Sunday, March 30, 2008

No One Ever Got Shot By A 4x4

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the massive economic benefits of 'open borders' turn out to be another myth.

Of course, the truth is even worse. Included in the 'immigrants' category are spiffy engineer dudes from Madras and the like - folks who no one could, or does, object to. The fact the supposed benefit is so small even with those guys on board says it all about who really benefits from open borders.

Ditto, these figures only include direct costs. There's no accounting for knock-on effects on crime, transport and the like.

Still, let's buy into what the 'open borders' lobby are saying. Let's say that economic growth trumps everything. What with all the ecogeekery ? Hey, if we're not allowed to point out that open borders means a whole bunch of Somalian milita are going to be taking up residence, I don't see why we should worry about CO2 emissions. Liberals say climate change might kill people fifty years from now, but you don't need a computer model to find evidence of people being killed right now by felons who have been allowed into the country. So how about it libs ? We'll believe your support for open borders is based on a sincere concern for economic growth just as soon as you repeal all this ecoloon legislation.

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