Monday, March 03, 2008

Outrage D'Jour: Special Deja Vu Edition

Yep, if yesterday's item wasn't enough, here's further proof that the edutards really don't like patriotism.

Just checking the scorecard here: libs think only a bigot could possibly object to anyone turning up in court dressed like Darth Vader, but showing the flag ? That brings out the liberal Tourettes!

Note, of course, that the libs are targeting schoolkids again. I guess anyone over fifteen is too much of a challenge for them. Then again, these people don't handle the cut and thrust of debate too well. Not to ram the point home or anything, but kids writing on a website about how teachers teach: outrageous! Teachers victimising kids who express patriotic sentiments: the very epitome of the role of a professional educator.

Don't miss this example of over-reach too:
And kids are even being told off just because they have been dropped off in a car decorated with the symbol.
Yep, a teaching licence even qualifies people to criticise how dad decorates his car - pity it doesn't seem to do much for actual teaching.

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