Monday, March 24, 2008

It's A Special Dhimmi-Dump

Crazed Islamophobe Found: Plus we guessed that anyway!

We Guessed This Too: You have to respect the way they talk about 'communities' though!

Creeping Sharia: Your taxes in action.

The Right Was Right: Yep, we saw this coming too. Meanwhile, libs assured us it was all a myth. Oops!

Talking Of Law Enforcement: Here's hoping they don't apply the same strategy to the sex crimes unit.

Hey, It's Hardly A Matter Of Life & Death: But don't dare discriminate against them...

Isn't That Like Beating Your Cat At Poker ? Besides, what is dhimmitude without jizya ?

Not That They're Unreasonable: I'm sure if a Christian group came up with a comparable claim to this, libs would back them too, right ?

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