Monday, March 24, 2008

Return Of The Easter Link Dump

Even more stuff of purely historical interest:

How Come No One Takes Local Government Seriously ?
If this is the latest frontier in the drug wars, hide your stash in a bin - they'll never go near it.

Homophobia = Bad, Hopolophobia = Job Requirement: You remember how angry Liberty was about this case, right ? It's just I seem to have lost that link. Meanwhile...Personally, I'm still waiting for the shortage of community liaison officers.

House Saved, Socialism Drowned: Naturally enough, it involves the people's dynasty.

Fighting Back Only Creates More Terrorists Update: Apparently, it's a longer-term phenomena than we thought.

But I Bet They're Non-Discriminatory: Remember, these people want to tell private business how to operate.

You Know What We Need Less Of Round Here ?
Affordable new-build houses apparently.

The Right Was Right: You know, I'm starting to see a pattern...

Kooks Call For More Anti-Britishness: Yep, it's a mystery why they don get no respect

Shocka! Ecoloons turn out be degenerate elitist scum...but also kind of gullible

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