Monday, February 20, 2023

This Is Why Soldiers Invented Fragging...

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Colonel Blimp is at it again. 

Did you get that? We're a 'particular cohort' and a 'particular part of the spectrum' (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) who don't deserve to be involved in serious conversations. 

As ever, I note that if actual conservatives talked about anyone the way the cucks talk about conservatives, the cucks would be demanding they be jailed for hate speech. But that's not even it. 'Deputy Party Chairman' is neither here not there, it's just not that big a job. Meanwhile, in so far as the Prime Minister and Chancellor are both impeccably well-connected, smug globalists who have nearly as much contempt for the public as Blimp himself, aren't they both the very model of the Ellwoodian ideal? 

Hey, how's that working out for that Party anyway? 

When is it time for a 'serious conversation' about why all the guys who talk constantly about muh electability don't appear able to win actual elections? 

Monday, February 06, 2023

Rainbow Utopia Postponed Again!

Weird! Despite the absence of any white men in leading roles, liberals still don't seem entirely happy with the outcome of the Mason Greenwood case. 

What can it all mean? 

Personally, my feelings on this are the same as my feelings about the Noel Clarke allegations: in so far as the charges involve specific incidents in actual places with a known victim, they're approximately 10 bazillion times more credible than the average charge of raaaaaycism by his pals in the game. 

Still, on sauce for the goose grounds, I think it's fair to ask who stoked this fire? 

Hey, if disagreeing with a bunch of race-hustling lunatics makes you responsible for some loser tweeting naughty words, then I think it's fair to ask if the unhinged racist lunacy being pushed by St Raheem and his pals might in some way provoke violence against white people?

Hey, I'm just asking! 

Which is more than anyone in the MSM is. Nope, the one time sports journalists really do have an excuse to look at wider issues, they've suddenly gone MIA. I guess they're all tied up heroically pointing out that foreign lands are foreign. 

Truly, these guys are fearless seekers after truth. 

On the plus side though, liberals have finally found a white guy to blame after all and, friends, It is just too perfect!

Yes, indeed, woke warrior extraordinaire Gary Neville has fallen foul of the loonies by.... liking a tweet by a former prosecutor pointing out how the law works. 

Hey, again, sauce for the goose. The sanctimonious twerp was happy to play witchfinder general when it suited him, now it's all gone a bit J K Rowling for him. 

Still, it is revealing. We were all supposed to admire his heroism in attacking the right. In fact, we were supposed to be so impressed by it all we weren't meant to ask what was actually courageous about it? What exactly was the risk in a media luvvie attacking conservatives anyway?  Now suddenly the alleged tough guy and professional Northerner clashes with the left and he folds like a row of tents. That tells you who has the real power in modern Britain.