Monday, March 17, 2008

Policing By Sneer Quotes

Even I, expert in all forms of liberal scumbaggery, have been blindsided by their latest exercise in sleaziness. Back when they first announced that certain crimes would be upgraded to 'hate crimes' for no better reason than that someone perceived them to be so, I assumed the left would simply use this to ramp up the racial atrocity stories.

Turns out you can never set limits on the obnoxiousness of the left. While the 'perception' scam allows the filth to classify the right sort of attack as a hate crime, even in the absence of actual evidence, it also allows them to dismiss victims that don't fit the narrative as paranoid, racist kooks.

Hey, maybe the femiloons are right, maybe there was a time when judges really did blame rape victims for wearing short skirts and the like, but at least they never tried to imply that the victims were making up the whole 'rape' thing just to make sexual predators look bad.

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