Sunday, March 30, 2008

Atrocity D'Jour

This has to be a sick joke!

No One Ever Got Shot By A 4x4

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the massive economic benefits of 'open borders' turn out to be another myth.

Of course, the truth is even worse. Included in the 'immigrants' category are spiffy engineer dudes from Madras and the like - folks who no one could, or does, object to. The fact the supposed benefit is so small even with those guys on board says it all about who really benefits from open borders.

Ditto, these figures only include direct costs. There's no accounting for knock-on effects on crime, transport and the like.

Still, let's buy into what the 'open borders' lobby are saying. Let's say that economic growth trumps everything. What with all the ecogeekery ? Hey, if we're not allowed to point out that open borders means a whole bunch of Somalian milita are going to be taking up residence, I don't see why we should worry about CO2 emissions. Liberals say climate change might kill people fifty years from now, but you don't need a computer model to find evidence of people being killed right now by felons who have been allowed into the country. So how about it libs ? We'll believe your support for open borders is based on a sincere concern for economic growth just as soon as you repeal all this ecoloon legislation.

Weak Iraq Slam D'Jour

Liberals just can't the hang of this internet thing. They still think it's the 70s and they can come out with any old rubbish without us being able to check it. Not quite.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dangerous Islamophobe Found

Guess the femiloons are too busy watching TV to get round to this. One thing's for sure: if liberals ever denounce vampires as a 'right-wing myth', I'm stocking up on stakes and holy water.

Femilunacy: The Final Frontier

Another victory for appeasement: Joss Whedon, maker of shows featuring brilliant women and goofy men, plus 100 lb girls beating body builders senseless, getting lashed for Firefly/Serenity not being even more full of super-competent women and male screw-ups.

Liberals 4 Immigration Control

Yep, they've finally found one guy they want to keep out:
He made his application this January, but was told by the Home Office that because on the same date five years earlier he was outside the UK he didn't qualify.

At that time he was actually serving on a British base in Germany.
He should have told them he was in jail for terrorism.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Drug abuse may turn you into a social worker.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gift That Kept On Giving

Tim Blair reminds us of the Guardian's Maxgate trainwreck.

It's actually better than that. Not only did we have the genius that was the original article, but the Guardian produced a whole slew of later articles explaining, in ever more hysterical terms, just how stoopid their critics were.

Rereading these articles now reminds me of just why this was so much better than the normal lefty internecine warfare. Red-on-reds are normally dreary Judean People's Front/People's Front of Judea triviafests but this time round the main source of bitterness was that both sides were acting so...... liberal.

Guardian staffers professed to be shocked that their readers turned out to be a bunch of vindictive, bitter, prolier-than-thou losers who begrudge others their success even when it doesn't have the slightest effect on them.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, the readers were stunned to find that the people's paper turns out to be a family business, let alone the way its writers dodged valid questions about how the piece got commissioned, instead misrepresenting what the critics were actually saying and whining about hate mail and lynch mobs, then - when that didn't work - arbitrarily closing down uncooperative comment threads. What did they expect ? Rational arguments ? What paper have these people been reading ?

The whole farce is the perfect barometer of the left's lack of self-awareness. All this girly hysteria was down to liberals being enraged about other liberals acting like liberals. No wonder they're so focused on hating the right - its the only thing that stops liberals realising how fundamentally obnoxious their ideology is.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Final (Filthy) Word On Eliot Spitzer

Today's 'Benefits Of Open Borders' Story

Newer, more vibrant, pathogens!

They Can't Pick Up Rubbish, But They Can Build Succesful Retail Developments

Actually, I'm thinking this could be anywhere in modern Britain. People talk about the advantages of out of town centres in terms of parking, longer hours and the like, but they're all just aspects of the one big difference. Out of town stores are built by retail professionals, while town centres are left to the tender mercies of semi-literate sleazes playing lego with real buildings.

Say, Can We Mention The Eton Thing Yet ?

For all the jabbering about the supposed nastiness of the British right, at least when folks on the right say something offensive it's in support of a substantive point. What exactly is Mr Inclusiveness saying here ? I mean, apart from 'let's all laugh at the proles'.

It's A Special Dhimmi-Dump

Crazed Islamophobe Found: Plus we guessed that anyway!

We Guessed This Too: You have to respect the way they talk about 'communities' though!

Creeping Sharia: Your taxes in action.

The Right Was Right: Yep, we saw this coming too. Meanwhile, libs assured us it was all a myth. Oops!

Talking Of Law Enforcement: Here's hoping they don't apply the same strategy to the sex crimes unit.

Hey, It's Hardly A Matter Of Life & Death: But don't dare discriminate against them...

Isn't That Like Beating Your Cat At Poker ? Besides, what is dhimmitude without jizya ?

Not That They're Unreasonable: I'm sure if a Christian group came up with a comparable claim to this, libs would back them too, right ?

Return Of The Easter Link Dump

Even more stuff of purely historical interest:

How Come No One Takes Local Government Seriously ?
If this is the latest frontier in the drug wars, hide your stash in a bin - they'll never go near it.

Homophobia = Bad, Hopolophobia = Job Requirement: You remember how angry Liberty was about this case, right ? It's just I seem to have lost that link. Meanwhile...Personally, I'm still waiting for the shortage of community liaison officers.

House Saved, Socialism Drowned: Naturally enough, it involves the people's dynasty.

Fighting Back Only Creates More Terrorists Update: Apparently, it's a longer-term phenomena than we thought.

But I Bet They're Non-Discriminatory: Remember, these people want to tell private business how to operate.

You Know What We Need Less Of Round Here ?
Affordable new-build houses apparently.

The Right Was Right: You know, I'm starting to see a pattern...

Kooks Call For More Anti-Britishness: Yep, it's a mystery why they don get no respect

Shocka! Ecoloons turn out be degenerate elitist scum...but also kind of gullible

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Silly, But Brilliant!

Easter Link Dump I

Even more stuff that's now moot:

Reagan Was Right: The most terrifying words in the world are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'. Maybe the freaks in the BMA should stop yapping about the evils of booze/guns/capitalism et al, and start working on their own jobs.

Talking of NHS Suckitude: My theory is that it's worth paying whatever it takes to keep Wales afloat, simply as a sort of national scale Tuskegee-style study of the hideous effect of socialism on self-reliance.

How To Be A Liberal Hero: Liberal pin-up turns out to be a sleaze-ball. Who'd have thunk it ?

Liberal Blows Lid On Evil Zionist Non-Rape Plan: Would you believe it ? Turns out he's an academic

Liberal Efficiency
: Why hire people to defend thugs, when you can hire the thugs themselves ?

Another Great Argument For Open Borders: Personally, it's the playground nuke that really clinches it for me.

Blowback: Or not, as the case may be. Doncha'luv it when libtards trip over their own stupid laws ?

And The Rest May As Well Be: Apparently, "looking like Britain" isn't as important as it used to be.

Live By The Sword, Die By It: Identity politics blowback!

Enormous Shocka!: Race-hustling lawyer 'not credible'

Social Workers, Now Even Sleazier Than We Thought: ...and kind of snobbish too.

Weakest Claim Of Victimhood Ever ? Shakespeare was so anti-Semitic that he didn't write anything anti-Semitic just to ram home how anti-Semitic he was. See ? It makes perfect sense!

Finally! Some Real Victims Of Discrimination
: Now this really is sad. What are these people thinking ?


Ross points us to the real victims of anti-Christian violence.

Honour Our Glorious Dead (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Not the least weird thing about the left's Pavlovian hatred of the Daily Mail is that the Mail's position on the war is identical to the left's (surrender now!). Doesn't that, in some sense of the word, make them spiritual Daily Mail readers ?

Ditto, in so far as leftists keep issuing forth pious sermons about the Mail's demagoguery, I trust they will be suitably outraged at the Mail's attempt at grave robbing. True, the DM would doubtless claim to be paying tribute to the sacrifice of our troops, but I'm pretty sure there's something missing here.

I guess the tributes to the guys killed in Helmand Province will have to wait until the Mail can work them into a call for surrender.

Those Who Will Not Learn From History...

.... are doomed to become liberals.

More Liberals "Confronting Racism"

Personally, I'm not a big fan of folks getting inked up, but the reasoning on show here is just classic:
He said he was told in a phone call by the Manchester force’s senior recruitment consultant: “A family who aren’t of English origin who see England on your arm could feel you might discriminate against them.

"We live in a diverse society and try to ensure we give everybody equality.”
I might be going out on a limb here, but if there are folks out there who automatically think natives can't be trusted to act as police officers, they might be the ones with the problem.

Easter Link Dump Now In Progress

Yes, indeed. Back to full power and ready to start clearing out all those cobwebed links that have accumulated since the Christmas ditchofest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Thought Liberals Didn't Like Fox Hunting ?

While the filth sneerily dismiss windows being put through as just one of them things, they don't mind putting the effort in to track down real criminals.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Policing By Sneer Quotes

Even I, expert in all forms of liberal scumbaggery, have been blindsided by their latest exercise in sleaziness. Back when they first announced that certain crimes would be upgraded to 'hate crimes' for no better reason than that someone perceived them to be so, I assumed the left would simply use this to ramp up the racial atrocity stories.

Turns out you can never set limits on the obnoxiousness of the left. While the 'perception' scam allows the filth to classify the right sort of attack as a hate crime, even in the absence of actual evidence, it also allows them to dismiss victims that don't fit the narrative as paranoid, racist kooks.

Hey, maybe the femiloons are right, maybe there was a time when judges really did blame rape victims for wearing short skirts and the like, but at least they never tried to imply that the victims were making up the whole 'rape' thing just to make sexual predators look bad.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steyn D'Jour

"Code word" is a code word for "I'm inventing what you said because it's easier than quoting you"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Another Thing....

Thinking further on the BBC's already notorious 'White Girl' drama, it occurs to me that the very social pathologies which the BBC was bagging the natives for are all things which the left, and the BBC in particular, has assiduously promoted for forty years.

Oh sure, leftists do like to hide these things behind a layer of euphemism and bohemian posturing but some of us miss the distinction between, say, a refusal to be a slave to The Man, and being an unemployed layabout. Tomat-o, toma-ta .

As for the narcotics, well, say no more.

Family breakdown ? If the BBC thinks working for a living is just like slavery, normal family life is a fate worse than death.

The bottom line is that the BBC not only endorses the underlying attitudes that lead to these social pathologies, but just about every other BBC drama before 'White Girls' depicted being hung up about rampant shagging and drug abuse as the mark of an uptight, loser square.

Liberals: Not Getting Any Smarter

The ever excellent Libertas passes on this from Hollywood trade paper Variety:
Auds will be left feeling that if characters as harmless as Harold and Kumar (engagingly replayed by Cho and Penn) can wind up unfairly imprisoned, even in the context of a broad comedy, something is terribly wrong with the system.
Yep - they really are criticisng the BushChimpler for cruelty to fictional characters.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bin Laden Broadcasting Corporation

Elizabeth Kantor put it best in the excellent 'Politically Incorrect Guide To English And American Literature': philosophy can tell what the right thing to do is, but literature can show us why it's the right thing. All of which is by way of saying that while the BBC's factual output is rightly criticised, their drama output also deserves scrutiny.

Which brings me neatly onto 'White Girl'. Apparently, when the BBC announced a season on the white native working class, they meant it in the sense of 'open season'. Either that, or the hive mind has descended into terminal liberal tourettes.

In so far as 'White Girl' appears to have drawn on every possible negative stereotype of the native working class, it at least has the advantage of being unequivocal. Now no one can deny both the BBC's elitism and its partisanship.

Still, let's consider the underlying message of this drama: on the one hand, we have the violent, drunken, dysfunctional, workshy, promiscuous Infidel trash, on the other, the idyllic lives of those who live in accordance with the Koran.

This is the world as Al-Quiada sees it. In fact, one of their spiritual forefathers advanced exactly these kind of arguments, while closer to home in time and space, the same attitudes were expressed rather more pithily.

You can argue as to whether or not media organisations should carry this kind of material, but for a publicly funded broadcaster - let alone one known for hysterical denunciations of 'extremism' and pious sermonising about 'code words' and 'dog whistling' - to be producing output that Bin Laden would be nodding along to is simply despicable.

The Dogs That Don't Bark

I've said it before, but if even committing a serious felony isn't grounds for deportation, in what sense do we not have open borders ?

As ever though when the system lets predators slide, you wonder where exactly Milli Tant is ? I realise I'm going out on a limb here, but shouldn't soi-dissant opponents of male violence be opposed to actual violent males ? But no - as ever, 'zero tolerance' is trumped by 'no enemies to the left'.

Today's NHS Outrage Story

It doesn't strike me as a difficult condition to diagnose - but don't call them incompetent or Dave will have another tantrum.

Outrage D'Jour

Also via Peter B, further evidence that it's not lack of ID cards that's the problem. At least they weren't from anywhere suspicious!

Liberals 4 Murder

Peter B notes a degree of humbug in the Guardian's Campaign for Real Obituaries. I don't see the problem - the Guardian has always been prepared to pay generous tribute in suitably deserving cases. Take this one:

A surprisingly articulate observer of the society....

Warm, funny and blunt, unrecognisable from the Gorgon who haunted parents' imaginations......

Indeed, the more that convincing evidence was presented of her transformation, the more the myth grew, in response, that she was a manipulative schemer...

The popular assumption was that she was the devil incarnate.
Guess who ?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Kathy gets to the heart of the matter:
In fact, those illusions -- that entire groups of people were simply colourful characters in my personal liberal drama, people I could oh-so-nobly "help" and who would always be oh-so-appreciative and enlightened and innocent and decent -- were more racist and counterproductive than any Broadway musical could ever be.

Now They Know How We Feel

What do I keep saying ? It's amazing how many different ways the Cameroonatics can find to be appalling. Take the latest revelation that even if your constituency returns a Tory MP, there's no guarantee he'll have any influence once he gets there.

Admittedly, with all the balloon heads these people have put on the A-list, being elected won't mean what it used to mean, but still, it hardly argues for a firm commitment to democratic principles and accountability when the majority of Tory MPs will be left on the kerb, in favour of a group of insiders, some of whom have never been elected to a Parish council.

Not that I have any sympathy for the excluded MPs. On the contrary, contempt for the public has been one of the defining features of the Tories. All that's happening now is that some MPs are being treated like the base, in other words like barely tolerated drones.

The BBC: Flogging A Dead Dog

There was the perfect example of BBC logic on show last week with two items on the Jeremy Whine Show. On Thursday. they suddenly rediscovered Iraq. For some strange reason, the BBC's been reluctant to report from Iraq recently, but now they're back and dealing with the most important story of all: a case of suspected canocide.

Apparently, we don't need to remember the vast majority of peace-loving Marines. It turns out this was no mere pooch going flying, it was a metaphor for our times

Admittedly, it was reassuring to find out that even after years thrashing around in the swamp of moral equivalence the BBC is still able to take a firm line on at least one issue but, still, who exactly did the BBC think was in favour of throwing puppies off cliffs ? In so far as there exists no vast dog-murdering constituency in Britain, the whole item was essentially bogus, a transparent attempt to inflame, not inform - even without Mr Whine's constant citing of the bogus '600 000 dead civilians' figure and putting on an exagerrated US accent to read out dialogue from the clip (seriously, can you imagine a Beeboid reading out a terrorist's statement in a 'Goodness Gracious Me' accent) ?

As if the BBC's agenda were not already transparent enough, consider the choice of comments the BBC felt were worth broadcasting to the nation. The BBC might ruthlessly censor it's own 'Have Your Say' boards to remove supposed extremists, but apparently they think the national debate is improved by giving a platform to someone who asks 'when will we realise that soldiers are not heroic, they're unthinking killing machines with no comprehension, otherwise why choose a job where you have to kill people ?'

See ? Not extreme at all - just like the guy who claimed 'American troops are now behaving like the SS' (although admittedly that level of ignorance does suggest the left's obsession with teaching kids about the Nazi era may not be as goofy as it sounds).

Also 'this shows the kind of person in the US Army now, misfits, inbreds and illiterates [unlike liberal rocket scientists who think Marines are part of the Army - DJ] Recent history shows us the way US Forces go to war, with incidents of friendly fire and prisoner abuse. If you give power to a nation of children, you can expect nothing more than this'.

In so far as the nation of children has a massive lead over the EUSSR is just about every form of science known to man, this must be some kind of child prodigy deal, right ? Meanwhile, I'm wondering about the likely reaction at the BBC if someone claimed the somewhat more horrible recent history of the BBC's favourite continent proved that Africans were all children.

But the winner of 'Best in Show' was undoubtedly one 'Ishtaq Hussain' from Northampton, whose insights were apparently so valuable that his phone call was put through live on air. It's worth quoting at length as an example of what the BBC doesn't consider extreme:
There are hundreds of videos online of US soldiers shooting and killing innocent Iraqi people, saying things like 'dude, did you see the way I got that guy in the head ?' or 'there's a woman there - why don't you try to pop her in the head ?' It's a disgrace that the death of a dog gets more media exposure across the world than the death of minimum 600 000 Iraqi people.
...and much, much more in a similar vein. In fact, he was brought back later on in the show, just in case we'd missed his talking points first time. Needless to say, these claims of mass murder were blandly accepted by Mr Whine as a given, his only quibble was whether or not concern for a puppy and for people were mutually exclusive.

Again, it's tempting to wonder about the chances of the BBC ever allowing a BNP member to go on air and claim there were 'hundreds of videos' showing Muslims raping Infidels while quoting passages from the Koran. I'm guessing 'less than zero' even without calculating the likelihood that the host faced with such a caller would restrict himself to arguing the relative merits of rape and bestiality. But there's more to it than that.

Forget any wider issues, let's return to a point made earlier in the week, consider what the Bin Laden of the Midlands is claiming here: there is proof of hundreds of atrocities available at the click of a mouse, but the entire media is hushing it up. Apparently, accusing the BBC of covering up war crimes is an uncontroversial point. This from the people who are enraged at any suggestion that they display a liberal bias. Accusing them of being accessories to war crimes ? That's a perfectly valid point of view, but pointing out that they tilt left ? How dare you!

Spookily enough, the day after the BBC turned the mike over to an unhinged Islamofascist spewing inflammatory garbage, the very same show carried an item on the attacks on RAF personnel in Peterborough, without ever coming out and saying who was behind these attacks - although curiously enough, they had an Muslim on to explain why these mysterious people were completely justified.

So there you have it: claiming the Infidels are murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq is incontestable fact, but simply stating who the assailants are in a serious of violent incidents, why, sir, that would be irresponsible. The mythical Islamophobic backlash that never actually happens is more of a risk than actual violence happening right now - and, no, if the BBC ever does manage to track down a real incident of Islamophobia, they won't be inviting Nick Griffin on to explain the root causes.


Ross points out another case where the BBC parked up its matronly concern with inflammatory rhetoric.

Standard disclaimer follows: as a free-speech maximalist I'm no fan of suppressing debate for the cause of social order, but the BBC doesn't normally feel this way. Look at the report Ross links and imagine you are a man from Mars trying to work who is carrying out these attacks. Again: simple statements of fact are too hot for the BBC to handle, but fact-free propaganda screeds are the very essence of public service broadcasting.

As Ross says, the evidence of extreme rhetoric provoking violent social disorder is at lot firmer here than in any of the cases that normally provoke the BBC's hysterical denunciations of 'far right extremism'.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Tory Euroscepticism: Like The Real Thing But Without the Euroscepticism

Check this post out. Bill Cash's amendment gets to the heart of the matter: if you think the EU Treaty should be used to force through changes in the law even in the teeth of opposition from Parliament, well, no, you aren't a Eurosceptic.

Come to think of it, if you're OK with the philosopher kings on the bench performing legal origami, you aren't a conservative neither.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best Torch Evah!

Except not really.

Revealed! Libs Even Stupider Than We Thought

Never mind anything else: what happened to the multiple layers of fact-checking here ? It's not even a new thing

Amazingly enough, all these various frauds do have one thing in common: each story is perfectly attuned to tickle leftist erogenous zones. Slavery, pervey priests, suitably authentic ganstas.... blah, blah, blah.

The funny thing is that it's not us prejudiced morons on the right that keep getting taken in by obvious frauds. Apparently, libs are supa-smart, but not the kind that allows you to tell reality from fantasy.

Another Victory For Open Borders!

Yep, another immigrant who's taken the chance of a new life in Britain and now spends his time slagging the country off. Got to love a guy who complains about celebrity culture even while frantically name dropping. Ditto, a guy who works for a (not at all Orwellian sounding) 'racism monitoring group' complaining that there's too many natives around.

He hits the humbug hatrick when he complains about Brits having an overly pessimistic view of Africa. Yes, it's actually a paradise on Earth, but unfortunately someone's nailed his feet to the floor so he'll have to stay in England - even though it's full of English people.

In summary then, we have a sleazy parasite with an absurd superiority complex who's whining about the fact his life isn't even more privileged than it already is. No wonder he gets on so well with liberals.

No Bias Here!

Actually, the real question raised is this: how did the BBC miss out on hiring these people ?

Question D'Jour

Is there anything more 'Daily Mail' than whining about the Daily Mail ?

If you threw a bucket of water over a liberal at 4 AM, he'd jerk awake ranting about 'Daily Mail readers'. Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy but libs, really, if you want to posture as avant garde rebels, try not all coming out with the exact same comment every single time.

Outrage D'Jour

This is getting a lot of play in the blogosphere, and deservedly so. Mind you, I suppose it's about what could be expected from folks who pull out a Bill Shatner death scene everytime someone lights up within half a mile of them. Still, it did set me thinking: suppose libs did treat terrorism and Islamofascism the same.

The papers would be full of ninety year-olds who smoke eighty a day. There'd be splash-coverage every time a non-smoker gets lung cancer, with liberals telling us this proved asbestos was the real danger. Every report on fags would point out that the majority of the components are actually harmless.

Meanwhile, if an Infidel driver crashed into another Infidel, causing him to run over a Muslim passer-by, it would be recorded as an Islamically-related death. Ditto, any deaths via bombings, decapitations, shootings or other mode of mayhem commonly employed by Islamofascists would also qualify as 'Islamically-related' whether or not anyone involved was that way inclined. Meanwhile, scientists would warn of a connection between Islam and infectious disease after showing a difference between malaria rates in Pakistan and Norway.

But, best of all, libs would be forced to tell the truth:

Monday, March 03, 2008

Outrage D'Jour: Special Deja Vu Edition

Yep, if yesterday's item wasn't enough, here's further proof that the edutards really don't like patriotism.

Just checking the scorecard here: libs think only a bigot could possibly object to anyone turning up in court dressed like Darth Vader, but showing the flag ? That brings out the liberal Tourettes!

Note, of course, that the libs are targeting schoolkids again. I guess anyone over fifteen is too much of a challenge for them. Then again, these people don't handle the cut and thrust of debate too well. Not to ram the point home or anything, but kids writing on a website about how teachers teach: outrageous! Teachers victimising kids who express patriotic sentiments: the very epitome of the role of a professional educator.

Don't miss this example of over-reach too:
And kids are even being told off just because they have been dropped off in a car decorated with the symbol.
Yep, a teaching licence even qualifies people to criticise how dad decorates his car - pity it doesn't seem to do much for actual teaching.

Dissent Crushed!

Boo hoo! A brave independent thinker has been gagged by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:
But, faced with losing millions as the notoriously patriotic Hollywood film industry reacted against her vitriol, Cotillard claimed there had been a misunderstanding.
While it's always great to see a supposedly right-wing paper use a phrase like 'notoriously patriotic' unironically, if libs are claiming they're being oppressed by the right-wing atmosphere of Hollywood, there's nothing down for them.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Outrage D'Jour

United Colours of Liberal

Returning to the subject of pretendey hate crimes, the BBC is ostentatiously agonising about its recruitment policies again. Needless to say, its not having a work force that covers the whole political spectrum from pink to dark red that's causing the angst. Nope, there's too few blacks, so an organisation that recruits a conservative about once every ice age wants to hire some race hustlers to provide balance. Of course!

US blogger Ace writes about similar shenanigans over there:
Think about it: the media is willing to entertain the possibility that it is actually institutionally racist against blacks while it angrily and arrogantly dismisses the possibility it may be slightly liberal and hence anti-conservative.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much, eh? One would think the racist charge would be the one dismissed out of hand, so incendiary it is; and yet they're actually willing to ponder whether they are, in effect, effete Klansmen in the service of the Greater New York Metro Area Kleagle.

Yet that possibility they're willing to discuss openly, while it's simply ludicrous that they might be somewhat predisposed to one party's politics than the other.
Not only that: consider the excuse these people use for their obsession with race. They claim they need the 'differing perspectives' offered by people with higher levels of melanin in their skin, but when it comes to folks who really do have a whole range of different perspectives - a whole different world view in fact - suddenly it turns out that a monoculture is no bad thing after all.

Shortest Campaign Ever

Quick rules enquiry everyone: are we allowed to refer to David Cameron's silver spoon with diamond inserts background yet ?

Hey, I'm not making a class war point here, I'm just pointing out that it's kind of a stretch for Cameron to try and cast himself as the champion of those left on the kerb by modern politics (i.e. everyone outside a five square mile radius of Westminster). Few people more perfectly exemplify the phrase 'insider'.

But wait... I hear a wimpering from the Tories. Yep, they think it's unfair to point out that Cameron is an Eton and Oxbridge educated aristocrat with a legacy not adjacent to thirty million parked in the bank despite never having a real job. Well, OK, let's just look at what the Robin Hood of politics has done since being elected.

Take the Tory A-list. Candidates with genuine commitments to conservatism were discarded in favour of a boat load of sleazy opportunists whose sole qualification was their skill at playing the victim card. Now why would anyone be cynical about this sort of thing ?

Fortunately, it turns out that even Cameron doesn't take himself seriously. Barely had the gasps of incredulity from his latest speech died away than we had this.

Yep, a Tory goes into hospital and tells the truth about what he saw, and Mr Integrity is first in line for the lynch mob. No questioning the quality of the state tractor factories allowed (well, either that, or he's scandalised by the thought of a Tory in Parliament who uses the NHS).

Apparently, in the Cult of Dave politicians are only allowed to speak out providing they don't mention any actual issues. Mentioning unpleasant facts is a hanging offence. Everything is cute and wonderful, well, except for those pesky proles and their mysterious disengagement from politics.

He Who Shall Not Be (Middle) Named

In case you haven't been keeping track of US politics, the libs have been whining over folks calling the leading Democrat contender by his name. Fortunately, there is an answer.

Steyn D'Jour

Well, not actually a Steyn quote, more a Steyn quoting:
[Bill Buckley] is an heroic figure to many because he was right about the great question of the second half of the 20th century at a time when far too many in the west thought it boorish and vulgar to be: As a character in one of his last novels tells a self-regarding liberal, "The kind of people who have offended you since you were at college are the people who won the Cold War."

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Outrage D'Jour: Special Netcop Edition

You know why there's never a cop round when you need one ? They've all be seconded to duty at the Ministry of Truth.