Tuesday, February 02, 2021

They're Not Elite, They're Just Privileged

Good round up here of the left's track record on the vaccine program. Executive Summary: they weren't just wrong, they were the wrongest people ever. 

Personally, I'm as shocked as anyone to find that our liberal elite turn out to a bunch of bone headed drones endlessly parroting moronic talking points. 

Still, even that's giving liberals too much credit. Lest we forget, the left's brains trust wasn't just 100% wrong about the UK's vaccine program, they actively tried to sabotage it:
In a particularly unhinged moment, for example, the Runnymede Trust race relations lobby group went to the High Court seeking to have [program head Kate Bingham's] appointment declared unlawful on the grounds that giving 'jobs for their mates' breached the Equality Act.
But, of course! The Deadliest Virus Evah might require national house arrest and Boris Burkas all round but God forbid anyone suggest that the race hustlers might want to park up the clown car for the duration. 

Plus how come no one wants to call them conspiracy nuts? That's literally what they are! They spread a conspiracy theory that the Government was handing over control of a vital program to some random crony when in reality she was clearly qualified. That's more obviously deranged than 90% of what the MSM calls conspiracy theories. How come no one wants to deplatform this group of leftists snoots...

OK, I guess I answered my own question! 

Being able to share unhinged racist conspiracy theories without consequences is the real privilege!

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