Thursday, November 30, 2017

MSM: Who You Gonna Believe, Us Or Your Lying Eyes?

The MSM is outrageously outraged that President Trump retweeted a 'far right group's videos'- which turned out not to be a 'far right group's videos' in the sense of anyone on the far right making a video, but instead that a member of the far right pointed out other people's videos of things that have happened. Or, as we Earthlings call it, 'reporting'.

Literally, that's it. The (mostly mythical) 'far right' - and by extrapolation the President - are being accused by the MSM of passing on footage of stuff that actually happened. Let that sink in.

What does that say about the world view of the modern journalist? They're so deep in the tank that they can't even see that they're admitting they believe in censoring stories that don't support the narrative. Hence why we have absurd circumlocutions like this:
A spokesperson from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service told the BBC that the person arrested for the attaack "was born and raised in the Netherlands" and was not a migrant, as claimed in the social media post.
So does this 'person' have a name? And was he 'born and raised in the Netherlands' like the 7/7 bombers were born and raised in Britain? More to the point, note that the same MSM that is fascinated about where the President's tweets come from has no interest in reporting on the background of a violent thug. They're not speaking truth to power, they're speaking truth from power. Now shut up and drink the kool aid!

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Rehab Industry Has A Titanic Moment

Actually, that's unfair. The Titanic only hit the one iceberg, but John Venables is the gift that keeps on giving. Also: offending.

Lest we forget, this case was meant to be the flagship of the rehab industry. Hence the blank cheque:
The killer's new identity is protected by a lifelong anonymity order and has been changed four times since his release in 2001, costing taxpayers £250,000 each time, and around £5million in total has been spent trying to rehabilitate him.
Also worth noting: this guy was specifically released early so he wouldn't have to face the trauma of an adult jail. It would have set back his progress, apparently, and so he would never have become the model citizen he is today. Not only did no one in the rehab industry blow the whistle, they actually came out with stuff like this:
In fact, a report by famed psychiatrist Sir Michael Rutter release said Venables posed a 'trivial risk' to the public should he be released.
Don't send that guy to buy your lottery ticket!

Apparently, the rehab industry is based on science, just not the type of science that produces actual, reproducible results. See, this is why taking on the rehab industry is a key issue for the right. Not only because it's the right thing to do - though it is - or because it's a winning issue politically - though that's true too - it's because it's the Rosetta Stone of the left.

The fact that every time normal people get to peek behind the curtain of the rehab industry we see something that looks like Scientology, but without Tom Cruise or the high moral standards, isn't a problem for the left, it's the whole attraction. It just proves that only the truly sophisticated can understand the genius inherent in a toxic mess of Marxism, new age psychobabble and outright fraud. 

To borrow a line from Douglas Adams, for modern leftists supporting the rehab industry is an opinion held by all right-thinking people, who are largely recognizable as being right-thinking because they support the rehab industry. People who think Jean Piaget was a painter nevertheless are quite certain that the rehab industry is based on solid science. No, they can't actually explain how rehabilitation is meant to work or what techniques are used, but they're sure that anyone who says things like 'you can't rewire evil' is clearly some kind of dummy dumb-dumb low-life who probably voted leave. 

A vote of thanks too for the libertarian movement.  The State Is Not Your Friend... except if it wants  to move the Sunderland Slayer in next door to a young family, in which case a blank cheque and a complete lack of transparency is A-OK with these Neo wannabees. 

Hey, it's either that or risk their membership of the Smart Set. Ditto, with sword, oak leaves and gold cluster, Cuckservatives terrified someone might call them a suburban prole who Just Doesn't Get It. 

And that's how drivel took over the justice system!

The point is that on this issue, as on so many others,  the drooling masses of tabloid-readers, Ford owners, semi-detached dwellers and football watchers were....completely right. And the Julian D'Arcy Snivellington-Snides were wrong to the max. It was the Smartest People in the Room who fell for the retarded child of Karl Marx and Carmen Batmanghelidj and they can't quit even now
. The whole basis of the modern left is a bogus claim to intellectual superiority in the face of all the evidence.

Enough with the Conservative Cringe, we were right, we are right, and all the left has left is sniffy denial.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Social Justice Vs Real Justice: Choose One

For those few still wondering if things are really that bad in the Nu Police, consider events in just one force area, with these few links via Julia...

Yep, it's hard to have that much sympathy for this guy, but what's with this...
Sussex Police do not investigate such cases of fraud unless they class the victim as vulnerable.
Instead, they refer them to Action Fraud, which happened in this incident. 
Wait, what?  I mean, I know these guys are well paid, but I'm not sure Joe Public exactly considers robbing £32,000 to be petty crime

But let's cut them some slack. There's them there Tori Cutz! Plus the Internet is the Wild West de nos jours. How can we expect law enforcement to pour resources down the black hole of the online world?


Yep, plenty of resources to track down anyone who says 'Jehovah' apparently. It's not the cuts, they've made a choice to prioritise waging culture war over dullsville crimes with actual victims.

But I know what you're thinking! What if someone stole £32,000 off someone and called them a fag? Would they investigate then?

The answer's yes, but not if the victim's conservative. Ask Milo Yiannopoulos or Anne Marie Waters for proof of that.

The problem with all this is not just that replacing Dixon of Dock Green with Doxon of Dick Dream means there's no one left to do actual policing, or even that it allows girly hysterics like PC Princess to persecute the non-insane. The problem is that once any organisation has been fully captured by SJWs, the actual business of that organisation becomes a distant second to the need to push their own loony views.

Consider this:
POLICE knew that Robert Trigg had been present when two of his girlfriends mysteriously died in their sleep. At least two Sussex Police officers dealt with the deaths of both Caroline Devlin on 2006 and Susan Nicholson in 2011 but he was not suspected of killing the women for another five years, Lewes Crown Court heard.
Hey, who knows? He might be a criminal genius and a superb actor. I'm sure the police have nothing to hide...
Trigg’s trial over the two women’s deaths heard police investigators’ notebooks were no longer available and a video of Trigg’s first interview with police had also gone missing.
'Missing' in the normal people sense, or 'missing' in the Hillsborough sense? Actually, which would be worse? Absent corruption, we're dealing with a police service that can't manage to file things properly even when there's a suspicious death involved.

That's what happens when the SJWs take over. The requirement to believe the obviously ludicrous - like, say, that stealing £32,000 is petty crime but calling people 'fags' is super serious - is demoralising in both senses of the word. Who has the time to do real work when they have to keep up with the ever-changing list of things that must be either hysterically denounced, or fanatically defended? And so previously sane organisations start to resemble cults, complete with heretics, saints and martyrs.