Monday, March 11, 2019

About That Whole 'Deplatforming' Thing...

Just asking, but what percentage of people in the MSM who supported the deplatforming of nasty, old Tommy Robinson are now willing participants in 'The Shamima Begum Show'? 

Take everything Tommy Robinson has been accused of, multiply it by a hundred, and that's stuff ISIS literally did, but the MSM are interviewing this witch like she was Meryl with her latest movie:
"So, what first attracted you to role of accessory to genocide?"
"Well, you know, when my agent first mentioned it I was, like, terrorism in the Middle East, isn't that kind of a cliche, but once I got a look at the actual atrocities in the script, I was 'like, wow' I have got to do this."
Hey, at least Tommy Robinson made some actual points. There really was, and is, a de facto conspiracy to cover up for jihadist rape gangs. What point is Shamina Begum making? What does interviewing her add to the debate? 

Every single argument the MSM has ever deployed in favour of censoring right-wingers applies with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster to this hag, but instead the MSM is giving her endless softball interviews for.... reasons. 

They're not anti-extremism, they're just on the other side.