Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Get Woke, Go Home

Just checking: are the England football team still the flagship of Woke Britannia or nay? 

Nope, I guess it's a modern Cinderella story: the Woke Warriors went to the (foot)ball, but just on the stroke of the final whistle, they suddenly turned back into mice. 

Honestly, it's intriguing to watch the NPC update in progress. When they were winning, it proved wokeness was the way of the future and you needed to get with the Nu Brit program, pal! Now? Suddenly there are no wider conclusions whatsoever to be drawn from it all. 

For the record, reaching the quarter finals isn't all that. England managed it under the famously disastrous - so the MSM said - reign of Sven Goran Ericksson. Twice. 

Say, how come the quarter finals are a disaster when it's the foreign guy in charge but success when it's a Brit. Sounds kind of..... xenophobic. 

But no, we all know why Slippery Southgate is off the hook. He's the Neil Ferguson of football. His  politics are impeccable even if reality keeps letting him down. 

As Paul Joseph Watson said, they started on their knees and they went out on their knees. 

They supported Totally Not BLM, just happening to give exactly the same salute as BLM members and using the same rhetoric but different...somehow. 

Don't expect the MSM to ask them what it is they do support, if not BLM, though. They've spent years not asking 'caring' Marcus Rashford about his rumoured exotic tax affairs so they aren't about to ask anyone any difficult questions about what, say, 'inclusion' actually means anyway. 

Hey, if it wasn't for an ill-judged attempt at the sympathy vote following a burglary, they'd never have told us that Brother Raheem is Keeping It Real from inside a mansion in a gated community in Surrey.

That's the thing right there. Brother Raheem ranting about sticking it to The Man, while his butler feeds him quail eggs on a silver platter isn't even in the top half of bad things these guys get up to. Modern football is a gold-plated sewer, and a smarter, more vigorous Tory Party - in short, one that actually considered 'electability' as something more than just an excuse to avoid any actual conservatism - would be making sure people remember that the left chose to embrace these guys.  But no, apparently, expecting actual drive from the Tory Party is like expecting a guy on a six figure salary to be able to hit the goal from twelve yards. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sports Journalists Are The Journalists Of Journalism

All the unwarranted self-esteem but even lower IQs, you guys!

Even these guys know they suck, hence why they're desperate to report on anything except sportsball. No, they all want to report on how some barely literate loser in Nuneaton tweeting the N-word at St Raheem of Sterling exposes the dark side of conservatives, Brexit, Brexitey conservatives and, basically, anything liberals hate. 

Now they're all claiming to be shocked - shocked - that a Middle Eastern country applies Islamic law. 

Well, either that or they've belatedly discovered that Islamists are not just Guardian reading liberals except with more impressive beards. 

Who could have known? Well, no one, except the right but every time we tried to warn them they claimed we were a bunch of barely literate losers who just want to tweet the N-word at St Raheem.

Hey, MSM, who are the morons now, huh? 

These guys really are the living embodiment of the old line about people who stumble over the truth then pick themselves up and carry on regardless. Hey, it's either that or getting an actual 'job' and who needs that? 

Monday, November 07, 2022

They Want Us Silenced, We Want Them To Speak Up

Say, did I miss anything while I was tied up?

Nothing good, that's for sure.

On the plus side, Becky from HR failed to become Tory leader for the second time so I can reuse my old joke about her self-identifying as PM. 

Also, we've finally found an immigrant from Africa who really is doing a job the locals just wouldn't do, namely cleaning up Twitter. 

Obviously Elon Musk buying Twitter is a good thing but it is kind of depressing that in just over a week he's fired more blue-haired loonies than the Tories have managed in twelve years. 

The cucks claim the Tory Party has to keep selling out its base to have any hope of winning elections. Meanwhile, liberals are panicking that they'll now no longer have thousands of commissars on Twitter censoring conservative thought. So apparently soi dissant conservatives claim they can't sell actual conservativism but liberals think they'll be swept aside once they have to face conservatives on a level playing field. 

They can't both be right!

Personally, I think that - for possibly the first time ever - the liberals are right. Consider one of the Twitter accounts that enrages them above all others:  Libs of TikTok. It's just what it sounds like, an account that showcases stuff liberals have posted on TikTok. You may think they'd be happy to have their stuff passed on to a wider audience....

Reader, they are not. 

Libs of TikTok was subject to all manner of harassment from the old regime at Twitter - plus a whole bunch of real world trouble too. The same people who claim conservatives are creepy fringe weirdoes really don't like the public finding out what they really believe. 

That's the difference right there. Liberals want us no-platformed, we want them pro-platformed. We positively insist they speak out. If it was up to me I'd have them on TV 24/7 - the only caveat would be that they have to make their case on their own, with no sympathetic interviewer there to lob them softballs and keep them on the rails. Who wouldn't watch 'Riding With Raheem' - Raheem Sterling is driven round the country in a solid gold Rolls Royce meeting fellow race hustlers and accusing random farmers, postmen and plumbers of oppressing him with their white privilege? 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Becky From HR Fails In Tory Leadership Bid

OMG! Penny Mordaunt has, like, totally failed to become Tory leader. 


The good news is that she can still identify as a Tory leader, so there is that. 

On the down side, nearly 30% of Tory MPs actually voted for this walking NPC. 

There're the well-known controversies, like self-ID,  but it's also clear that, once you get behind the vacuous public image, she has hidden shallows. 

The big advantage Becky has is that when she comes out with some leftist nonsense the leftism tends to distract people from the underlying absurdity of the statement. What does 'change is the engine room of equality' even mean anyway? It's like something from a woke fortune cookie.

Apparently, Becky saw Liz Truss modelling herself on St Margaret and thought 'I'll do the same, except with Meghan Markle'. 

Again, this is what over a hundred Tory MPs voted for. These are the guys who don't think their members should have a vote until they've already whittled the candidates down to two. They say their party believes in trusting the people, but then they claim even their own members don't have the very special super genius required to select viable candidates. 

After all, the base might vote for some kook, instead of a proven vote winner, like the woman who wants Joe Voter's five year old daughter sharing a changing room with a woman with a beard (and lies about it even though she's on tape saying so), hangs out with jihadist nutcases and hates 'Dad's Army'. 

This, THIS, is what the voters are crying out for!

Friday, July 15, 2022

I Don't Think A New Leader Will Fix This...

Start as you mean to go on you cucks!

The Tory Party's first leadership debate is tonight and so naturally they've decided to hold it on GB News...

No, just kidding, it's Channel 4. 

Of course it it. Why wouldn't you hold it on such a famously unbiased channel

Just to ram the point home, the moderator is Krishnan Guru-Murphy, the sneery rich kid race hustler. 

And, seriously, if a born filthy rich, private school & Oxford educated Metro media lovey can't speak for the conservative base, who can? 

There's a serious point here. Why is the Tory Party giving credibility to a liberal cess pit like Channel 4 anyway? 

Nothing these people are involved in qualifies as 'journalism' by any reasonable definition. Expect ninety minutes of stupid gotchas, 'have you stopped beating your wife' and the loony obsessions of Metropolitan wokies. 

The point is the modern Tory Party is useless as an ally and harmless as an enemy. They won't do anything to help their base but they'll pander to a bunch of smug North London prats who will never vote for them in a million years. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Rainbow Utopia Postponed Again

Good news everyone! We've finally got the left to understand that not all claims of discrimination are valid:
In short, this survey was likely completed by individuals already conscious of and concerned with prejudice and discrimination against [REDACTED I] in America. This does not invalidate the report, but it does suggest that its results may not be a good representation of [REDACTED II] experiences and views.
And what is REDACTED I and REDACTED II you ask? Well, that's the thing....

REDACTED I is Dalits i.e. low caste Hindus and REDACTED II is Indian Americans. 

Call me cynical but I'm guessing if the Dalits were complaining about heritage Americans suddenly we'd be expected to swallow these atrocity stories whole. 

It's just like how everything is raciss except for grooming gangs which are just random collections of people with nothing in common whatsoever. 

In fact, it's worse than that. These kind of surveys are exactly the kind of thing the spoilt daughters of Brahmin caste immigrants cite as proof that the West sucks. Not only are they taken as proof positive of discrimination in those cases, we're definitely not allowed to ask if their upbringing as members of a supposed elite might have possibly, just maybe, given them absurd expectations of deference from all and sundry. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

They're Called The Gaystapo For A Reason

Annnnd just like that, another deranged right-wing conspiracy theory turns out to be..... completely true. 

We were right and the left wasn't just wrong, they lied about it for nearly two years. 

You can't call it unprecedented. It's not even unprecedented in West Yorkshire. 

Still, you have to give the spineless weasels in local government this much: we're not talking about people who take criticism well. 

Yes, indeed. Compare them to Nazis and they'll demand you are swept away as though by a purifying wind. 

Hey, you know what would make people think better of the Pink Mafia? If they were as outraged at people who let a child die as they are at someone mocking the Holy Month of Pink. 

Anyone think we should 'investigate' the Do Nothing Squad? Anyone at all? 

And so again we're back to one of my favourite themes: why is the British right so spineless? The left got massive mileage out of pushing the whole 'paedo priests' thing, now we have the anti-matter version of this with the same kind of cover ups and wilful blindness in the left's own priesthood, but the cucks think it's a losing issue. 


This is our alleged professional conservative genius set: people who are worried about losing votes by being too hard on organisations that cover up paedophilia. To state their position clearly is to refute it, but apparently we're the crazy ones. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

King Unknown The First Outlaws Britain

Bad news everyone! Apparently, the Government can put you under house arrest, close down your business and deny you cancer treatment but they can't deport the Beast of Benghazi. 

It's against his umantites, innit?

The Beast wants safe haven but Rwanda doesn't count... for reasons. 

And that's why conservatives are racists! I'm willing to bet not one in a thousand of these morons could explain what's actually wrong with Rwanda. Nope, we're just meant to accept that it's full of.... those people

They never quite say what they mean but, then again, why would they have to? It's not like they need to appeal to actual voters. The Labour Party - aka the former People's Party - only campaigns in one constituency these days: Judgesham-on-sea. 

Meanwhile, the Cuckservatives refuse to draw the obvious conclusion from a Labour Party afraid even to state clearly what it believes. Like I keep saying, the left doesn't rely on judges to get its agenda through because its policies are popular. 

Besides, as the saying goes, justice must not only be done, but must be done behind closed doors with zero transparency. 

At least I think that's how it goes. Still, at least it's a reminder that for all the 'Putin supports Brexit' talking points, it always seems to be the Eurocrats that are down with Mother Russia. 

The only real issue I have with talk of 'foreign judges' is that it presupposes there is such a thing as a 'British' judge. 

Nope, all the judges round here are clearly proud citizens of the Republic of Davos.  Meanwhile, just like the Rwandans, we're barbarous, primitive natives needing to be civilised by our betters. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Wenches Witch Hunt Witch Hunter, Witch Hunter Whines

Shocking news everyone! Despite the ongoing purge of straight white guys, it turns out showbiz is not, in fact, a rainbow utopia after all. 

Bring out the nano violins, ready to play the saddest song ever:

Noel Clarke's twin Bafta statuettes sit on the bookshelves of his West London home. 

Once they represented the pinnacle of his achievement as an actor, writer, producer and director. Today the bronze faces stare blankly out over a career that lies in tatters.
Quick quiz: can you name the movies he got those awards for? 

Can anyone? 
He'd traced his roots in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and written and starred in the acclaimed Hood Trilogy of youth culture films, directing two of them
Yep, he's another black guy who makes programs about being a black guy. That's his whole thing. 

It was working as well:
Today he is a pariah after a string of highly damaging allegations led to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts suspending his membership, and withdrawing his 2021 Bafta award for outstanding contribution to British cinema just nine days after he was handed the coveted gong.
Outstanding contribution you guys! 

Yeah, I'd like to see the working out on that calculation. What are the odds that anyone in Bafta could explain just what was so 'outstanding' about it all? 

But the real problem with victimhood poker is that sometimes other players will call you out:

Clarke, 46, a married father-of-four, is accused of being a sexual predator and a bully. Allegations – made by more than 20 women and spanning a 15-year period – include claims of unwanted touching or groping, sexually inappropriate behaviour and comments on set, the covert filming of a naked audition and the sharing of explicit pictures without consent.

Clarke, who grew up in a tough and impoverished part of West London, vehemently denies the claims. He has not, he says, been granted the presumption of innocence, let alone a fair hearing.

So is he guilty? Maybe, maybe not, but in so far as these are specific allegations from actual, named people, they're at least 10,000 x more credible than the racial atrocity stories this grifter has built his career on. 
He acknowledges that not all of his past behaviour has been beyond reproach, particularly when events of almost two decades ago are judged by the standards of today.
Two decades ago. So, you know, 2002.

You remember the crazed, anything goes culture of the Blair years, right? 

We're not talking 'Life On Mars' territory here. 

Norwegian film producer Synne Seltveit claims that Clarke slapped her buttocks during a night out in Glasgow in 2015 and then later sent her an explicit picture via Snapchat.

On her first allegation, Clarke responds with a clear denial: 'I never slapped her bottom and would never have done that.'

But his response to her second allegation is less definite.

And really who amongst us can be expected to keep track of who we've sent pictures of our genitals to? 
Asked if he regrets this and wishes he had been more circumspect, he says again: '100 per cent.' Similarly, he concedes that he may have sometimes been 'over-tactile' but says he has never groped or tried to kiss a woman who 'didn't want to be kissed'.
Given that this is a guy who can't write a birthday card without including a scene where a hot, white girl jumps into bed with his character, I going to go out on a limb and suggest his definition of 'want' may be a little broad.

And that's the sauce for the goose aspect of it all. The law defines an incident as 'racist' if anyone believes it is racist. Crazy? Maybe, but that what it says. Meanwhile, we're apparently not allowed to ask if the complainants had anything in common? Say, ethnicity? 

It's probably nothing. 

A vote of thanks too for the feminists. They've spent decades claiming sexual harassment is about power not sex, now suddenly we have a race-obsessed nut who keeps getting involved in bizarre incidents with women of a certain ethnicity and they've taken a vow of silence. 

Everything is sexist, except for naked auditions which are totally a normal thing. 

Even now the race card is still working for him, it's just not working quite as well as before. Someone should have told him: When you play the game of victimhood, you win or you die!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Your Pay Hasn't Been 'Frozen' It's Just Held Up In Traffic By A Protest

Sometimes there is justice in the world... the very people who were delighted to use the Former World's Deadliest Virus as an excuse to harass anyone with an actual, productive job are now shocked - shocked - to find that the after-effects are hitting them in the pocket. 

Who knew that morally, legally and scientifically dubious lockdowns would impact on the public finances? 

Also shocking: it turns out that the entire human right lobby was not, in fact, wiped out by covid after all. They were just pining for the fjords while the Government used bogus figures from its own employees to bring in national house arrest and crush small businesses. 

But now they're back baby!

But Amnesty International UK's policing expert warned that arming volunteer officers is 'dangerous' and will inevitably lead to 'more instances of misuse, serious harm and death from Tasers'. 

Oliver Feeley-Sprague.....

Stop laughing you oiks! 

Oliver Feeley-Sprague, a member of the independent advisory group to the National Police Chiefs' Council lead on Tasers....

Well, isn't that just great? The public had the opportunity to vote for a party that was totally in tune with Amnesty International's agenda in December 2019... and they gave the other guys an eighty-seat majority but apparently none of that matters. Amnesia Intentional (motto: just forget about how many of our baby seals have turned out to be spitting cobras)  might be toxic at the ballot box but that's no reason why they can't drive public policy. 

Mandate? They don't need no stinking mandate!

Back to my usual point: if the cuckservatives really were all about electability, well, here's a £1,000 note lying on the ground that none of them want to pick it up. Kicking these entitled snooty prats to the kerb would do more for the Tories electoral prospects than any number of fine-tuned facebook ads and cutesy slogans. But no, they won't do it. 

Spoiler alert: the left doesn't rely on obscure committees operating closed doors because its agenda is popular, and the cucks don't oppose actual conservatism because it isn't. 

Monday, May 09, 2022

It's Their Country, We're Just Living In It

Ah show biz... sometimes it's stupid and toxic, other times it's just the opposite: toxic and stupid. 

Still, as long as politics are downstream of culture we need to pay attention to it all. After all, you can't have kids growing up immersed in leftist garbage and then expect them to go straight to voting conservative once they turn eighteen. 

Then there's the other thing - how liberal behave in show biz reveals how they would behave everywhere else if they had that same level of domination. 

All of which is why we have to talk about the whole Doctor Woke fiasco. 

Reminder: if the BBC just wanted to have a black lead in Doctor Who they could have bought back Jo Martin. Her Doctor had some real gravitas, some actual depth - which is more than we ever had with Jodie Whitaker's portrayal of the Doctor as some kind of Galactic children's TV presenter. 

But no: instead they went with this guy, no doubt based on his previous work in... [checks notes] Netflix's 'Sex Education'. 

In case you haven't seen that show, to name it is to know it for the desperate exercise in try-hard edginess that it is. What it isn't is anything close to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. 

True, he is - allegedly - an actor so maybe he has the necessary range but given that he's taken over an iconic character and all he can talk about is muh representation I'm not hopeful. 

Yeah, yeah, I can see you've given some deep thought to what you can bring to the role. 

In so far as he seems to think that casting a black actor in a sci-fi/fantasy series is some kind of ground-breaking moment in pop culture history he doesn't seem to know much of anything about the genre he's supposed to be working in anyway. 

Basically, he's Jodie Whitaker Mark II, with race husting in place of girrrrl powah nonsense. 

The bottom line is that this guy hasn't been cast because he can bring anything to the sci-fi/fantasy genre, he's been cast because he can't. The BBC has always been deeply embarrassed by the Doctor Who fanbase - they'd really much rather pander to the kind of groovy teachers and disco vicars who watch 'Sex Education' hence this latest attempt to turn 'Doctor Who' into 'Sex Education in Space'. 

Yeah, yeah: you can make your own jokes, but the thing is that a lot of the 'Doctor Who' audience is geeky, kind of loser-y and just a bit weird and that's the point. The show managed to score lucrative overseas sales and merchandising deals while still being a a show for the people left on the kerb by the rest of our culture. It's for all the kids for whom travelling to another planet is only as unlikely as getting an invite to a cool party. 'Doctor Who' gave them a sense of belonging and hopefulness even when nothing else could and now the BBC - our public service broadcaster remember - is taking it away from them just out of spite. 

To the point: at any one time there are approximately eighty-six shows catering to the same North London wannabe cool wine aunt demographic as 'Sex Education' but it turns out eighty-six shows at once just aren't enough. No, Gaia forbid that one show should cater to the nerds. Literally everything on TV must be made for people in Islington. This is not representation, it's the exact opposite, a load of arrogant Metropolitan elitists are outraged that there is one - one - show on TV that doesn't pander to them. 

Everything must be about them at all times.  

This is who they are. They think they should get their way always even when they, say, lose a  referendum. Doesn't matter! Leave voters are losers so their votes shouldn't count anyway. 

Ditto, it's why Sir Kneealot went big on Partygate even while out in the real world household budgets were being crunched. Paying bills is boring and provincial, bogus thespian outrage is where it's at!

The British left has become what it once opposed, an incestuous and insular elite living lives of absurd privilege and sneering at the rest of the country. 

And their shows are rubbish too. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Electability: It Used To Be A Thing

Hey, I'm so old I can remember Fat Dave Cameron's Reign of Error when we were constantly told that the Tory Party had to throw any conservatism whatsoever overboard in pursuit of the votes of a supposed group of moderates who would totally vote Conservative except for the whole 'conservatism' thing. 

It was all about 'electability' you guys!

How times have changed - and not just because the party of BoJo and Crazy Dom Cummings managed to get more than twice as many votes in one go as electoral super genius Fat Dave managed in two attempts combined. Don't be shocked, but with vague signs of actual conservatism in the Conservative Party, the cucks have suddenly decided that crude vote chasing in no substitute for principle after all. Nope, now they've finally found some hills that are worth dying on. 

Like the very vital human right of spoilt rich kids to harass member of the public. 

Or protecting members of one of our most vulnerable communities: sex offenders. 

And yes, that is *that* Crispin Blunt.

Truly, he is a vote-winning machine. Either that or 'electability' was only ever a bogus concept used to purge anyone with actual conservative views from the Grifters Party. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

A Cuck Gets Capped

Like I keep saying, you can get into bed with the left but they won't respect you in the morning. Latest example of this rule: former future Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Hey, it seems like only yesterday he climbed aboard the SS Strange New Respect by endorsing the left's screechy eye-scratchy attack on BoJo for mentioning the Jimmy Saville thing. Apparently it was outrageously outrageous to suggest that the head of the Crown Prosecution Service has any influence over prosecutions. 

And that's how Rishi Sunak got the enduring gratitude and affection of the left!

Remember: this is the guy that the Professional Conservative Brains Trust was assuring us was a political genius. These cucks are still out there now, trying to stop anyone pointing out the absurdity of the left's position.  What is the left's point after all? That billionaire globalists have utter contempt for the countries they pretend to be loyal to? 

Yes, I do believe some of us have already noticed that. Meanwhile, the left (and the cucks) have spent years calling anyone who mentioned it a Nazi. They might not like billionaires but if it was a choice between supporting them or being on the same side as actual patriots? 


Monday, March 28, 2022

Annnd It's Still Not About Slavery....

For possibly the first time ever, I actually think the race hustlers have a point. Bearing in mind that everyone knew he'd have to address the issue of slavery when touring the Caribbean, surely Prince William could have come up with something less pathetic than this? 
This is complicated, the issues themselves aren't complicated. All the repercussions if diplomatic relations and dealing with other countries and other organisations are extremely complicated.
Just kidding! 

That's actually leftist pin-up Gareth Southgate talking about the slavery that's happening RIGHT NOW in Qatar. 

No wonder they're talking about Southgate as a potential Labour MP - that response was truly Starmeresque. I can't wait to see what he thinks a woman is!

Apparently, Prince William is required to all but self-immolate to make up for slavery two hundred years ago, but champagne socialist Southgate can get away with generic blather like this safe in the knowledge that no one in the access media will ask him any difficult questions about his absurd position. 

Ditto - with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster - race hustlers like Raheem Sterling, Tyrone Mings and their pals. The MSM have spent years ignoring their sponsorship deals with extremely dodgy leisurewear companies and they're not going to start asking awkward questions now. 

On the plus side the good thing about having your clothes made in Chinese labour camps is that you don't have to worry that you'll get a badly produced shirt just because the slaves were slacking off on a Friday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, back in the real world, if the England team held a minute's silence for every slave killed building the World Cup stadiums, they'd be there for four and a half days. On the other hand, there's no evidence that any of the dead ever held a gun to pregnant woman's belly like St George of Floyd, so why should we bother commemorating such losers anyway? 

Besides, you know, it's complicated!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I Don't Think It's The 'Slavery' That's The Issue....

Nothing to see here, just the Church of England putting up a monument to a slaver...and you probably will guess why. 
What the Cathedral describes as 'a bold new artwork' is a twelve-foot-tall bright red effigy of the ruler of the African kingdom of Benin, Oba Ovonramwen, who was deposed by a British expedition in 1897. There is no doubt about the celebratory intention of this work: its artist, Victor Ehikhamenor, describes it as 'reawakening Oba Ovonramwen and every other person that was violated during that oppressive attack on the Benin Kingdom.'
Yep, sometimes it's so blatant even The Cucktator has to acknowledge it.

Wait until someone tells this Victor guy about the oppressive attack on the Confederacy. 

For now though, I note a complete lack of effigies of Jefferson Davies in Anglican Cathedrals. 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

It's A Big (Football) Club And You Ain't In It

Ah yes, the Football Association, where soccer is a mere backdrop to the real business of pandering to the chattering class.

First up, let's see how black stacks up against gay in FA Victimhood Poker: 

Middlesbrough defender Marc Bola has been warned and ordered to complete an education course over a homophobic social media post from when he was 14.

Bola, now 24, accepted a Football Association charge brought after the historic tweet, written in April 2012 when he was a child at the Arsenal Academy, came to light last year.

Yeah, take that you fiend! Zero tolerance for children making a single offensive tweet even if it was ten years ago!

I guess that means gay beats black this time around. 

Don't be shocked though but the rules are a little different for the really important people:

The complaint has been dealt with in the strictest confidentiality inside the FA, who are understood to have offered guidance and advice to John. 
The informal letter cites a number of instances where the employee believes John has over stepped the mark. 
John, in the complaint, is accused of shouting, being dismissive, giving unjust criticism, using aggressive tactics and malicious behaviour.
Yep, she's promoting diversity one Downfall video level freakout at a time. 

In a statement released to Sportsmail, John said: ‘At the heart of who I am, I’m an activist and am direct in my communication style.

Yep, just what football needs: an activist. 

Hey, is it worth asking if, say, the people in the Northern Wall get any activist representation or is that the wrong kind of activism?

As a senior Black woman joining the football-industry in the middle of a pandemic, I am honoured that The FA empowered me to try to be a change agent. 
‘A challenge of driving change is that sometimes, I have to be uncomfortably direct. I ask the questions that no-one wants to ask. I have difficult conversations about topics that people haven’t engaged on for centuries and doing that can mean pushing boundaries and people.
Yep. Centuries, my dudes, Centuries. 

Actual founding date of the FA: 1863. 

She clearly has a deep love and passion for our national sport. 

Also: maths is racisss!
‘I have and always will listen to feedback and continue to grow daily as a leader and I hope that the leeway and scope that we as society afford strong, opinionated and vocal Black women continues to grow with me.’
Hey, is it just me or are other people beginning to suspect that she may be both black and a women?

I keep picking up subtle hints.  

Still, if that's the way she wants to play it, what does she think about the time black footballers were caught hanging out with a racist loon?

Any comments, Ms Activist? 

Or how about the time one of Britain's top clubs tried to destroy a man's career with bogus accusations of racism? 

Is the FA now officially neutral on whether or not referees have the right to do their job without fear of retaliation? 

Big clubs pressuring match officials to give decisions their way seems like it could be even more important than naughty tweets. 

And then there's her other claim to victimhood. What does she think about the  situation at Aston Villa? One of their highest profile players slimed the most senior women in British politics using racially-tinged and certainly misogynistic language. 

Does Ms Activist really think women who say things men don't like are provoking trouble or should England footballers maybe try and sound less like the average wife-beater? 

Hey, I only mention it because  it turns out the same club has had a player convicted of a brutal, possibly racially aggravated, rape. 

As Oscar Wilde might say, to hire one misogynistic moron may be unfortunate, but to have two on the books looks like a cultural issue (and he was gay so his view counts double).

But, no, apparently, she's not always 'vocal'! Either that, or she has no strong opinions one way or the other about the whole 'rape' thing (and don't you dare ask her how she defines a woman). 

Then again, why would she not slither away from any difficult issues? When even the supposedly 'right-wing' Daily Mail won't carry any criticism of her without immediately undercutting it with her own self-glorifying twaddle, it's not like she has anything to fear from the palace eunuchs in the MSM. That's the real issue here. 

The fact she is an obnoxious race-hustling piece of crap is her problem, the fact that our demented society has allowed her to make a life and living from it is our problem. 

Saturday, March 05, 2022

Ukraine? What About Mekraine?

Looks like not everyone is onboard with the sudden pivot to all Ukraine, all the time:
Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine could trigger a Covid surge, the editor of a top medical journal has warned.
Honestly, these people are insufferable! They're like 1980s pop stars still trying to trade on their 15 minutes of fame. 

The thing I always remember most about working with Elton was....

Stay strong guys! They'll be a Channel 5 documentary looking back to the good old days of Covid sooner or later. Start polishing your anecdotes now. 

But let's not accuse this guy of just being a self-obsessed grifter - he's also a woke prat:
He warned that 'the burden of war falls mostly on women and children', with 10million children aged five and younger having died in conflicts in the 20 years up to 2015
Yep, the men are all tucked up safe and loving it in the front line. Bunker? More like Fun-ker, am I right, girls? 

The one thing this whole fiasco has confirmed above all else is that our 'elite' are not serious people.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

We Have The Elitism, Just Not The Elite

Things are looking pretty grim in the Ukraine but the good news is that the Russians have already lost 1,500,000 troops according to Neil Ferguson's modelling.

Yep, remember him? Back in the old days, when Covid was in all the papers until it suddenly wasn't. 

It must have been run over by a Russian tank. 

Also dead: misinformation. The usual suspects have spent the last two years insisting that only Very Special Certified Facts are allowed. Now suddenly the same folks are telling us that Boris Johnson is totally a Russian agent. 

Apparently, he's a Russian agent who was the first Western leader to send arms to Ukraine and took one of the most hawkish lines on sanctions so it looks like he's as good at being a Russian agent as Sir Kneelalot was at being Director of Public Prosecutions. 

As it happens, arms shipments from the UK started on Monday 17th Jan and Sir Kneelalot spent the next Prime Minister's Questions asking six questions about birthday cake, so you can tell the MSM is bang on about him being un homme serieux

Actually, it makes you feel more sympathetic to Professor Pantsonfire. His bad luck was that he was the one liberal who came out with some actual numbers so we can all see exactly how ludicrous his predictions were, meanwhile the rest of them spent years explaining that Trump was a loose cannon who needed to be replaced by savvy professionals like Joe Biden for the sake of global stability. 

And these are the people who call Leave voters uniformed idiots!