Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Victory For Open Borders!

Yep, another immigrant who's taken the chance of a new life in Britain and now spends his time slagging the country off. Got to love a guy who complains about celebrity culture even while frantically name dropping. Ditto, a guy who works for a (not at all Orwellian sounding) 'racism monitoring group' complaining that there's too many natives around.

He hits the humbug hatrick when he complains about Brits having an overly pessimistic view of Africa. Yes, it's actually a paradise on Earth, but unfortunately someone's nailed his feet to the floor so he'll have to stay in England - even though it's full of English people.

In summary then, we have a sleazy parasite with an absurd superiority complex who's whining about the fact his life isn't even more privileged than it already is. No wonder he gets on so well with liberals.

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