Brien said. “You’ve got to look at people’s testable propositions and see how they’ve panned out. That’s how science works.”
Well, OK, then: how have Neil Ferguson's predictions held up? Or the claims that the 'high cycle' PCR test was totes reliable?  Or claims that Vitamin D had no protective benefit? Or......

Nope, he doesn't like those kind of facts. He's here to hold the public to account on behalf of the government, not the other way round. Hence why he never, ever, brings any of this rage to bear on the people responsible for the biggest single source of infection in Britain. 

Yep, he's a sleazy fraud, but what of the Guardian and the wider left? They're been pushing NHS atrocity stories for years (well, since 2010 anyway) and now they've finally got the Tories standing over a line of corpses, smoking gun in hand, they've suddenly decided that the real issue is the uppity peasantry. Sure, they may differ with weasels like Bowman and O'Brien on issues like Corporation Tax but when it all comes down to it, they really are all in this together. 

It's the ultimate irony of the Church of Covid: they've put on their Boris Burkas and taken off their masks.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Cuck Cucksplodes On The Launch Pad

True to it's mission statement aiming to 'push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking' UnHerd comes out with a post attacking... Donald Trump. 

Yeah, baby, they went there. Daring!

I know what you're thinking:
Hey, DJ, does the post by any chance include painfully pretentious pseudo-intellectualism and shoehorned in references to ancient history while never actually laying out any actual, specific charges against Donald Trump? 
You know it does!

Actually, it is groundbreaking in one respect: most TDS posts at least get through the first 100 words before going off the rails. Here are the opening words of this one:

It was one of the weirdest moments of the last four years: President Trump stood before a church, holding a Bible like he'd never seen one before.

Presumably, the point of the stunt last summer was to reassure godly Republicans that he was on their side, during the depths of the BLM protests and riots.

Just a random church? Or St John's Church in Washington DC, the one every US President had worshiped in, right up until Antifa savages tried to torch it the night before? 

That was why he was there - he was visiting the scene of the attempted arson of a historic building by fanatics. But never mind that, the key thing is he looked kind of weird - that's some top drawer intellectual analysis right there!

Meanwhile, what were the respectable conservatives doing? 

Hiding, mostly. That's what counts as morally upstanding in Cucklandia: being neutral on the whole 'desecrating churches' thing. The Republican establishment spent the whole summer AWOL while America's cities burned but now they're ready to take on the real enemy: their own voters. 

And it's not even as if the cucks can claim to be any good at winning elections. Weren't Mitt Romney and John McCain the poster boys for respectable conservatism? How did they do again? 

At least DJT won in the first place. These guys got wiped out at the ballot box but apparently, in the US just as in Britain, no matter how many times the cucks stand on the rake, the conservative movement will never need to move on from cuckservatism.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Guardian Doesn't Do Self-Awareness....

Well, that goes without saying, but this one is just special. 

(And not just because an academic at the LSE is calling other people privileged).

Yes, in a society that celebrates victimhood there's always a temptation to spin a grim oop North back story. But there's more to it than that:
Our findings indicate that such misidentifications are built on particular origin stories that people reach for when asked about their backgrounds. These accounts tend to downplay people’s own, fairly privileged upbringings and instead reach back into working-class extended family histories that incorporate grandparents and even great-grandparents. Here people find stories of the past – of working-class struggle, of upward social mobility, of meritocratic striving – that provide powerful frames for understanding their own experiences and identity.
Seriously? Was there no one in the office who suddenly found themselves thinking 'hmmmm...that sounds familiar'

Say, I wonder if there have been any other examples of people using supposed atrocity stories from the past to downplay their privilege and justify bad behavior? 
In our report, we argue that these intergenerational understandings of class origin should be read as having a performative dimension; they deflect attention away from the structural privileges these individuals enjoy, both in their own eyes but also among those they communicate their origin stories to in everyday life. At the same time, by framing their lives as an upward struggle against the odds, these interviewees misrepresent their subsequent life outcomes as more worthy, more deserving and more meritorious.
Oh really? People living absurdly privileged lives inventing bogus oppression to justify them acting like pigs? 

No, doesn't ring any bells at all. 

Like I said over at Julie's place re: Sharon the Starving Sumo Wrestler, this is the result of the left allowing thuggish enforcers to impose a cultish group think. There's no one left around to point out that half the Guardian's output is from race-hustling bums using exactly this kind of argumentation to explain why they earn six figures but they're the real victims and so it's oppressive to expect them to pay parking tickets.

Meanwhile, whatever the downside of pushing supposed meritocracy, it can't be nearly as damaging as having filthy rich celebs leaving their huge mansions just long enough to claim the system's rigged and there's no point even trying. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

This Is Perfectly Normal....

'Secret payments to public figures to push government policy'? 

You say that like it's a bad thing!

Government ministers paid £63,000 to 42 social media 'influencers' to promote the NHS Test and Trace service, it has been revealed.

The ad campaign, launched last year, saw celebrities including Love Island stars Shaughna Phillips and Josh Denzel share messages of support for the health service and its coronavirus testing system on platforms such as Instagram.

If the Government isn't up to something dodgy, it's sure in first place for the 'Best Impression of People Up To No Good' Award. 

Don't expect the MSM to object though - or if they do, it'll be just because they thought they had the monopoly on fanboying over authoritarian creeps.

And, yes, this guy is just one more of them telling us to barricade ourselves in the house to stop the vampires getting in, then going for a moonlight stroll. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

They Took A Knee...Right In The Nuts

Who says Sir Keir lacks the common touch? 

Labour today piled more pressure on Boris Johnson to shut down professional football after players flouted Covid-19 rules again and were accused of losing the 'moral case' to continue as infections rise and the NHS struggles to cope.

Yep, that will certainly win back those lost voters: demanding Lockdown Xtreme while making sure there's nothing to watch on the TV too. 

At risk of stating the obvious, given the insane amounts of money clubs pay to secure their player's services, the average Premiership training ground may be the safest place in the country. No one's going to pay forty million for a young starlet then not do everything they can to reduce the risk of losing him for six months to Chinese Lung AIDS. 

Hey, at least the training grounds are a lot safer than certain places I could mention. Someone should ask Sir Snooty about that.

I guess the player's union needs to start making those big donations to Labour. Kickback enough cash to Labour and not even killing people is enough to derail the gravy train (if only there was a well known former prosecutor the media could ask about that case). 

Of course that does raise the other point. Professional football has spent months literally bending the knee to the left. They fed the crocodile on filet mignon and now they're under the team bus. 

Shockingly, it turns out liberals are prepared to fill acres of newsprint hailing the courage of millionaires who denounce guys working the evening shift in Krap-e-mart for their white privilege but when push comes to shove, the essential rule of dealing with liberals is the same as it ever was: you can get in bed with the left but they won't respect you in the morning. 

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Today's 'Conspiracy Theory' Come True...

Hey, remember how people used to say that the liberals would hijack the 'Prevent' program to harass conservatives and the left said they were crazy? 

Eton College reported its dismissed Master to the anti-terrorism Prevent programme for allegedly advocating male supremacy and the glorification of violence.

The elite £42,500-a-year public school reported their concerns to their local authority over teacher Will Knowland's lecture.

School chiefs dismissed Mr Knowland after he refused to take down an online lecture tackling radical feminism and the concept of 'toxic masculinity' from his personal YouTube channel. 

Who knows? Maybe they were genuinely worried that he might be plotting to....what exactly? 

Make a really sarcastic video? Include a sock puppet called 'Ms Feminazi'? Or even escalate to doing a livestream?

The contrast with the treatment of the Manchester Arena bomber is striking.

As with much else in modern life, we're being asked to accept that there are two classes of people in the world. Our speech is violence but their actual violence is treated as all but a particularly colorful rhetorical flourish. 

A system that explicitly designates a large chunk of the population as an underclass deserves no respect. Hence why I refuse to be outrageously outraged by events in Washington right now.