Monday, January 16, 2023

Tate Speech

Grrrr.... really hacks me off that I have to defend Andrew Tate, considering that he's basically a circus clown pushing such an absurd caricature of masculinity that he may as well be working for Hilary Clinton.

Of course, there's the free speech angle, but there's something more than that going on. 

First things first though, if I was a soi dissant professional educator, I'm not sure I'd be going on TV to admit that even with five days a week to indoctrinate the kids, I still have less influence over them than some prat on the internet. Nevertheless, there they are, queuing up to tell us what the yoof really need is....  MOAR INDOCTRINATION.

The phrase that come to mind is 'the beatings will continue until morale improves'. 

Honestly, they're like the stereotype English tourist shouting louder so the foreigners can understand him. 

Still, we have to acknowledge that this prat has come out with some obnoxious stuff, like that time he joked about throwing acid into the face of female politicians. 

No, my mistake, that was Jo Brand talking about male politicians. 

Any schools going to take action against girls quoting her? Any at all? 

Nope, girls could stand in the playground reading from the Collected Works of Jess Philipps and nothing would happen to them. It's for Teh Ekwalitee. 

Boys see the basically fraudulent nature of all that and no amount of Very Special Assemblies will convince them to believe the feminazis instead of their lying eyes. 

Faced with this kind of double standards no wonder the boys look elsewhere. Say what you like about the Bozo in Bucharest but at least he's offering some kind of positive masculinity.