Thursday, May 28, 2020

Since We're All Talking About Bad Trips....

If I understand the rules correctly, Laurence Fox can't talk about racial issues because he's not black, but everyone who's ever watched 'Rain Man' is qualified to claim that having an autistic child is no big deal, you guys!

Hey, I wouldn't normally mention it but since families are now in play - to the point of doorstepping people's elderly parents - when are the MSM ever going to ask any serious questions about this?
A few days later he beat up a doctor at Mile End Hospital, assaulted a female nurse at the Royal Free Hospital and hit out at another man. 
He went on in October to expose himself at Homerton Hospital. And on November 7, he racially abused a nurse, assaulted her and smashed her glasses. 
The next day he set upon another policeman. And on November 29 he assaulted two officers outside the Foreign Office, where he was employed until leaving that summer to do consultancy work.
Yes, indeed, the MSM all but implies that Cummings Junior is faking it, even while they act like an evil - possibly racist - pipe jumped Jimmy Boy one day, forced itself between his lips and drove him all the way over the rainbow.

Reminder - unless you're dependent on the MSM in which case you'll be hearing this for the first time - this guy was on the fastest of fast track schemes in the Remoaner's favorite government department. Nobody foisted him on them, they were the ones who choose him to join their alleged elite. He was their New European Man, a snoot Samurai, a proud member of Leibstandarte Mark Sedwill...

All of which is by way of saying that when Remoaners claim we're too stoopid to know what we're voting for, they mean leave it to guys like this.

Say, how did a guy who consumes more drugs than Great Ormond Street somehow end up getting selected for an elite role anyway? Surely a world-famous campaigner for equality like Diane Abbott must be keen to ensure lessons are learned, right?

And then there's the flip side of that. Fat Diane is all about the brothers and sisters in the Hood keepin' it real, yo!... meanwhile Junior slides effortlessly into a job with the snootiest of snoot departments. How's that for actin' white? 

If you want to know why the Labour Party is evil, consider the contrast between how they feel about a race-hustling fraud like Diane X and someone who encourages actual achievement like Kathy Birbalsingh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Remoaners: Not Getting It Since 2016

House of Dumb Rule One: Liberals always - always - overdo it.

Take the Dominic Cummings situation. The left and the MSM - but I repeat myself - claim he should be sacked because he may possibly has broken the law to ensure he safety of his mentally handicapped four year old son.

That's an attack line with 'win' all over it: dad was excessively concerned with junior's safety.

Does anyone outside the bubble find this remotely compelling? But no: the usual suspects are piling in and by doing so, they're pretty much reminding us why people voted conservative in the first place. Consider this: Sky News featured a lovely chat about all this between Adam Boulton and Alistair Campbell.


Can you think of two better representatives of what the public rejected in December than these two disgusting, arrogant pigs? The whole reason Boris Johnson got elected was because he won the votes of everyone who refused to accept the presence of scumbags like this in public life as a permanent feature of British politics. The MSM isn't worried about the specifics of Cumming's road trip, they're worried that he might threaten their ability to treat public life as a member's only club. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quote of the Day: Modern Politics Edition

Ace of Spades blog nails it.
And then there are the Church Ladies of our new state religion - the whole Karen meme is about these suddenly empowered secular Church Ladies who live for moments like this. Normally their only joy in life is scolding people for simple sins such as not using canvas grocery bags or perhaps driving a large SUV. Now these humorless vigilantes feel they are deputized to enforce the observance of the shutter-at-home sabbath. A sabbath that goes on day after day, week after week, without any end in sight. Karen could not be happier. It is a near certainty that lockdown-induced chastity being imposed on millions of people is a thought that warms the icy heart of these charmless people. (And yes, there are male Church Ladies. We most commonly refer to them as “journalists")
On which subject, Norfolk Police clearly know who the real enemy are: people in unapproved fancy dress.

Isn't that just special? Inspector Karen wants to 'provide words of advice about the implications of his actions'. 

I guess the whole Tori Kutz thing is over now, huh?

And that's not the worst of it. There's a case for this authoritarian lunacy, just like there are good arguments against it, but the whole thing with Karenism, the most defining feature of it, is that it's the political equivalent of looking the wrong way down the telescope. Inspector Karen and the rest of the Operation Versace team are ready to Go! Go! Go! just as soon as they get a fix on this Unlicensed Thespian, but how about the stuff the Government is meant to control? The absolutely basic, pretty much the definition of being a country, stuff, like controlling our borders?

Nope, forget that. They're perfectly happy for to do absolutely nothing then take cover behind crappy euphemisms like 'so connected to the rest of the world'. 

Yep, that's it. It's just like how George Best died because he was so connected to the brewing industry.

Annnnnnnnd that's how we ended up in a country where the Wuhan Clan can jet right in 24-7, but if you want to sit on the grass in the park you, sir, are worse than Typhoid Mary.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Sliding Sombrero

It's now Day 472 of the lockdown - well, it feels like that - and we still have to put up with people virtue signalling about their readiness to deprive cancer patients of treatment. Hey, morons: this.

If you want to keep people from potentially life-saving treatment to protect yourself against a purely theoretical 0.001% increased chance of death, yes, you are the bad guy.

Meanwhile, normal people are starting to disregard the lockdown. 

Yep, that's a mystery, alright - unless you're one of those weirdoes with an actual, y'know, memory.

For those of us who can remember stuff before last week, the lockdown was meant to slow down the spread of the virus to prevent the hospitals being swamped. Like pretty much any outbreak in history, the idea was that those affected would fall into one of three groups. Some people would get better on their own, some would die no matter what treatment they were given - which is terrible for the people concerned but also, by definition, inevitable - and some would survive with the right treatment. The lockdown, by slowing down the rate of infection, was meant to ensure no one in the third group died through lack of treatment.

Hence, all the talk of flattening the curve.

That's exactly what happened. The lockdown was a rare case of a successful government program but it's somehow become a not rare at all case of a government program that's taken on a life of its own. Nurses are making tik tok videos but we're still locked down. We can't go back to work until.....

Nope, no idea. We're just meant to accept perma-lockdown as one more thing that all upstanding citizens are meant to support simply by definition. Anyone who questions it wants to kill grandma.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

There's No There There

Over in the sidebar at Ace of Spades blog, there's a really good question:
Interesting: The same people who say we have to shut down the country based on nothing but guesses and "models" are the exact same people saying we must not prescribe hydroxychloroquine until we have full 10,000 participant double-blind trials and conclusive scientific proof.

It seems the alleged "Science-Lovers" and Twitter scolds are willing to roll the dice on some speculations, but are extremely aggressive that we don't gamble on other ones.

So strange that sometimes we take suggestive evidence as conclusive proof that we must do something dramatic and destructive -- shutting the country's economy down -- but in other case, suggestive evidence is not enough to encourage doctors to prescribe a well-tested drug with minimal side-effects.

Well, quite.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used prophylactically for decades to prevent malaria. If it caused people's heads to explode, someone would have noticed by now. In fact, it may well be the least-new new drug in history, but we're all supposed to believe that prescribing it in this specific case, and only this case, is somehow incredibly dangerous. Hey, maybe we ought to tell the pills they're been taken to fight malaria, and hope they won't know the difference.

As the great Ann Coulter points out, things were a little different with an earlier plague:
When it came to AIDS, the gay community’s successful campaign to compel the FDA to allow “compassionate” use of unapproved drugs was a civil rights milestone on the order of Selma.

In a 1990 editorial, for example, The New York Times praised the “educated and articulate” gay spokesmen for bringing about “changes in the traditional methods of testing drugs,” adding that the new procedures were “a compassionate response to AIDS sufferers.”
Meanwhile, the MSM is occupying its time with stupid have you stopped beating your wife questions and bogus atrocity stories about the lack of ventilators... no, wait. That was last week, it's PPE that's the scandal this week.

It's all outrage, all the time, but no one will ask why doctors across the world have suddenly succumbed to the exact same delusion about patients getting better when they're prescribed a specific type of drug therapy.

What do the MSM think is going on? Mass hysteria?

Nope, they don't think at all. Bias doesn't even cover it. For all their ostentatious globalism, the MSM are the most insular people on the planet, particularly in the UK. Even a pandemic is viewed in terms of how it affects things in a half dozen north London postcodes.

You can hardly get them to acknowledge that closing down the economy may have negative side effects. 

All of which is by way of saying I can well understand this. How much respect are we meant to have for a bunch of clowns who offer no actual insight whatsoever, just a continuous bunch of lame-o gotchas?

They're supposed to be the Smartest People In The Room but all they can offer is parochial talking points. If it's actual analysis you're after, you're better off with just a bloggers like Hector Drummond.

It goes a little deeper as well. As US Youtuber Stephen Crowder points out, with the shut down in place America's late night talk show hosts are now just particularly high-profile Youtubers...

High profile *bad* Youtubers.

It turns out that once you take away the football team size writers room and the slick production values you're left with the entertainment equivalent of a bunch of beached whales.

Yep, the smart set aren't smart, and the funny guys aren't funny, but at least their arrogance is intact!