Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Another Thing....

Thinking further on the BBC's already notorious 'White Girl' drama, it occurs to me that the very social pathologies which the BBC was bagging the natives for are all things which the left, and the BBC in particular, has assiduously promoted for forty years.

Oh sure, leftists do like to hide these things behind a layer of euphemism and bohemian posturing but some of us miss the distinction between, say, a refusal to be a slave to The Man, and being an unemployed layabout. Tomat-o, toma-ta .

As for the narcotics, well, say no more.

Family breakdown ? If the BBC thinks working for a living is just like slavery, normal family life is a fate worse than death.

The bottom line is that the BBC not only endorses the underlying attitudes that lead to these social pathologies, but just about every other BBC drama before 'White Girls' depicted being hung up about rampant shagging and drug abuse as the mark of an uptight, loser square.

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