Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rubbing Our Noses In It

Nope, despite all reasonable suspicions to the contrary, the police haven't lost the plot. They know exactly what they're doing. They're doing the same thing as the bully in the old Charles Atlas adverts did,  kicking sand into the face of the public, or at least the conservative part of it.

The fact that the police feel free to demonstrate their contempt for half the country is a big deal, and all the more so when we have a nominally-conservative government. Who cares who's in Number 10 if every time you have to deal with actual public servants, they're a bunch of Milli Tant loons? To quote the great Mark Steyn, who needs a President For Life when you have a Bureaucracy For Life?

Equally, though, consider the position of the Amber Rudd wing of the Tory Party. These people - supposedly the smart ones - assure us that the conservative party can't do anything to drain the swamp. They claim the whole 'culture war' thing is very 80s and now conservatives just have to go along to get along...and that's how they romped to a landslide election win against Hobo Stalin!

Meanwhile, is there anyone who works more than five miles from Westminister who doesn't think kicking PC Nailpolish back out onto the streets would be a vote winner? To put it the other way: who exactly is this guy who is going to vote Tory but only as long as they make cops walk round in high heels? Someone track this guy down!