Monday, August 06, 2012

It's The MIA-List

So farewell then, Louise Mensch, you were... kind of rubbish, actually.

But who'd have thunk that a whiny, professional victim parachuted into a provincial constituency would bail just as soon as she was expected to do some actual work?

Apparently, it may not have been have been just bigotry that explains why Louise and pals needed The Dave to foist them on the bumpkins. The average member of a constituency selection panel might not be on the guest list at anywhere hip, but they can spot a Wrong 'Un - they do better than the World's Smartest Man can, anyway.

All of which does kind of hint at just why the Tories are doing so badly. The A-List meant constituency parties, people who knew the local area and had years of experience in politics, were swept aside in favour of insular Metropolitan luvvies with impeccable media connections.

It's the perfect embodiment of Cameronism, combining both his narcissism - superficial nods to diversity to the contrary, these folks were virtually all from the same social circles as The Dave - and his superficial view of what government requires. These guys certainly looked and sounded just like MPs yet, unaccountably, it turns out that posturing hipsters are no good at waging the trench warfare required to actually get stuff done.


Ross said...

Is Adam Ricketts available to stand for the seat?

Nick said...

Sadly, the Telegraph on-line voters approved the proposition;"Yes, she is to be respected for putting her children's welfare before her own ambitions" by 60% to 39% going for "No, many hard-pressed parents struggle to balance work and family life. It is wrong to drop her constituency after two years." That's the 'graph, mind you! This may not all be over by Christmas, after all.

Mike Cunningham said...

The problem is, as Lord Tebbit wrote just a few days ago, is that the power has all been snatched away from the Constituencies, and landed in the lap of a bunch of retards like this lot.

I ask you, who is gonna vote for this vapid bunch of liars and hypocrites?