Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Your Pay Hasn't Been 'Frozen' It's Just Held Up In Traffic By A Protest

Sometimes there is justice in the world... the very people who were delighted to use the Former World's Deadliest Virus as an excuse to harass anyone with an actual, productive job are now shocked - shocked - to find that the after-effects are hitting them in the pocket. 

Who knew that morally, legally and scientifically dubious lockdowns would impact on the public finances? 

Also shocking: it turns out that the entire human right lobby was not, in fact, wiped out by covid after all. They were just pining for the fjords while the Government used bogus figures from its own employees to bring in national house arrest and crush small businesses. 

But now they're back baby!

But Amnesty International UK's policing expert warned that arming volunteer officers is 'dangerous' and will inevitably lead to 'more instances of misuse, serious harm and death from Tasers'. 

Oliver Feeley-Sprague.....

Stop laughing you oiks! 

Oliver Feeley-Sprague, a member of the independent advisory group to the National Police Chiefs' Council lead on Tasers....

Well, isn't that just great? The public had the opportunity to vote for a party that was totally in tune with Amnesty International's agenda in December 2019... and they gave the other guys an eighty-seat majority but apparently none of that matters. Amnesia Intentional (motto: just forget about how many of our baby seals have turned out to be spitting cobras)  might be toxic at the ballot box but that's no reason why they can't drive public policy. 

Mandate? They don't need no stinking mandate!

Back to my usual point: if the cuckservatives really were all about electability, well, here's a £1,000 note lying on the ground that none of them want to pick it up. Kicking these entitled snooty prats to the kerb would do more for the Tories electoral prospects than any number of fine-tuned facebook ads and cutesy slogans. But no, they won't do it. 

Spoiler alert: the left doesn't rely on obscure committees operating closed doors because its agenda is popular, and the cucks don't oppose actual conservatism because it isn't. 

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