Sunday, March 02, 2008

United Colours of Liberal

Returning to the subject of pretendey hate crimes, the BBC is ostentatiously agonising about its recruitment policies again. Needless to say, its not having a work force that covers the whole political spectrum from pink to dark red that's causing the angst. Nope, there's too few blacks, so an organisation that recruits a conservative about once every ice age wants to hire some race hustlers to provide balance. Of course!

US blogger Ace writes about similar shenanigans over there:
Think about it: the media is willing to entertain the possibility that it is actually institutionally racist against blacks while it angrily and arrogantly dismisses the possibility it may be slightly liberal and hence anti-conservative.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much, eh? One would think the racist charge would be the one dismissed out of hand, so incendiary it is; and yet they're actually willing to ponder whether they are, in effect, effete Klansmen in the service of the Greater New York Metro Area Kleagle.

Yet that possibility they're willing to discuss openly, while it's simply ludicrous that they might be somewhat predisposed to one party's politics than the other.
Not only that: consider the excuse these people use for their obsession with race. They claim they need the 'differing perspectives' offered by people with higher levels of melanin in their skin, but when it comes to folks who really do have a whole range of different perspectives - a whole different world view in fact - suddenly it turns out that a monoculture is no bad thing after all.

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