Thursday, February 29, 2024

Death Was By Blunt Language Trauma

Uh oh.... looks like Lee Anderson has fallen foul of people who'd never vote Tory anyway. 

Now they're going to not vote Tory really hard. They're going to not vote Tory to infinity plus one. After all, according to world-famous moderate Sadiq Khan, his language was inflammatory. 

Also inflammatory: arson 

Weirdly enough though, Moderate Sadiq Khan hasn't mentioned this yet. I guess it's just part and parcel of living in a big city.... which was the exact phrase he used to describe the slaughter of innocent civilians by terrorists. 

Say, I wonder if any of the hand-wringing cucks complaining about Lee Anderson's 'clumsy' language have anything to say about that? 

I don't recommend holding your breath waiting for them to even mention it. 

That's the whole reason normal people are so stoked about what Lee Anderson said - we're just sick of being asked to believe in obvious absurdities. The people who are outraged about anyone criticising Islamism, but not people blowing up the No 52 bus are in no way moderates and what they support is in no way equality. More to the point though, a party that pretends there's something outrageous about pointing all this out  is in no meaningful sense  'conservative'. 

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