Thursday, February 04, 2021

Party Like It's 1915!

Say, anyone remember how we were told masks totally worked?

It turns out it was all an Eurasian trick!

Those masks didn't, in fact, work but these new ones totally will!

Isn't that just special? 

Up until ten minutes ago if you questioned the efficacy of masks you, sir, were worse than Hitler! Now it turns out that us evil right wing loons were....right. 


Also correct: the theory that whatever happens, the answer is always moar masks!

That's how you know it's based on real science and totally not a cult: when the answer stays the same no matter what the results. 

Still, this does raise an interesting question. The last time there was large scale use of cloth masks was in April 1915 and that was only because our troops had nothing better to protect themselves with against German gas. As soon as possible the troops were issued with actual masks. But now the government is insisting that masks are vitally vital but still not important enough for the government to issue actual protective masks. 

Apparently, masks are super important right up until the government is required to do something, then all bets are off. 

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