Thursday, August 23, 2012

Feminism: A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Left

Dorothy, please!

Is anyone really surprised that the people who claim endlessly that everything in the world is 'just like rape' have suddenly decided sex without consent is nothing like rape?

Forget the ranting about how all men are rapists, it's always been noticeable that they don't seem to mind the men who really are rapists. Consider Exhibit A.

Yep, six years, or as we say oop North, 'three years'. That'll teach him.

If feminists were really that bothered about rape, they'd stop with the insane conspiracy theories about 'rape culture' and start protesting Turn 'Em Loose Bruce and the rest of his pals on the bench.

Ah yes.

That is the problem. That would bring them into conflict with the rest of the left, mired as it is in relativistic, 'who are we to say', moral squalor. And then there's Julian Rubbish PhD and the thousands - even tens of thousands- of leftists making a life and a living pushing pseudo-scientific drivel in the rehab industry. It turns out that rape is, like, kind of bad, but it's not worth the risk of liberals having to get real jobs.


JuliaM said...

Oh, spot on!

North Northwester said...

Ooh! I get to use it twice in the same day. Say what you like about the Left, you can always rely on their inconsistency:

It’s curious that the Left goes from relative morality to absolutism as quick as (not) thinking. One moment they’re all “It’s not RAPE rape ” and the next they’re all “Better a thousand child-molesters go free than one paedophile who’s probably not offending right now should lose the deposit on his holiday.”

Let justice be done thought he heavens fall is kind of a dead white males meme, so why do the libtards adopt it so readily when nobody in important designated victim groups might get hurt and then drop it again when a more flexible approach to matters of right and, er, the other right ?

Tatty said...

Exhibit A: 16 year old female drinking in a pub walks home afterwards alone and gets raped by an illegal immigrant.

Okayyy....three criminal offences governed by a fair bit of legislation there and all deserving of far better enforcement and much heavier penalty than is currently applicable.

Shall we start there then ?

Or shall we just concentrate solely on the rapist...