Thursday, November 30, 2017

MSM: Who You Gonna Believe, Us Or Your Lying Eyes?

The MSM is outrageously outraged that President Trump retweeted a 'far right group's videos'- which turned out not to be a 'far right group's videos' in the sense of anyone on the far right making a video, but instead that a member of the far right pointed out other people's videos of things that have happened. Or, as we Earthlings call it, 'reporting'.

Literally, that's it. The (mostly mythical) 'far right' - and by extrapolation the President - are being accused by the MSM of passing on footage of stuff that actually happened. Let that sink in.

What does that say about the world view of the modern journalist? They're so deep in the tank that they can't even see that they're admitting they believe in censoring stories that don't support the narrative. Hence why we have absurd circumlocutions like this:
A spokesperson from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service told the BBC that the person arrested for the attaack "was born and raised in the Netherlands" and was not a migrant, as claimed in the social media post.
So does this 'person' have a name? And was he 'born and raised in the Netherlands' like the 7/7 bombers were born and raised in Britain? More to the point, note that the same MSM that is fascinated about where the President's tweets come from has no interest in reporting on the background of a violent thug. They're not speaking truth to power, they're speaking truth from power. Now shut up and drink the kool aid!

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JuliaM said...

That second term for Trump is looking a lot more likely than a white Christmas...