Thursday, February 25, 2021

Britain: Where The Scientific Theories Never Work Out, But The Conspiracy Theories Always Do

Good news everyone! Someone's finally been forced out at Imperial College.

No, not for anything to do with the rubbish forecasts, don't be ridiculous! Phony predictions of the Apocalypse are one thing, but being rude to the pampered princes? Wholly unacceptable!

Isn't that just the perfect microcosm of where public life in Britain has gone wrong? 

Hitting the iceberg is fine, but you get thrown overboard for hashing anyone's mellow in the Wardroom. 

Lest we forget, this was the week we found out that the predictions were true -  visitors to Bournemouth last year were just like the US troops at the start of Saving Private the sense that both sets of people ended up on beaches. As far as similar death tolls go? Not so much. 

This gets to the heart of it: The Science predicted a massacre, mass slaughter failed to arrive, hence scientists have had no alternative but to.... keep using the same models that failed utterly. 

Like I keep saying, if your theories don't change no matter what the results say, in what sense are you doing science?   

(A vote of thanks too for the Lockdown4Eva fanatics. These results prove - again - that good airflow can massively reduce the risk from Covid but the same people who wax lyrical about muh saving lives refuse point blank to support any proposal whatsoever that doesn't start with 'L' and rhyme with Clocktown).

Meanwhile, one more 'conspiracy theory' turns out to be bang on:

Sir Patrick said the Government will keep a set of Covid measures after the country comes out olockdown and these could include wearing masks in public.

Government scientists have also suggested people may have to follow the 'baseline' measures indefinitely, even after the vaccination roll-out is complete. In a document discussing life after Covid, SAGE said keeping some social distancing measures were 'almost certain to save many lives and minimise the threat to hospital capacity'.

Yep, The Beast has tasted human flesh and now it is insatiable. 

Who could have predicted that allowing the Government to use an emergency to take our rights away would result in a country with no end of emergencies and a shortage of rights? 

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