Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Compare & Contrast: Special Death Threat Edition

Now that Dorset Police are busily trying to justify acting as enforcers for an over-exposed celebrity by claiming it was all about the death threats, it's worth remembering that the self-same force haven't always been so worried about the whole 'threat' thing...

Clearly, there are threats and there are threats.


JuliaM said...

I took a wander through the electronic pages of the 'Bournemouth Echo' this morning. With all the stabbings, shootings, gang-related murders and ASBO shenanigans I wonder how they ever had time to go and call on one mouthy 17 year old...

North Northwester said...

Whoever received the message from the terror hotline or on 999 hears the horrible news that a ferry full of innocent people might soon be bombed with subsequent immediate deaths, near-deaths and mutilations, and perhaps a rapid capsizing and mass drownings. Children blown apart or sinking into the sea inside cars and cabins. They imagine these fearful possibilities and pass the message to the Special Branch who now have to decide what might be done and what must be done to alert all the emergency services: bomb disposal and ambulances are called out, fire brigade crews and perhaps air sea rescue are scrambled. Police abandon whatever useful work they might be doing and rush to the ferry port.
They do seem not to have initiated all of this but they might have, and that’s one hell of a nightmare for the honest coppers who faced the decision of how to respond.

You have to wonder about what goes through what passes for the minds of those entrusted with the task of protecting us and who say they care about us better than our own families:

# when the hoax and its perpetrator are exposed as a corrupt copper breaking the law and no arrest and preparations for his prosecution followed.

# when “'One officer even joked that he was "testing out the systems" and that has been given as the official line if anyone questions the incident.”

# when the party of law and order’s terrorism committee chairman responds:
“'If these allegations prove to be true then it seems to me very odd that this officer has not been prosecuted.
'I feel that the Home Secretary should step in and look at this'…. he thundered.

Don’t ferry travelers and all the people distressed down the line and those who had to do without some public service that day have human rights not to be maliciously inconvenienced? So where’s the human rights lobby calling for prosecution and compensation for the distress caused?

This is not lying to prevent a panic at a busy time but lying to protect a corrupt copper.
Where are the Lefty all-coppers-are-bastards brigade right now?

What gave this perpetrator of a criminal waste of police time and other resources the right to continue in uniform and to walk the streets a free man?

And what does a Muslim nut-job have to do in this country to be arrested and charged appropriately?

Um, and let’s hope nobody looks up his address on 192…

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