Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sports Journalists Are The Journalists Of Journalism

All the unwarranted self-esteem but even lower IQs, you guys!

Even these guys know they suck, hence why they're desperate to report on anything except sportsball. No, they all want to report on how some barely literate loser in Nuneaton tweeting the N-word at St Raheem of Sterling exposes the dark side of conservatives, Brexit, Brexitey conservatives and, basically, anything liberals hate. 

Now they're all claiming to be shocked - shocked - that a Middle Eastern country applies Islamic law. 

Well, either that or they've belatedly discovered that Islamists are not just Guardian reading liberals except with more impressive beards. 

Who could have known? Well, no one, except the right but every time we tried to warn them they claimed we were a bunch of barely literate losers who just want to tweet the N-word at St Raheem.

Hey, MSM, who are the morons now, huh? 

These guys really are the living embodiment of the old line about people who stumble over the truth then pick themselves up and carry on regardless. Hey, it's either that or getting an actual 'job' and who needs that? 

Monday, November 07, 2022

They Want Us Silenced, We Want Them To Speak Up

Say, did I miss anything while I was tied up?

Nothing good, that's for sure.

On the plus side, Becky from HR failed to become Tory leader for the second time so I can reuse my old joke about her self-identifying as PM. 

Also, we've finally found an immigrant from Africa who really is doing a job the locals just wouldn't do, namely cleaning up Twitter. 

Obviously Elon Musk buying Twitter is a good thing but it is kind of depressing that in just over a week he's fired more blue-haired loonies than the Tories have managed in twelve years. 

The cucks claim the Tory Party has to keep selling out its base to have any hope of winning elections. Meanwhile, liberals are panicking that they'll now no longer have thousands of commissars on Twitter censoring conservative thought. So apparently soi dissant conservatives claim they can't sell actual conservativism but liberals think they'll be swept aside once they have to face conservatives on a level playing field. 

They can't both be right!

Personally, I think that - for possibly the first time ever - the liberals are right. Consider one of the Twitter accounts that enrages them above all others:  Libs of TikTok. It's just what it sounds like, an account that showcases stuff liberals have posted on TikTok. You may think they'd be happy to have their stuff passed on to a wider audience....

Reader, they are not. 

Libs of TikTok was subject to all manner of harassment from the old regime at Twitter - plus a whole bunch of real world trouble too. The same people who claim conservatives are creepy fringe weirdoes really don't like the public finding out what they really believe. 

That's the difference right there. Liberals want us no-platformed, we want them pro-platformed. We positively insist they speak out. If it was up to me I'd have them on TV 24/7 - the only caveat would be that they have to make their case on their own, with no sympathetic interviewer there to lob them softballs and keep them on the rails. Who wouldn't watch 'Riding With Raheem' - Raheem Sterling is driven round the country in a solid gold Rolls Royce meeting fellow race hustlers and accusing random farmers, postmen and plumbers of oppressing him with their white privilege? 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Becky From HR Fails In Tory Leadership Bid

OMG! Penny Mordaunt has, like, totally failed to become Tory leader. 


The good news is that she can still identify as a Tory leader, so there is that. 

On the down side, nearly 30% of Tory MPs actually voted for this walking NPC. 

There're the well-known controversies, like self-ID,  but it's also clear that, once you get behind the vacuous public image, she has hidden shallows. 

The big advantage Becky has is that when she comes out with some leftist nonsense the leftism tends to distract people from the underlying absurdity of the statement. What does 'change is the engine room of equality' even mean anyway? It's like something from a woke fortune cookie.

Apparently, Becky saw Liz Truss modelling herself on St Margaret and thought 'I'll do the same, except with Meghan Markle'. 

Again, this is what over a hundred Tory MPs voted for. These are the guys who don't think their members should have a vote until they've already whittled the candidates down to two. They say their party believes in trusting the people, but then they claim even their own members don't have the very special super genius required to select viable candidates. 

After all, the base might vote for some kook, instead of a proven vote winner, like the woman who wants Joe Voter's five year old daughter sharing a changing room with a woman with a beard (and lies about it even though she's on tape saying so), hangs out with jihadist nutcases and hates 'Dad's Army'. 

This, THIS, is what the voters are crying out for!

Friday, July 15, 2022

I Don't Think A New Leader Will Fix This...

Start as you mean to go on you cucks!

The Tory Party's first leadership debate is tonight and so naturally they've decided to hold it on GB News...

No, just kidding, it's Channel 4. 

Of course it it. Why wouldn't you hold it on such a famously unbiased channel

Just to ram the point home, the moderator is Krishnan Guru-Murphy, the sneery rich kid race hustler. 

And, seriously, if a born filthy rich, private school & Oxford educated Metro media lovey can't speak for the conservative base, who can? 

There's a serious point here. Why is the Tory Party giving credibility to a liberal cess pit like Channel 4 anyway? 

Nothing these people are involved in qualifies as 'journalism' by any reasonable definition. Expect ninety minutes of stupid gotchas, 'have you stopped beating your wife' and the loony obsessions of Metropolitan wokies. 

The point is the modern Tory Party is useless as an ally and harmless as an enemy. They won't do anything to help their base but they'll pander to a bunch of smug North London prats who will never vote for them in a million years. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Rainbow Utopia Postponed Again

Good news everyone! We've finally got the left to understand that not all claims of discrimination are valid:
In short, this survey was likely completed by individuals already conscious of and concerned with prejudice and discrimination against [REDACTED I] in America. This does not invalidate the report, but it does suggest that its results may not be a good representation of [REDACTED II] experiences and views.
And what is REDACTED I and REDACTED II you ask? Well, that's the thing....

REDACTED I is Dalits i.e. low caste Hindus and REDACTED II is Indian Americans. 

Call me cynical but I'm guessing if the Dalits were complaining about heritage Americans suddenly we'd be expected to swallow these atrocity stories whole. 

It's just like how everything is raciss except for grooming gangs which are just random collections of people with nothing in common whatsoever. 

In fact, it's worse than that. These kind of surveys are exactly the kind of thing the spoilt daughters of Brahmin caste immigrants cite as proof that the West sucks. Not only are they taken as proof positive of discrimination in those cases, we're definitely not allowed to ask if their upbringing as members of a supposed elite might have possibly, just maybe, given them absurd expectations of deference from all and sundry.