Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"That Was No Lady, That Was My Fourth Wife"

Give it up Liberals! It's going to take more than 'Al Teri and Jhuan' to convince anyone that these freaks are sane.

On the plus side, at least we've got a leg up on who's behind the next wave of bombings.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Liberals: Focused Like A Laser On The Key Issues

One teenager stabs another teenager to death on a London street, and m'lud focuses on the key issue:
Judge Nicholas Cooke warned parents to be aware of the dangers to young girls wearing such combs as 'fashion accessories'.

He said: 'We heard evidence that a pintail comb can be used as a lethal weapon.

'We heard it can be worn in the hair as a fashion accessory.

'It can be as effective a killing instrument as a stiletto knife. It is not a very nice thing to have in your hair.'
Yes, indeed, that's the lesson of this case: the dangers of accessorising.

It doesn't even work as an argument. The more m'lud blames it on Vidal Sassoon, the more you have to go there: isn't the real issue with an... ahem... communidee where wearing a lethal weapon in your hair is considered normal?

Hey, sounds to me like an argument for some kind of power for the police to check for hidden weapons. We could even call it 'stop and search'.

Oops, just checked: there were no white guys involved so it's back as you were. Just one of them things, guv. Worse things happen at sea, you know.

Mind you, at least the Fashion Police might get some support from the Courts, because it looks like they've have opted out of dealing with real crimes:
Douglas, who had been sleeping rough at friends’ houses, was ordered to serve a minimum of 10 years after being convicted of murder last month.
I don't think bad hair styling is our biggest problem.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Feminism: A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Left

Dorothy, please!

Is anyone really surprised that the people who claim endlessly that everything in the world is 'just like rape' have suddenly decided sex without consent is nothing like rape?

Forget the ranting about how all men are rapists, it's always been noticeable that they don't seem to mind the men who really are rapists. Consider Exhibit A.

Yep, six years, or as we say oop North, 'three years'. That'll teach him.

If feminists were really that bothered about rape, they'd stop with the insane conspiracy theories about 'rape culture' and start protesting Turn 'Em Loose Bruce and the rest of his pals on the bench.

Ah yes.

That is the problem. That would bring them into conflict with the rest of the left, mired as it is in relativistic, 'who are we to say', moral squalor. And then there's Julian Rubbish PhD and the thousands - even tens of thousands- of leftists making a life and a living pushing pseudo-scientific drivel in the rehab industry. It turns out that rape is, like, kind of bad, but it's not worth the risk of liberals having to get real jobs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mister, We Could Use A Man Like Joe McCarthy Right About Now

Well, this certainly kills the myth that the chattering classes are soft on perverts.

It says a lot about where we're at as a society that our alleged betters insist that convicted paedophiles aren't dangerous, but passive smoking is. Apparently, it's true: enlightenment is just depravity gone to college.

But wait.... Tristan D'Arcy Hipster just e-mailed to say that there's no need to worry, our professional law enforcement personnel are on standby, ready to leap into action if any more offences are committed. Yes, indeed, just as soon as a threat appears the police will spring into action in a matter of months.

If this society really was in the grip of a 'paedo panic' we'd at least have MPs prepared to ask why these investigations are always pursued with all the vigour of an arthritic snail with a serious hangover.

Monday, August 06, 2012

It's The MIA-List

So farewell then, Louise Mensch, you were... kind of rubbish, actually.

But who'd have thunk that a whiny, professional victim parachuted into a provincial constituency would bail just as soon as she was expected to do some actual work?

Apparently, it may not have been have been just bigotry that explains why Louise and pals needed The Dave to foist them on the bumpkins. The average member of a constituency selection panel might not be on the guest list at anywhere hip, but they can spot a Wrong 'Un - they do better than the World's Smartest Man can, anyway.

All of which does kind of hint at just why the Tories are doing so badly. The A-List meant constituency parties, people who knew the local area and had years of experience in politics, were swept aside in favour of insular Metropolitan luvvies with impeccable media connections.

It's the perfect embodiment of Cameronism, combining both his narcissism - superficial nods to diversity to the contrary, these folks were virtually all from the same social circles as The Dave - and his superficial view of what government requires. These guys certainly looked and sounded just like MPs yet, unaccountably, it turns out that posturing hipsters are no good at waging the trench warfare required to actually get stuff done.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hey, You Know What We Need More Of Round Here?


I don't think it's 'Islamophobia' that's holding these people back...

Liberals Support Civil Liberties, Conservatives Support Real Ones

An Umanrites lawyer takes note of the rise of the Five-ohs Twitter Squad and announces that strong action must be taken.... to stop people saying stuff on twitter.

Somehow, 'Chilling Effect' doesn't quite capture the full effect of the suggestion that Twitter users should all but have the boys sent round to make sure they don't get no funny ideas about that there free speech rubbish.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Compare & Contrast: Special Death Threat Edition

Now that Dorset Police are busily trying to justify acting as enforcers for an over-exposed celebrity by claiming it was all about the death threats, it's worth remembering that the self-same force haven't always been so worried about the whole 'threat' thing...

Clearly, there are threats and there are threats.