Thursday, December 15, 2016

Yes, Virginia, Social Justice Warriors Do Always Project

The Third Rule in action: Gold Level member of the Lucky Sperm Club Hugo Rifkind tries for a new angle on The Trumpening and comes up with possibly the worst analogy ever. The Donald is like one of those super evil Pick Up Artists, what use their cunning PUA ways to bamboozle innocent maidens into bed, except The Donald is seducing those dummy dumb-dumb hicks in fly-over country into voting for him.

The thing is that while folks were still trying to work out if Hugo had ever really met any PUAs, or even any women, this happened.

Yes, indeed: savvy, political insider Hugo was too stupid to recognise an obviously bogus quote. Guys running plumbing businesses in Bath or Toledo are easily fooled morons, but it always turns out to be the well-bred Certified Super Genii in the MSM that fall for obvious hoaxes.