Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sports Journalists Are The Journalists Of Journalism

All the unwarranted self-esteem but even lower IQs, you guys!

Even these guys know they suck, hence why they're desperate to report on anything except sportsball. No, they all want to report on how some barely literate loser in Nuneaton tweeting the N-word at St Raheem of Sterling exposes the dark side of conservatives, Brexit, Brexitey conservatives and, basically, anything liberals hate. 

Now they're all claiming to be shocked - shocked - that a Middle Eastern country applies Islamic law. 

Well, either that or they've belatedly discovered that Islamists are not just Guardian reading liberals except with more impressive beards. 

Who could have known? Well, no one, except the right but every time we tried to warn them they claimed we were a bunch of barely literate losers who just want to tweet the N-word at St Raheem.

Hey, MSM, who are the morons now, huh? 

These guys really are the living embodiment of the old line about people who stumble over the truth then pick themselves up and carry on regardless. Hey, it's either that or getting an actual 'job' and who needs that? 

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